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  1. Personally, I could see the carousel remain where it is because I've seen cities have stand-alone carousels in their town squares. I want to say I have hope that Gold Striker would also remain as another stand-alone attraction in the development but I highly doubt the businesses would like that. I'm very sure Prudential is really happy about the CGA news
  2. CGA's potential closure is trending on Twitter in the US at #21
  3. Well this is very bad news for someone who lives in the area like me. I'm hoping that the park can remain open but given how valuable the land is, it's hard for Cedar Fair to not sell it. In case CGA goes, then I'd like to say thank you Great America for making me introducing and getting me into roller coasters and for all the great memories I made there.
  4. This might refer to the upcoming tilt coaster at Energylandia or Six Flags Qiddiya. Either way, it is exciting given that this is likely the first next-gen Vekoma thrill coaster in America
  5. Afaik, most elderly people there did not take the vaccine as they were scared of side-effects and also for most of the pandemic, Hong Kong had little to no Covid spread in the community so the elderly thought they had little need for it
  6. New ride for 2022: Liberty Twirler, a scrambler ride built on the spot of FireFall. Edit: More info here: https://www.cagreatamerica.com/rides-experiences/liberty-twirler
  7. This is a common theory and I'd like to call bs on that since S&S still makes roller coasters in China and has one planned for a European park. China and Europe has gotten a good amount of next gen Vekomas. My personal theory is that Vekoma is booked and busy (~30 projects under construction according to RCDB) and Vekoma wants to focus their North American attention on Disney parks. It should be noted that every coaster Vekoma built in America in the past 4 years has either been for Disney parks or family coasters
  8. I've had this thought for a while: If money weren't a problem, I think a Vekoma next-gen coaster would be perfect for La Ronde. A launched model (I've been thinking the Top Gun model) would be especially good there considering they don't have a launch coaster https://www.vekoma.com/sitdown-thrill-coasters/top-gun-launch-coaster-1 image.png
  9. Coaster stations are far from the only thing that are uncovered here in CA. I had always suspected it's cause of the good weather
  10. How likely does anyone think the B&M's rumoured Surf Coaster would end up there? Personally, I think something like Mako at Sea World Orlando would suit Thorpe Park well
  11. I think this Intamin LSM Single Launch Coaster would be a good fit for Playland. From what I can see, it looks like it could fit in the plot of land once occupied by "Corkscrew"
  12. It looks like they are reusing the old station from Green Lantern for Flight of Courage. Sounds like an efficient way to place a station if you ask me
  13. I wouldn't say it's practical to do a day trip from Ottawa though (at least compared to La Ronde) I haven't heard of it. Is it in Arizona?
  14. I mean in that (permanent) roller coasters are few to non-existant in the area and if they do exist, the are usually just kiddie coaster at small family entertainment centres. Those cities are not necessarily terrible to live in but have poor access to quality roller coasters. I have a few nominations: Honolulu, HI, USA: There are no (permanent) coaster in Hawaii and the closest decent sized coaster is in Northern California. At least there is a water park in the area Ottawa, ON, Canada: The coaster selection in the are just a SBF Visa Group MX608 at Funhaven and an alpine coaster at Camp Fortune. If you want major roller coasters then you have to drive 200 km (125 mi) east to La Ronde in Montreal. I don't know what's worse, the fact that there are no major amusement parks in the Ottawa area or the fact that the nearest one is La Ronde. Like Honolulu, at least there is a water park no too far from Ottawa
  15. 1) At what age were you personally given freedom to roam a park without adult supervision? I was first given freedom to roam the park with a sibling around 10/11 but my parents would still be at the park. Completely unsupervised trips alone started when I was 15/16 2) What, if any, restrictions were put on you when you were allowed to first do this? (I.e. check back at certain times, cell phone check ins, etc) At first it was check back in supervised times but occasional would call. As for completely unsupervised trips, at first my parents would pick me up at a certain time. Eventually I would carry a cell phone for those unsupervised trips as not having a cell phone would leave to longer and more uncertain wait times 3) At what age did/would you allow your child(ren) to roam a park without your supervision? Around 10 years old 4) What, if any, restrictions do/would you put on them? As along as they have mobile phones and can check pack at a certain time 5) If what you were allowed to do and what you would allow your kids to do are considerably different, why? What has changed or what is different about you versus your parents? N/A
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