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  1. ^Gah. I'll be in NYC Wednesday and half of Thursday. I plan on going on Thursday. It'll be close.
  2. Looks good! Hopefully testing goes quickly and smoothly so it's open on my visit in two weeks.
  3. I was also at the season pass preview day. The hours were 12-5. ROS was down for the majority of the day. At 4:40, the sun came out, and after some more ROS tests, the handful of us that were there were let in to board at literally 4:59. They were nice enough to run the ride until about 5:15 and cycled maybe 6 rides, which I got 3 of with having to walk around. It was pretty gloomy and windy and sprinkled on and off, with some heavier rain for about 5 minutes at one point. I got on each of the coasters except Motocoaster, which looked like it had the flywheel running and had ops in the station, but I never saw it run. I rode Mind Eraser totally alone, as no one was really in that area of the park. The free Tim Horton's for the season pass line before opening was really nice. The park looked decent. Viper has a nice newly painted sign. All in all, I was just glad they worked to get Ride of Steel open even when the park was only open for another 10 minutes. It ran super slow, but it'll get there when it gets warmer out.
  4. I really like the layout of this one. Looking forward to trying it this summer!
  5. This is easily my most anticipated coaster of the Scandi trip. I loved the freedom of the restraints on Blue Fire. Can't wait to see the pretzel and top hat go up!
  6. Option 1. It's more concise, I can see more at once. I don't care about Twitter, but can see where that's a nice touch. I just don't like how with 2, I just get the big picture, and have to scroll before I start seeing updates under it.
  7. ^The crane over the tophat leads me to think they were just doing a pull through, but I could be wrong.
  8. ^While I can't say "You'll like this better than this," I can't see Cheetah Hunt beating Maverick, even for someone who doesn't care for strong forces. I don't always care for strong forces. But Cheetah Hunt is more like an Intamin launched mine train with a slow barrel roll. Which is fine. Despite being the same "type" of ride as Maverick, it's so far from it.
  9. I don't have any sort of current set list anywhere, but I'll throw out ten of my favorites. Dinoconda Eejanaika X2 Skyrush Expedition GeForce Boulderdash New Texas Giant Kumba Olympia Looping Maverick
  10. Ohhhh duh. My mind went right to the Brussel's fair. Some of the stuff looked really similar!
  11. I still remember our visit here a few years ago, they had some crazy stuff then! Nice pictures, and good to see everyone having fun.
  12. Those Knoebel's flyers make me legitimately nervous, it's almost hard not to snap them! And the Skooters are probably my favorite ride in the park, or at least up there with Phoenix. Can't wait to visit in two weeks! I'd love for Flying Turns to be open but I'm not expecting it.
  13. Any of the S&S 4D coasters, especially Dinoconda or Eejanaika. Dodonpa, Skyrush, and Kumba are up there as well.
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