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  1. A random reply to a twitter thread on Falcon's Flight lead me down a rabbit hole and I'm curious how The Community™ feels about it. This is an incredibly niche hyper fixation, but I can't be the only one on here who cares. Steel Dragon 2000 has held the record for world's longest coaster since 2000, at 8,100 ft (2,468 m). And when Falcon's Flight opens, it's poised to break the record with a length of 13,900 ft (4236 m). HOWEVER. There are three mountain coasters in operation that are substantially longer than Steel Dragon, and one that's substantially longer than Falcon's Flight. Tobotronc, a mountain coaster that opened in 2007 is a staggering 17,300 ft (5,273 m) long. So in my opinion, it should rightfully be the World's Longest coaster. Rodelbahn opened in 1999 with a length of over 10,000 ft (3,048 m), so Steel Dragon was actually never the world's longest coaster. I think that if a mountain coaster counts as a credit (and most of us do), then it should count as a record holder. If Superman: The Escape counts as enough of a roller coaster to hold world records (even when it opened after Tower of Terror), I see no reason why a mountain coaster couldn't.
  2. Riddle me this Batman... How do companies get away with advertising these completely impossible rider capacities? For a Super Boomerang to actually hit 800 riders per hour with a 24 passenger train, they'd have to unload, reload, and dispatch in 30 seconds flat.
  3. As much as I'm excited for the possibility of a new coaster... the park can't maintain the 20 coasters it already has. SFMM needs to build another cycle shop and hire like 20 more people in Maintenance before even thinking about building a new coaster. How does the park with the biggest coaster collection in the world have so little maintenance infrastructure and staffing? It's harder to market guest experience, but it keeps people coming back. It gets them to buy passes.
  4. I came up with a potential new niche record but I don't know what the official winner is... Longest time spend traveling at triple digits speeds. Thought about this because TT2's backwards launch is supposed to go 101 mph. Which means that the 3rd launch would, in theory, have riders traveling at 100+mph for the entire length of the launch track, rather than just the very end. Could that be a record? The only other high speed coaster I can think of that doesn't immediately lose significant speed would be Do-Dodonpa. But it's SBNO until further notice. Formula Rossa goes real fast, but I've never been able to find out how much speed is loses going up its first hill with those trim brakes. Does it stay at or above 100 mph?
  5. Wow, PLOT TWIST. I was so certain this project was dead. Good for Knott's.
  6. In non-Zoom related news... has anyone else noticed that the park has kind of given up on Monday-Friday? Even going back to Christmas and Halloween season. The museum is only open on weekends, school house is only on weekends, live shows are only on weekends (the few that are even left), most restaurants are closed, the train bandits come and go with no predictable schedule. What happened to this place? It was not that long ago that you could go on a weekday and have an awesome time seeing all the different fun parts of the park without having to go on the busiest crowd days. And the crazy part is, there's been a huge attendance boost over the last 5/6 years. They used to have all this stuff, even when the park was EMPTY. Now even on days with moderate crowds sometimes there's nothing.
  7. I missed that announcement... when did the park say that Kumbak was gone?
  8. It looks incredible, I can't wait to go. But also... a moment of silence for the era of Universal being truly affordable. 5-10 years ago, there was a meager gap in park experience between Disney and Universal, but an enormous gap in pricing. This spree of capital investments in the last 5 years at Universal has given us some amazing new park experiences, but now the gap in pricing has shrunk dramatically and will probably shrink again once Epic is up and running.
  9. Got a notification that the KBF App has been updated, so I tinkered with it a little bit today at home. It's similar to the old one how you browse, but it seems to have more functions to search and filter. You can search the map for rides based on thrill level, ride type, or even maximum wait time. You can refine dining search to include Vegie or Gluten Free menus and even filter just by locations included on the dining plan. Can't remember if the previous one had that filter, but that seems super helpful. The park map in the app is also VASTLY improved . You can look at it and actually tell where the hell you are now. But I did notice one extremely interesting thing in the Fiesta / Camp Snoopy area... The footprint of Montezooma's Revenge is completely blank, like the ride doesn't even exist. Good chance this is just an oversight, but also... that doesn't bode well for the future of the ride that the park didn't even think to include it on the map.
  10. It's cute that you still have any faith in the FTC to enforce antitrust laws.
  11. It's rather pessimistic, but part of me wonders if the park just decommissions Montezooma completely and says "whoops, we tried, but here's some new stuff in Camp Snoopy instead!" At least with Xcel, there were occasional statements about waiting for parts and whatnot. With Montezooma, it's been near total silence.
  12. Ah, so you saw the "satanic gay drag show for children"... lol Should be very interesting to see what happens with the show this weekend.
  13. Saw it do a test run last night and saw a post on the passholder group that there was employee training happening yesterday too.
  14. Anyone know how Fright Fest build is progressing? I saw an update a couple weeks ago that neither of the two new mazes had even been started.
  15. Not to sound like a broken record, but.... this is highway robbery. Tendies and fries for almost nineteen dollars when you add sales tax.
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