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  1. If I am the average park guest who goes only 1-2 times a season, I truthfully doubt I would want to go bowling. Sorry, but I have better things to do. Maybe they are demo-graphing it for season pass holders? Even if that is the case, how many of us actually believe we will ever go in it? I never even went into the dark light mini golf except to grab a picture of it..
  2. FACT: Start off your day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast to receive maximum flags on the fun-o-meter when visiting Great Adventure. FACT: Piegasm is in the ACE (American Coaster Enthusiast) dictionary. Kevin is ready to kick off the 2010 season! Mike showing off the no smoking paper given to all park guests. Yes, that includes you Mike. The gorgeous new Main Street! It is very appealing to the eye. I dig it. The new meet and greet area set ups! It is VERY organized. Very colorful. They stick out great. I believe this is perfect compared to years past.
  3. Thanks to our partnership with FlyinPhil and our friendship with Theme Park Revieiw, we will be showing this offseason AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS of the park! From Hurricane Harbor construction, to any park changes from now until March 27th, 2010! To see the ENTIRE off season gallery, click the link below! http://www.gadv.com/photogallery/index.php?cat=98 Now onto the update of NOVEMBER 8TH, 2009! First off, the new Parachutes paint job looks GREAT! Second, it seems ALL the Fright Fest themeing except the Graveyard Fountain themeing is all gone! No construction so far in Hurrican
  4. If it wasn't for the great turn out we had yesterday and the great loyal fanbase that both Great Adventure and we have, yesterday would have had never been successful! The event was a complete success, and has really got our entire staff team excited for future, larger events in the upcoming seasons! Also, I would like to give a second HUGE thank you to Angel Ariston, Jenn Lawton, Mark Kane, and all of Great Adventure's public relations! Yesterday was AMAZING, we held a Q&A thanks to Angel and Mark, got a awesome buffet with some nice candy from Jenn and the PR department, and overall
  5. It was 10-3 and he threw one pitch, hardly producing. As for the "lights out" comment, I think it was sarcastic or atleast I hope it was. Ha trust me, blowing 10 saves this year, every time he even grabs a baseball I want to just run, run far away.
  6. The ultimate hot dog eating challenge. Kickass rally towels for the night! Before the Marlins/Braves game began! If someone told me Pedro would be on the mound for the Phillies to win the NL East before this season, I would had punched them. Firework show by the Ben Franklin Bridge. Rally towels galore! Best mascot in the world. Homerun from RAUUUUUUUUUUUUUL IBANEZ! Fans can taste it now. Time for.. dare I say it, Lights Out Lidge! Brad Lidge. THE PHILLIES HAVE WON THE NL EAST FOR A THIRD STRAIGHT TIME! The view!
  7. Printable PDF Agenda is released! http://gadv.com/onlineday/agendau.pdf Note as well, times from the Awakening and beyond have changed due to the release of the Fright Fest time schedule!
  8. ^You know any trip to the park won't be complete without you Mike! Actually.. every single visit besides one that I've made this season (Opening Day & Media Day) you where there! I have almost become accustomed to seeing you at the park now, LOL!
  9. Our Online Day Agenda has been released! Printable version will be available upon closer to the day! http://www.gadv.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=17233&view=findpost&p=403484
  10. 1ST ANNUAL UNOFFICIAL GREAT ADVENTURE ONLINE DAY SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3RD 2009 (ALL DAY!) ENJOY RIDES, GAMES, TRIVIA, Q&A, AND MORE! Great Adventure Online is PLEASED to announce our first annual unofficial Great Adventure Online Day! With a special thanks to the park's awesome PR (cough Angel!), we will be holding a fun-filled event at the park.. as well celebrating the FIRST night of this year's Fright Fest! This event will allow you to put the faces to the members you have been posting with, enjoy your favorite attractions with them, compete in trivia contests for prizes, and even, a
  11. Ouch -- bandwidth crashed. Moved them to a sever which they won't, so fixed
  12. Heh, it really isn't taller, I think Great White has a other five feet of it tops. But the fact it remains above the ride basically the entire time and goes on top of the ride is really surreal and fun.
  13. All three piers work on the same tickets/wrist-bands/season pass.
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