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  1. In a sense, yes but more sofisticated and more thrilling, and can go up as well as down Oh yeah and the water would only be at splashdowns Helix of wet? Car gets put into a enclosed helix, pipeline coaster style....
  2. All my yes. Actually, why not a bobsled water coaster? Like those old intamin bobsleds like La Vibora or Bobbaan at Efteling. Except with boat parts and a splash down. Wouldn't a bodsled water coaster be kind of like a water slide? Theme idea for a looping water coaster. Wet section first, ride audio "sorry about getting you all wet, we're going to take you through the dryer next" *ride drops into a tunnel, hot air blasts through it, you pop out the other end, launched via compressed air, into a loop with a fireball in it, like Bizarro at SFGADV, the smell of BBQ wafts from a nearby resturant, strategically placed to get the smell over to the ride. on-ride audio "sorry about that, we may have had the heat on too high"
  3. Do they still have the under-boardwalk go-karts? i always thought that was neat.
  4. Swinging water coaster. Have the cars go through a log-flume section, guided along by the overhead track, it doesn't carry the weight, because the cars are buoyant. then you hit the first drop, into the suspended swinging coaster section. then up another hill, before going down a splash drop, into the station area.
  5. How about one that shows you the back of the ride you are on, a rear facing camera. The backwards one would be interesting, and it would definitely work! I tried Galactica backwards the other day by the way, it does a really good job of convincing riders they are going backwards. Something different for people to try anyway, and that's probably the closest you can get to the rear facing camera suggestion at the moment! Launched coaster, anything with a aircraft carrier takeoff. Since those are launched
  6. Yes. People show up to wildwood, discover they're harrier than robin williams, and decide to get a last minute wax. Some people have back of hand hair issues. They are everywhere in the junk shops along the boards. I have no idea. I like to imagine they are some sort of masturbatory device but Wildwood ain't that ratchet. Huh...it's actually just a gimmick. Seems that most are just you put wax on a person's hand, dip it, and then make a wax mold.
  7. How about one that shows you the back of the ride you are on, a rear facing camera.
  8. With the new VR headsets i have an idea for a few rides that can be spiced up with them. Any Wild Mouse: Car Chase...screeching tires as you round the hard turns on the track, cresting hills in San Fran, or Pittsburgh. Runaway Mine Train at Great Adventure: Great train robbery themed VR. Or...Temple of Doom. Vekoma SLC: Test flight of a new fighter jet, when the weather goes south. Alternatively, space themed where you go through a nasty space battle, and get beat side to side.
  9. Yes. People show up to wildwood, discover they're harrier than robin williams, and decide to get a last minute wax. Some people have back of hand hair issues.
  10. Long time no post, it's weird to come back. From reading about the upgrades, it feels like that Vekoma may be testing out some stuff on this ride. Probably in anticipation for a next generation SLC. I predict that it will be simlar to Steel Phantom's Upgrades. Parts that are in low-stress areas will remain the same, such as the end brake run, the station, and the lift hill. New track will take over once the lift hill deposits you onto the first drop, where it switches from double tube to single tube track. I predict the layout to have most of the current one intact, except having the transitions start sooner, and go on for longer, since with newer bending technology you can have it start sooner than later. The SLC looks like it uses 1980s Arrow bending designs, which wasn't state of the art even in 1993. Since they are starting with a ride that has known variables, and a well defined "off" season, with space around it to store parts, and a customer that has always tried to keep their vekoma rides in top-notch condition....i predict this will turn out well. What other SLC Operator would swap out the cars or the revised ones? What other Boomerang Owner that isn't a major chain would swap out the cars for non arrow-style ones on a nearly 30 year old ride?
  11. I do wonder if it will keep a uniform thickness the entire way. Imangine if they twist it onto the side, you can have the train use the "bottom" of the track too.
  12. Looking at the images, the main thing that pops out in my mind is highway overpass. It looks like a girder for a bridge/overpass. Maybe they're onto something, using this odd track for straightaways would allow for longer sections between supports, meaning less headaches for placement of a coaster. Potentially a lower cost to build as there will be less tearing up of existing landscaping.
  13. Three weeks ago. When was the last time you ate sushi from a supermarket?
  14. I plan to go to the holiday in the park thing. Will there be any bring a friend days?
  15. I guess maybe it's just me but I'm thrilled with how Six Flags has treated Great Adventure lately. We got a ton of great family and flat rides which we desperately needed like Sky Screamer, Fender Bender and Deja Vu, we got SORA which is a complete game-changer and has been an overwhelming success, we got the tallest drop tower in the world, we have a holiday event now that will allow us to ride Nitro and Batman into January and we're getting a coaster in 2016. Remind me again what the problem is... I have no idea what you people are taking about. The problem as i see it, is that GA will get nice stuff like the biggest/bestest ride...but the other sections of the park start to feel lacking. For example there are parts of the park that have not been really altered since the 1980s, the entry area for example was modified in the early 90s or late 80s, and have remained that way since. Meanwhile they keep removing theme elements, like the giant teepee, without replacing it with something big and unique. Basically SFGadv is turning more generic as time goes on. You have too many dead sections of the park, for example you have the Autobhan bumper car building sitting empty on one end of the park along with the torn apart musik express ride.
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