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  1. Indeed there was a time I was almost ashamed as a Belgian coaster enthusiast… the country's parks are getting better and better. 2021 looks promising with this plus Plopsa's xtreme spinner… it was about time !
  2. I remember watching it in one of Robb’s IAAPA reports. It looked stunning and i’m sad,it never came to fruition. And this is a concept I have always dreamt of too.
  3. If only they could build an old school forceful Kumba/Khan killer…
  4. Not « fan » made. The guy who designed them actually used to WORK for the park, and these were sketches before they ceased collaboration. Probably those concepts were not retained after his contract with the park went to an end
  5. Haven’t posted for ages. Robb, it seems those were created by the guy or company which rethemed Dreamcatcher (ex Air Race), and he posted his drawings on his website as « free creation » well before anything was decided themewise. The park is no longer in collaboration with this company and whether or not the concept arts have been retained by the park management remains to be seen
  6. Ever heard of Smiler? Or WEM Mindbender? Your theory doesn't hold water, looking back at past accident… All i'm saying is if a ride has a potential incident that could risk the lives of people on the attraction that the park may have enough justification to remove an attraction, regardless of its popularity... Kind of a business moral thing, you know? We only have this picture and no real news/facts, so I am just guesstimating. It didn't happen this time obviously, but all it takes is a fatal accident and it doesn't matter how popular your ride is. Your saying if, in theory, the cable snapped and decapitated a bunch of people on the train that the park would keep the ride around just because its popular? Get real... This time it looks like non-issue, but that is still a lot of damage and the risk to the riders has to be a factor in what will happen in terms of repair or whatnot, for sure. Again, being extreme with the example... But stuff like this is not taken lightly and if this issue is beyond just a "cable snap" you never know. That is all i'm saying.
  7. One can decide to have doggie style all their life, or vary positions…
  8. I wonder what is more expensive. Build a clone of ttd's tower or build one that is just slightly shorter, considering all calculations would then have to be redone from scratch...now I know the concept art feature the "kk" hill, but that requires less engineering than the tower itself
  9. I am at the park and had a selfie in front of it too. Darn, you were faster I guess what everyone wants to know now, is the actual height of the launched Intamin. I wonder when they'll announce THAT
  10. ^ will do if you wish. I just come back to the hotel very late and am a bit lazy at ight but I'm sure I'll find a moment to give some impressions about the shows. I may do that for food too if you wish. if you have already seen Fiestaventura, you know what it is. It is unchanged since at least 2012 but is still as impressive as in the past. Love it !
  11. If only they addressed issues like Baco and Stanpida's roughness... I'd be happy already. This being said port aventura is still my favorite European holiday destination, especially with the kids growing and the parks location. There is so much to do around here... I'll be back in 2016 and you know why
  12. Well, being at the El Paso, and for quite a long duration (ten days with the family) , I have the express pass, so I haven't really " enjoyed " long lines, since most of the time, coasters are a walk on with it. Haven't noticed any stagging on the first three days, but admittedly, I go and ride the coasters at night with my son while the girlies go back to the hotel (my girlfriend hates coasters and my daughter is only six) . Only thing that is obvious is once again the temperamental aspect of Baco... But what do you expect with intamin launches... It hasnt improved much since opening year, it is down several hours a day, and when it is not, continues to torture edge seat riders as ever...
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