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  1. Definitely curious to see where this goes! Can't wait for an update!
  2. Epic! [MOD EDIT: SEE THE ABOVE POST- and GO READ YOUR PM's please.]
  3. Lovely! Dropped the package off today at the Post Office. Should be there Friday!
  4. Sending mine out first thing tomorrow morning! Hope it makes it there okay!
  5. Not on this site as much as I used to be, but definitely count me in! This sounds like fun!
  6. Yeah, it was closed for the last six weeks for their annual maintenance, and then this.. Hasn't had a good thing come of it :/
  7. It'll be great to see something new in the park other than SkyScream... I'm actually looking forward to this
  8. Didn't see this anywhere on the forums, so I figured I'd share. The Scandia Screamer, famous for it's no scream policy, collapsed under the weight of a collapsed construction crane this past week in Sacramento. The article can be read more in depth here.
  9. Got to six flags just around 6, headed into the park and got our little "blue star wristband" which Six Flags Employee's kept demanding to see everytime you wanted to get on a ride in the Oasis Plaza. Headed for Medusa since a majority of people were getting in line for Sky Screamer, waited about ten minutes to get on Medusa (would have been quicker, but of the three trains, only two were being loaded with passengers), got off and hopped right back on just as they opened up the third train, so the line went much faster. Headed over to Sky Screamer at 7:30, and stood in line until about 8:15 or so when we finally got on. Overall it's a good ride, fairly short though, I remember the one in Holiday Park back in Germany lasting a good five minutes or so. You get a great view of the park and the surrounding area, just wish they would've turned the ride's lights on. It was great timing too, because the group riding after us were stuck on it when it broke down for a good ten minutes or so. Now I just gotta go ride it nine more times to get my silver wings!
  10. On the way to the park right now, took a few minutes to find my season pass. Hopefully the majority of the kids are out by then!
  11. Gotta love how life swings things at you like that eh? Haha. I'm definitely psyched for tomorrow, not so much for the sky swing as Medusa.. But still psyched nonetheless ^^
  12. So who all is going? I was planning on coming down with a friend or two..
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