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  1. If I am the average park guest who goes only 1-2 times a season, I truthfully doubt I would want to go bowling. Sorry, but I have better things to do. Maybe they are demo-graphing it for season pass holders? Even if that is the case, how many of us actually believe we will ever go in it? I never even went into the dark light mini golf except to grab a picture of it..
  2. FACT: Start off your day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast to receive maximum flags on the fun-o-meter when visiting Great Adventure. FACT: Piegasm is in the ACE (American Coaster Enthusiast) dictionary. Kevin is ready to kick off the 2010 season! Mike showing off the no smoking paper given to all park guests. Yes, that includes you Mike. The gorgeous new Main Street! It is very appealing to the eye. I dig it. The new meet and greet area set ups! It is VERY organized. Very colorful. They stick out great. I believe this is perfect compared to years past. Only in 2010 you will see Kingda Ka testing before El Toro even has their water dummies loaded onto the trains. Kingda Ka! I can't believe it will be turning five years old this season! Ridiculous! I spy the first El Toro train of 2010! Oh joyous day! The offseason has come to an end! Now time for EJECTOR MADNESS! No one ever seems to grab this shot of El Toro. It really shows its massive size in full effect. Time to enter the bizarre world of stride gum... err Bizarro! Happy riders! Bizarro though after was FREEZING! Our hands all went numb. How these guys in the Bizarro-a-thon would go 8 hours riding this is WAY beyond me. I could barely last one... I feel a disturbance in the force.. a great presence of the name of Tango I believe. Scream Machine! Grabbed plenty of epic shots of this baby today thanks to an half an hour processing line for season passes. Kingda Ka! (Side note, Kevin lost his Kingda Ka virginity, also riding his first time in the front!) (First time since I had this camera I have taken pictures of Kingda Ka in operation, and I have had this camera since 2008...) Mike crying after losing his $50 dollar sun glasses on Kingda Ka. HAH! These restroom signs really stick out and are at ALL restrooms! Anyone notice something strange on the paint job of this train? Maybe an advertisement..? Nah. Can't be. The parachutes, man the new paint job is sexy. Truth. The space shuttle didn't get taken down. It actually just flew into space. Told you. Being bored in processing line equals cool Scream Machine shots. iPhone = 5 Flags Env2 = 1 Flag Just testing out some out of the ordinary angles of Scream Machine.. The OFFICIAL list of bands for the Great Adventure Bamboozle Roadshow! Rub Mr. Six's head, and good luck will happen. Fact. Kevin showing off what you can get with the Season Pass Funatics rewards! Josh showing off his Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt! (Side note, Johnny Cupcakes is an awesome t-shirt brand, strongly suggest them!) Hmm, ErUPtion will be open in five minutes! No trip is complete without a bald guy that dances with little kids! The new bowling experience at the park. Note, we didn't go inside or get near it to see how it looks. Did anyone go in? Batman! One of the only few rides I missed on Opening Day! This is cool! All restrooms (from what I saw) have this huge park maps of the area they are in to show guests where they are! Now WHO THE HELL WOULD RIDE A LOG FLUME WHEN IT IS 32 DEGREES OUT! Group shot at Bizarro! Thanks for all who made it out! We did not have a few people show because they either came in the park later, was in the Bizarro-a-thon contest, or was running late. So they were all in spirit! Mike, showing off his entry into the world of the bizarre. Waiting in the queue! Bizarro's station offers some cool views of Kingda Ka. You can't tell, but thanks to Bizarro's backwards world, the train is moving back up the tower. HAH! COASTER NERD ALERT! By 3pm, our last two GADV.com members remain! And we end of the memory of those lost but not forgotten, the test dummies of the 2010 offseason.
  3. Thanks to our partnership with FlyinPhil and our friendship with Theme Park Revieiw, we will be showing this offseason AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS of the park! From Hurricane Harbor construction, to any park changes from now until March 27th, 2010! To see the ENTIRE off season gallery, click the link below! http://www.gadv.com/photogallery/index.php?cat=98 Now onto the update of NOVEMBER 8TH, 2009! First off, the new Parachutes paint job looks GREAT! Second, it seems ALL the Fright Fest themeing except the Graveyard Fountain themeing is all gone! No construction so far in Hurricane Harbor.. but I am SURE this will be changing in the next month or so... It MAY be the offseason, but Kingda Ka and Nitro both have their trains waiting to OPERATE one more time this Friday for Hope for the Holidays! IT is only $5 admission too! To view all the photos from November 8th, click the link below! http://www.gadv.com/photogallery/thumbnails.php?album=68
  4. If it wasn't for the great turn out we had yesterday and the great loyal fanbase that both Great Adventure and we have, yesterday would have had never been successful! The event was a complete success, and has really got our entire staff team excited for future, larger events in the upcoming seasons! Also, I would like to give a second HUGE thank you to Angel Ariston, Jenn Lawton, Mark Kane, and all of Great Adventure's public relations! Yesterday was AMAZING, we held a Q&A thanks to Angel and Mark, got a awesome buffet with some nice candy from Jenn and the PR department, and overall everything was great! Plus the fact that both Mark Kane AND Angel Ariston came out in the middle of the pouring rain for us, was pure awesomeness! Definitely the best Six Flags people out there! The day in general was just about perfect. The weather was just right to scare the General Public away, but it never rained or anything which kept all the attractions open for us. I mean, 3x on Kingda Ka in a half an hour, 4x on El Toro without getting off your seat? Talk about AMAZING. It never got extremely cold or anything either! It was a little humerus, the only time it rained was for the Q&A, but still Mark and Angel came out for it! We can't say enough good things about them. They even gave us shelter under the Live and Local stage, LOL! For Fright Fest, it was superb compared to the last two-three years. The Awakening was... eh, still pretty good but I found the "ritual" a tad strange. Dead Man Party's 10th anniversary was OUTSTANDING, I love how they brought back so many old songs! And so much fire and effects, someone had to have a expensive propane bill! For trails, all we did this time was Escape from the Asylum.. but a MAJOR improvement since last year. It has to be about twice as long as last year, more of a maze, and it has so much more props and characters in it. It was also hilarious going in with so many people! The day in all was a success. We saw one minute of the fireworks until it had to be canceled due to basically everything. It was like bombs where going off, and all you saw was Flashing Lights coming out of the fog. The photos later on will explain. But hell, at least I "sort of" saw Saturday Night Lights! Anyways, once again thank you all for the great day! Now on to... the pictures. Our first annual unofficial Great Adventure Online Day is brought you by Aunt Jemima's Bancakes. So, this is what the park will look like when it is closed next month? The early gathering. Here is a short presentation on why you should obey park rules. Wait for it.. And that was a short presentation on why you should obey park rules. Our group is expanding! I really don't understand why the park got rid of a opening show... just waiting for the ribbon to be cut is boring. Jim and Adam discussing on why I am the best site owner ever Time for the first ride of the day.. basically a walk on too! It is true as well, Adam has lost his Kingda Ka virginity! SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! Buy a Online Day t-shirt! Cory looks beat all ready! After 4 rides on Toro, they were getting tired. Kegan was so beat he had to sit out on the Houdini ride. For those who were with us, this squirrel was AWESOME! This is your picture prompt. Write a essay on what they could be looking at. ZOMG WE ARE GOING ON HOUDINI! During the Q&A we asked about Houdini and it is ONLY open for Fright Fest... he said it depends how popular the ride will be if it will remain open for all next season or just become a Fright Fest attraction. Well if it is open for only a short time, we got to ride it! HD video screen, LOL. I FOUND HOUDINI'S HEAD! Yes.. we did go trick-or-treating as a group. This girl just let about ten grown men go trick-or-treating in a little kids area, and for that, this is your EPICWIN of the week. Sylvester! GIVEMEYOSTICKER. Knock knock! Trick-or-treat! Cory was giving out free shoe shines. Does anyone else miss seeing these on main street? Jim showing off his bag full of Peanut Butter candy! This year's Kool-Aid fountain! Okay, I think the parachutes look great. It looks taller now than it did in white. Time for the Trivia & Feast! Our lovely prizes consisted of: 2 Theme Park Review DVDs, a book from COASTER-net.com, a Busch Gardens Europe Map, Hong Kong Disneyland Map, Happy Valley Park Map, The Great Escape Guide, Cypress Gardens Postcard, Halloween Horror Nights Map, Great Adventure Maps since 2005, and so much more! Cory was keeping score. The trivia contest was made in Jeopardy style. STUFFYOFACE. It is a hard task for any Coaster Enthusiast to answer both questions and eat like a ACER. Cory showing off one of the questions. And the winners! 1st Place! 2nd Place! 3rd Place! M-Kane-Dawg and Miss Angel to the Air-I-Stone Due to the rain, a lot of people didn't come to the Q&A thinking it was canceled. Fortunately for those with the group, Mark and Angel gave us shelter underneath the Live and Local (Dead and Local during Fright Fest) Stage. We got to give yet another BIG thank you to these two right here. They really love the fanbase of Six Flags Great Adventure and really give it back to us big time. Make sure to post a thank you for those who attended so Mark and Angel can see! The group shot with Mark and Angel. By this time, it stopped raining. And yes, Angel and Mark came IN THE POURING RAIN for us! We are sorry for those who got the wristbands and never came, but we promise future events you won't miss out! Second group shot with the dead dummy Here is your wristband random drawing winner! And just like Mark and Angel, we got to give another HUGE thank you to Jenn and folks! Plus we loved the candy and food! Some of our members taking about Blackbeards! This picture makes me 'LOL'. Lets go to the Chiller! Oh, wait. Interactive fun or just shapes amusing people? You decide. Look mom, I am on TV! Yeah, I WOULD be holding a treasure chest! LOL @ Virtual Cory Look! Great Adventure finally has bumper cars again [/not] Now this thing was PURE awesome. Playing XBOX at Six Flags = win. All of us just having a good time at the Exploratorium. See if you can spot this person somewhere else in this trip report! LOL, this was suppose to be me. SxyDan arrived for the occasion. Time for the staff's buffet! Omnomnom Cory stuffing his face in food. All four of our foods. Even Jordon wanted some food! Look its WanderingCoasterKid & iChill! Welcome to Fright Fest, kids. I will PWN you in Halo, beware! Muhaha. The "new" ritual. So you think you can dance? The new introduction for this year. Everything is better with FIRE! Just like every year, Dead Mans Party can only leave you impressed. This guy was pretty cool! This year felt more "dead" than ever! I really digged it. As you can tell by the lighting, see this show at night. 100x better! Like we said, they went prop crazy this year! Look, spinning sparkles! The entire show was great! You GOT to see it if you are going to Fright Fest this year. FAIL. The group waiting to become Mental Patients in Escape of the Asylum Well now she looks familiar Meet Fright Fest Jim Time for probably the highlight of the day - Hypnosteria! Unfortunately, Jordon and Cory may not remember this! The Before Shot Jason just tried and failed, LOL. Trying to get relaxed. "Your right arm feels like steel" EAT THAT INVISIBLE ICE CREAM CONE! The guy next to them farted "apparently" We could all make several remarks to Jordon about this. Time for some Fireworks... at least we wanted to see Fireworks. The show is about to start! All looks good to start! Everything was synced and amazing to start. Doing really good! SO MUCH FIREWORKS TOO! Like Disney quality. And here when it got bad. After a minute the smoke from the Fireworks just "stayed". It wouldn't move. Something to do with the conditions outside just caused the smoke to stay which blocked off all the Fireworks from view, just leaving us seeing "flashing" lights and random Firework noises. It sucked too cause the show was looking to be AWESOME! I hope they bring this back for next year, as the entire crowd wanted to see this and everyone was impressed by just a minute of the show. And we end on a Fright Fest note of the "tree". What a GREAT day we had! And again, make sure to thank the park for those who went and man, I can't wait for Online Day 2010!
  5. It was 10-3 and he threw one pitch, hardly producing. As for the "lights out" comment, I think it was sarcastic or atleast I hope it was. Ha trust me, blowing 10 saves this year, every time he even grabs a baseball I want to just run, run far away.
  6. The ultimate hot dog eating challenge. Kickass rally towels for the night! Before the Marlins/Braves game began! If someone told me Pedro would be on the mound for the Phillies to win the NL East before this season, I would had punched them. Firework show by the Ben Franklin Bridge. Rally towels galore! Best mascot in the world. Homerun from RAUUUUUUUUUUUUUL IBANEZ! Fans can taste it now. Time for.. dare I say it, Lights Out Lidge! Brad Lidge. THE PHILLIES HAVE WON THE NL EAST FOR A THIRD STRAIGHT TIME! The view! The first of a few 2009 banners for the Phillies to come FIREWORKSFIREWORKSFIREWORKS Grabbin' the new gear. Brad Lidge being interviewed! Raul Ibanez being welcomed for only the second time to the postseason.
  7. Printable PDF Agenda is released! http://gadv.com/onlineday/agendau.pdf Note as well, times from the Awakening and beyond have changed due to the release of the Fright Fest time schedule!
  8. ^You know any trip to the park won't be complete without you Mike! Actually.. every single visit besides one that I've made this season (Opening Day & Media Day) you where there! I have almost become accustomed to seeing you at the park now, LOL!
  9. Our Online Day Agenda has been released! Printable version will be available upon closer to the day! http://www.gadv.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=17233&view=findpost&p=403484
  10. 1ST ANNUAL UNOFFICIAL GREAT ADVENTURE ONLINE DAY SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3RD 2009 (ALL DAY!) ENJOY RIDES, GAMES, TRIVIA, Q&A, AND MORE! Great Adventure Online is PLEASED to announce our first annual unofficial Great Adventure Online Day! With a special thanks to the park's awesome PR (cough Angel!), we will be holding a fun-filled event at the park.. as well celebrating the FIRST night of this year's Fright Fest! This event will allow you to put the faces to the members you have been posting with, enjoy your favorite attractions with them, compete in trivia contests for prizes, and even, a Q&A with the park! You will be able to ask YOUR questions to the park! By then, you could be asking about next year's newest attraction! Information on meet up times will be posted within the next two weeks! Begin your planning, this will be one event you will sure not to miss! You ARE allowed to bring guests, friends, family, even if they aren't a member! We suggest to bring money, as we will be having a group lunch at Best of the West! Don't forget your camera.. you may need it! This will be an ALL DAY event! If you can't make mornings, come at night! Can't make the night, come in the morning! The Q&A time will be at 2pm at the Lake Front.. but more information on all meet up times will be posted later. We will be enjoying everyone's favorite attractions as well as kicking off Fright Fest! Don't forget, we will be taking group shots throughout the day! You WILL be put on the home page of Great Adventure Online! We look forward to the event! Check back here for meet up times, trivia information, and more! http://www.gadv.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=17232 To post your question for the Q&A, click above! http://www.cafepress.com/onlineday09 Click above to purchase your Online Day '09 t-shirt! http://tinyurl.com/nrgoj6 Click above for our Online Day Twitter Contest! http://www.gadv.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=17233&view=findpost&p=403484 The Agenda "Meet Up Times"
  11. Ouch -- bandwidth crashed. Moved them to a sever which they won't, so fixed
  12. Heh, it really isn't taller, I think Great White has a other five feet of it tops. But the fact it remains above the ride basically the entire time and goes on top of the ride is really surreal and fun.
  13. All three piers work on the same tickets/wrist-bands/season pass.
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