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  1. I think using a few more on the inversions and spacing them a bit closer together, but keeping the same size would do well. At least that's how I would do it..
  2. Don't mean to sound harsh, sorry if I am, but it's constructive criticism. I had to take it the hard way, by some (literally) fag always pounding on me, but I learned how to do it. If you need help with NL, then I'd be willing to help out any way possible
  3. ^I can, but it's late.. Excuse me, I've been around coasters since age 5. I know what I'm talking about. I've been building on NL for 4 years, and have friends who have been in contact with manufacturers (for example, I have a buddy who has interviews with GCI reps in a couple of weeks).
  4. What the, when did they add the second station??? I take that stement back, lol. No, I haven;t been, but I am going on September 1st with an HD camera to take about 251763245163135 pictures.. Hmm, that pick bring up a GREAT view of the layout. Look at the bankings on the deadmans, and look at the shapping on the ending helices. They don't compare to your recreation. My rate remains the same. Also, another point: Don't use auto supports, ever. Use them only for the catwalks, which can only be generated by wood magic. Use the catwalks to get your support placement for placing supports.
  5. Well that was cool. BT: Excellent. Track was well shapped and wel constructed. Forces were a bit on the weak side, but nontheless still a big and thrilling layout. Lots of speed too Supportwork looked slightly skimpy, but would probably hold. A: Excellent! Speed was awesome, although you potentially could have picked some more original elements. The lift hill and backhill were pretty cool, and some insane speed off of those was great. Tunnel kinda added some headchoppers too O: Overall, a GREAT layout. Lots of Speed and height, but slightly lacking in airtime, but the brake/airtime thing was awesome, to say the least. 9/10
  6. Let me start by saying a Recreation is something you make EXACTLY as it is in real life, no personal preferance, no added "pizzaz" no nothing. If you make a recreation, it had better be exactly as the real coaster is. And something like this would take even an advanced builder several months of photographing the ride to get all the angles of the supports, and several several rides on the coaster, and possibly even acelerometer graphs of the ride to be exact. Now, you can recreate coasters much easier, just that most of them are steel coasters. For GCI's, they need to be made with something like HSAK/Purgatorium or FVD's, or even Newton 2 when it is released. Real GCI tracks are created using similar tools. Now that doesn't mean you can't handmake the track, it just means that you'll be spending loads of time on the track to get the shapping down. Now, onto your ride: Track was VERY pumpy, and rough all over. Support structure really sucked, and didn't look very realistic to Terminator, or even GCI for that matter. Lots of work is needed with the track. Also, theming wise, this was pretty, well, bad. If you do a recreation, at least attempt to make 3Ds. Also, there is only one station, not 2. Overall, I'd say build GCI's before you attempt to takeon a recreation of this magnitude. Also, I suggest you veer away from recreating rides you haven't ridden on. Dunno if you've ridden Terminator or not, but from the track, it seems like you are not ready to takeon a recreation like this just yet. Keep at it though. Who knows, one day you might stunn everyone with a near perfect recreation I give the track a 5.5/10 though.
  7. I got a chance to meet Paul Bonhome, Kirby Chambliss, and Hannas Arch this year I'll tell you, their aircraft are NOTHING like your standard off the shelf Edge or Extra. They're soo much thinner on the wings, and tailfeathers, and are way lighter. Oh, and the control surfaces are bigger too I took tons of pics too: http://s283.photobucket.com/albums/kk285/XpressCS/Red%20Bull%20Air%20Races%202009%20San%20Diego%20Bay/ Your pics are great. It's odd though, because it was cloudy down here too :/ Oh well, they still put on an awesome show, nontheless. And if anyone is interested, the MXS-R race planes run around $235k a piece! :O
  8. Probably added that protion of track to the lift after the track was AHG'd.
  9. I have been working on a project the past couple of years, and never really got to finish the first version, or make it the way I wanted to. It all started by me downloading Thunderhead Falls by Phyter. That is simply one of the most amazing coasters ever created, besides Colder Fusion, and features some of the coolest theming ever (download it if you can find it- it's AWESOME!). Here's my take on a mine ride: second attempt
  10. Well I could make it huge and take up more page space..
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