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  1. Thanks for the full rate. I never rode it from the back row so I had no idea it was THAT intense, I knew it hit 5gs but wow 6. As for the brake, I want the riders to have one final thrill before getting off but I understand your angle there.
  2. A couple things I forgot to mention This ride uses NL V1.6 and Improved friction (thats important) and it won a bronze medal on CoasterCrazy.com (that not so much but it's cool)
  3. Taken on a day out to the park with my girlfriend .
  4. Im On A Boat (Feat. T-Pain) - The Lonely Island
  5. Hello everyone! the other day I began to think I haven't been on TPR in years! so I thought i'd come back and share a Newish NL track with you named Milk. This was about a 5 month project, starting with a B&M hyper, then evolving into this intamin mega coaster you see here. The ride is heavily inspired by megalites but with the height of a true mega coaster. With more airtime than ever. Just some stats: Height: 209ft Length: 4,429ft Speed: 72mph Trains: 2 Cars per Train: 7 Milk V3.nltrack Download if you love me!
  6. It looks like something I'd build in RCT2 that no one would ride becuause it was too scary! Looks sick though.
  7. It's Complicate dbeing a Wizard - Portugal. The Man
  8. Mr. Starr has THEE BEST AVATAR hands down oh and new album feat. Buckethead on guitar this month yay!
  9. look like a nice classic but I would like to see more.
  10. The Harrowing Adevntues... - Tokyo Police Club
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