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  1. I wonder how the "recovery" is going, but indeed it sounds like there may be a lot of serious issues. I went to the park's website (cause I was thinking of going there soon) and for now all ticket sales are suspended. The calendar also shows the park closed until August 16 but perhaps this is still very optimistic? This also seems to be the only major park affected in Belgium as the other websites I went to show their respective parks up and running.
  2. I rode it last summer and it was in no way uncomfortable (even if the lap bars are exposed metal). Just not the most exciting ride.
  3. I honestly did not think it was that slow. Sure, it was nothing like a batman clone but I found it waaay more intense than any B&M wing coaster I've been on (actually, the only B&M built after Oziris that felt more intense to me was Fury). I have not been on banshee but it doesn't seem super intense. Fast, yes, but also with very drawn out elements. I'm sure this will be a great fun ride but I'm not expecting a batman clone. B&M seems to be done with rides that intense.
  4. Is this true? Because it's a lot more than I expected and it looks like more than other similar sized trains weigh Does anyone know how much B&M flying coaster trains weigh? Those are supposed to be pretty heavy
  5. Out of the ones I've been to, I´d say Cedar Point, Hershey Park and SFGAdv (the latter has added quite a few rides since I went there, so even better). I also quite liked the lineup of Busch Gardens Williamsburg and I imagine SF Magic Mountain is pretty good to (although I haven't been there). Out of the ones I've to in Europe (which typically have fewer coaster per park), I'll say Portaventura (if you include Ferrari Land) because you get an awesome old-shcool B&M, the tallest B&M hyper out there, a great (although this is a matter of taste) intamin accelerator coaster and an intamin giga which is basically a slightly smaller KK or TTD. I'll give an honourable mention to Energylandia (yes, I know a lot won't agree here) because they do have a lot of potential (looking only at coasters). When I went there last year they had a great (not the best ever but great) intamin hyper and an awesome RMC which became my personal favourite coaster. They also have the tallest water coaster in the world (I believe), a solid fun Vekoma launch coaster and now they'll have (is it open?) what looks like a great multi-launch coaster. Plus 2000 kiddie coasters
  6. I remember hearing in a video that the empty trains nemesis (alton towers) weighed around 10 000kg. I actually went to check this now and I found 9500. That would be around 1.2 tons (metric) or 1.3 imperial
  7. If you count those, it was an Alpine coaster near Gruyères, Switzerland If not, Mystic at Walibi Rhône-Alpes. I found it a great little coaster. It's pretty compact but packs a punch.
  8. Seems weird with all the swinging pendulum models out there on the market, that the park brought one of the few that has a counterweight to do the full 360 and not run it that way. The only time I went there it did go 360, but that was a few years ago. I personally prefer the standard "counterweightless" pendulum rides as they feel more natural. But it sure is strange if this one is o longer doing the full 360.
  9. I do mostly agree with you. While I don't mind a slow jojo roll to get things started or a faster heartline roll that still gives you negative Gs, I'm definitely not a fan of hangtime in more "traditional" inversions like loops and corkscrews. I remember once riding dragon khan at night and being upside down in its huge loop while still on my seat really felt cool because it almost made it seem like everything else was upside down and not me. That feel goes away when you clearly feel yourself hanging. Whether its tight loops that throw you over the top with great Gs or massive B&M loops which provide near weightlessness for a longer time, I find them more fun than these more modern hangtime inducing ones. I also love inversions which provide zero g (like zero g rolls or stalls) but, like you said, I wish the concept of leaving you hanging from your seat belonged to wacky flat rides (which, despite not making me sick at all, are not so fun to me)
  10. That actually looks reasonably steep for a B&M hyper of that height. Curious to see how it turns out
  11. Plus it's a bit of a gimmick. Saying that a coaster has a triple launch sounds a lot more impressive than just a launch. Great, that's what I was hoping for
  12. Agree. I'm not a fan of these "triple launches". I mean, it's fun to be launched backwards but they usually end up being quite forceless. I also prefer a single intense launch. I honestly completely missed this coaster being built but it looks really great. How are the restraints?
  13. It's really quite ridiculous how fast this parks is expanding. It sure may have its problems but this is pretty remarkable. It's also funny how I went less than two weeks ago and, while I did see some construction work behind the fences, I totally had no idea how massive it was.
  14. Hyperion at Energylandia Not the smoothest ride but I really enjoyed it.
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