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  1. The funny thing about the Roller Derby picture is, it's a really bad clue, because just about anywhere they go there is a roller derby team! hahahaha, too funny every city someone has named I can tie in a roller derby team. Australia, about 20, Seattle, Rat city roller girls, Denver, home of the #1 team in the nation just won championships.....Montreal, yup there too, even Wisconsin home of the BrewCity crew...hahaha no joke. The roller derby pic was an awesome pic, it gave away very little or did it. god I love this game. hahaha, Robb, please just take a picture of a roller skate to really throw everyone off...haha
  2. OMG!!! Just read through all of this. Robb the Roller Derby picture was AMAZING! Yes the roller derby airline fraud was a very true thing! Australia does have roller derby teams, as a matter of fact, there are teams all over the world including the UK, France, Germany and even in Dubai. So I can't wait to see what the answer is and see how roller derby figures in all of this! Awesome clue Robb and Elissa or was it a clue!?!
  3. Definately missing everyone on this trip.....2/3rds of my harem is there...lol:) Hopefully next time, I gotta bring back the makeshift bar to the trips. Will keep looking at the pics, enjoy the rest of "adult summer camp" because people who have been on these trips, we know what really goes on. Casey"TPR's MyGiant is still around" Childers
  4. Hmmmm I wonder what company makes that Betti the Yheti game...I have no clue.....LOL:) Wes some great stuff in there. I had tears....and thanks for playing the slot machines:)
  5. Love the pic with Robb and the wheel of fortune machine!!! Your welcome Robb!! A TPR cruise would be very interesting! Can't wait to see more pics, too much funny stuff. The chocolate ones are hilarious too.
  6. Project City Center is huge, esspicially for us and the company I work for. I really can't go into to details, but the casino portion of this thing is going to be awesome.....let's just say it will be different everytime you visit.
  7. OMG, I think I would have followed the two Alices all day long...HUH MATT!!!!! If anyone knows me, yes I have a thing for Alice in wonderland....hopefully I will make it there one day, I just have a feeling I will be stopped alot to take pictures with people...I have NO problem with that...because I will just tell them "yes of course I am in the NBA" LMAO... Casey"Alice....gawd I have a problem..."Childers
  8. I say rip the peice of shite down, expand the water park, and that is all I have to say about that... Casey"yeah it was a headache machine" Childers
  9. Chris you are still a WUSS......Dude the Hoffman girl was more manly then you.......hahahaha...We still love you Chris. But the wings love the wings.... I need to come up there again, remember you can come visit me too:) Casey"Ya know I never looked to see if the ceiling was high enough when I put Joey on my shoulders"Childers
  10. I would just like to say I had an awesome time....thank you Robb and Elissa for everything. It was just great being able to see everyone and just to hang out. I miss those wings soooo much though....The Hoffman Girl was a champ she had about three, and her boyfriend.....LMAO one and he was done:) But yeah they were hot but OH SO GOOD....my ass hurt in the morning. Again, it was great to see everyone and the pics are just a reminder of how much I miss you all..... Casey"since losing weight I fit so much better on rides now"Childers
  11. Awesome stuff Jahan. Can't wait to be at the park next week, and see disney "christmas" for the first time ever. I have always wanted to visit during christmas time but never have. So seeing all your pictures makes me giddy:) Can't wait to visit the park and see all my friends...I miss you all. I swear we need to make a disney christmas card...but TPR style...LOL. Casey"See you all real soon"Childers
  12. Hobbit Feet!!!!!!LMAOOOO!!!! That is so f'ing funny.....I love you Matt!!! Casey"My feet are too big to be hobbit feet"Childers
  13. Hang in there big guy, I feel your pain. 14 pounds, we can probably just chop off one of your hobbit feet, that might work:) And just a small word to all the coaster people out there. If Robb can lose weight you can too. Motivation is the key, and I think this is great motivation for anyone out there. Everyone is different and loses weight differently. So Robb I think this is awesome...(been gone from the site for awhile and just now catching up on stuff.) Can't wait to see the smoking hot bod Robb when I see you in 14 days... Casey"is getting skinnier too, just wait till I see you all in 14 days"Childers
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