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  1. Sierra Sidwinder at Knott's Berry Farm. Was in the park with family and joined my mom and cousins for a ride (none of them had been on it before). A kid behind us in line started getting nervous as we got closer to the front and my mom's instincts kicked in and she started mom-ing him about how it was going to be fine and how he'd have so much fun. And it seemed to genuinely help. Cut to.... we finish our ride and hit the brakes and my mom turns to me and says "oh man that kid's gonna die".
  2. Dorney: Make sure to get a night ride on Talon if you can. B&M inverts definitely behave differently from beginning of the day to the end, Same with Steel Force. In my memory, front row on Steel Force had better air time than back row. It's also totally in the back corner of the park, so just be aware that it's a hike. I also second the opinion that Knoebels should be your first choice. Dorney is fine, but nothing there is really special. Knoebels has a lot to offer that you can't necessarily get at any of the major chains. Dorney can be a half day park. if you've got some tim
  3. I'm trying to visit with a friend next week, and the earliest reservation time available for a season pass is 12:45pm. But when I looked under single day ticket, the earliest is 10:30a. If the reservations are to promote distancing and spread out crowds by limiting the number of people who are in one place, why does it matter what kind of ticket you have?
  4. I was at Taste of Boysenberry this weekend and caught a rare sight.... the unique under-the-station storage track on Sierra Sidewinder was in the up position. Snapped a quick pic as I was walking by.
  5. Hey Squirrel Friends I had to idea to create a theme park for Rupaul's Drag Race and I jotted down some ideas, but I'm looking for more. Ideally, I would end up making something in Planet Coaster. RIDES/ATTRACTIONS: Bob's Suspiciously Large Coaster (hyper/giga) Hurricane Bianca (spinning flat ride) Death Drop (drop tower) Sharon's House of Haunt (dark ride) Willam's Boatdown (shoot the chute) Jinx's Monsoon (rapids) Trixie's Dollhouse (walk thru funhouse) She Done Already Had Horses (carousel) Shut Up and Drive (Alyssa / Tati g
  6. Great news, LA and OC will both be moving down into Orange Tier next week. And since it looks like vaccinations are going to be kicking into high gear during the month of April, hopefully we'll see Yellow tier during the early summer.
  7. It kind of makes sense for Six Flags to open up first... The park's physical capacity is massive, so even with the capacity restriction, that could still be quite a few guests. This time of year is traditionally slow for the park anyways, so that 15% capacity isn't far off from a standard springtime weekday. The Six Flags business model has pretty consistently relied more on in-park spending vs admissions as a revenue source. I'm sure that reduced ride capacities due to physical distancing will drive up FlashPass spending. Everything is outdoors and nobody goes to th
  8. In the USA, I'd say.... SF Magic Mountain, Cedar Point, SF Great Adventure are going to be your top 3 heavy hitters. Very low on wood coasters is the only thing (though you do get El Toro, which is one of the very best).. However: if you wanted to do one trip with multiple parks, there are a few double / triple headers that will give you a lot of bang for your buck... King's Island / Cedar Point / Kennywood (fly into Cincinnati, fly home from Pittsburgh) Holiday World / Kentucky Kingdom / King's Island (fly into Louisville, fly home from Cincinnati) Dorney Park, / Kn
  9. Another Kennywood Thunderbolt post... It's so weird and I definitely did not experience the kind of forces that made it feel necessary. The laterals on the helix of Ghostrider felt stronger.
  10. In my experience, $25 does not buy you that much food in a theme park... lol.
  11. I missed out on getting a night ride on The Beast because it started raining. I was driving up to Cedar Point the next day, so I didn't want to stay another full day at KI and do a 4 hour drive in the middle of the night just for one single ride. (small regret) When I visited IOA for the one and only time, I almost walked back to Dragon Challenge for another ride before I left, but I decided to give my body a break. I still rode it 3 or 4 times that day, but if I had known it would be gone forever, I definitely would have done one more on the red side.
  12. I'll admit, I was not much of an entertainment park guest until the last couple years, but I've come to believe it's important to the overall park experience. People need something to do besides wait in line and some way to form memories with other people instead of just machines. But you're right though. That's just not something that current era Six Flags is interested in. Which is such a shame, because they've got really quality IP available in both D.C. and Looney Tunes that could make for a gold mine of entertainment. And Magic Mountain is capable of it.... the Batman shows were
  13. And then Desperado opened at Buffalo Bill's and was recognized by Guinness World Records as the tallest even though it was 4 feet shorter than Big One and tied with Steel Phantom for drop height. So much drama.... Although, by Blackpool's measuring standards, Desperado is actually about 2,800 ft tall.
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