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  1. ok, I'll come out of hiding. I used to be IceDragon... Long time no see...
  2. hey all, I return under a new name, all because of a dream I had last night... Robb and Elissa were mentioned in it O.o Can't remember my old accounts password (IceDragon), though no doubt nobody remembers me Just a small "hey-de-ho" to get me back ^_^
  3. I like having a colourful wallet though...
  4. I made mine using two photo's I took while at Disneyland Paris to commemorate the opening of Tower of Terror. Feel free to use it yourself ^.^ Background
  5. Well, so far I have one helix piercing, although that'll be accompanied by another five over the next few months, and maybe both lobes being stretched... It'll look like I've got spikes coming out of both ears ^.^
  6. She's a year older already??? Wow, time does fly!! Happy birthday little dudette!!!
  7. If you value living the rest of the day, don't go near it! OK, that may have been a slight exageration, but it's as painful as hell. I came off with a cut on my ear... Not impressed.
  8. My friends tried convincing me Rita was the fastest rollercoaster ever... They also said that Space Mountain: Mission 2 wasn't on the park map...
  9. I doubt many know, but most colleges in England that study IT and other subjects get offered a four day 'funducational' trip to Disneyland, where you're expected to turn up for 3 seminars, each lasting 40 minutes. The great thing is, afterwards you get to enjoy both the theme parks there So, day one and it's 7am. We're all sitting on the bus waiting to leave as one person was nerly left behind. We pull away from the college and the person that was late didn't realise you needed a passport to go to another country... We basically had to amuse ourselves as best as we could for 1 1/2 ho
  10. I found the scariest video ever... Can someone say bad acid trip?
  11. You sure? I'm pretty sure it was the Every Breath You Take super-hype remix
  12. Heh, scary thing was... I was there that day. We were on Vortex, being pounded into oblivion by the drizzle and we looked down at our feet. Over the lake we saw a fork of lightning, and I must say, twisting lightning is a once-in a lifetime experience...
  13. Oooohh... A secret building scheme without any press releases? I hope this is true! ^_^ Actually, it looks like they're just doing a little re-design of the map, unless someone has seen something happening there? Intriguing either way!
  14. Thanks for all the advice so far! I know there'll be many students who'll benefit from the advice. I guess the next question would be, how long are the queues this time of year? I can't wait! 2 weeks to go this sunday!!!
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