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  1. Thank you! My friend was at Sea World San Diego yesterday describing it to me, and I was like, I'm so familiar with those I just don't know what they're called. Much appreciated!
  2. I have a question and maybe one of you, more enlightened, individuals has the answer. On many newer rides in place of a remote enable button, there is a little module where the op places his finger, or sometimes hand, to enable dispatch. Does anybody know what I am referring to, and what those types of inputs are called? Thanks!
  3. Assuming that this is Ecolab, they were pretty useless when it came to the pools at Kings Island. We had to override a lot of their settings to keep everything balanced when I worked there.
  4. I believe it is on FL+ because of capacity more than quality of ride.
  5. I will be at the park with some friends not this weekend but next. Maybe we can meet up.
  6. I must say I had sky high expectations going to the park, as I had visited Silver Dollar City just last year, and that blew me away. Well Dollywood managed to blow me away yet again. The attention to detail in every aspect of the park is incredible. Not only is it a Theme Park, it is a park with a theme appropriate to the region it's in. Every single staff member was over the top friendly and accommodating. And not fake-friendly like Chick-fil-A, this was genuine southern hospitality, at its finest. I thoroughly enjoyed the 5 major coasters, and each one surprised me more than the last. After hearing glowing reviews of Tennessee Tornado, I expected it to be good, for an Arrow. Well, it was not only good for an Arrow, but I enjoyed it more than any B&M looper I've been on even. WOW! The food was quite excellent as well, but there was not as much variety as Silver Dollar City. I could go on and on about the park, but I think Zach has done a pretty good job with that. I just can't wait to get back to the Great Smoky Mountains.
  7. I could not agree more. I was not impressed in May, and now it resides in my Top Ten Woodies.
  8. I've been to the park 11 times this season so far; all but twice the line for Batman was consistently a full Queue house. They are very good at moving people through that line. Batman is still one of the most popular rides in the park.
  9. Yeah that is kind of my point. I appreciate the nostalgia, but that doesn't make it a super star ride to me.
  10. Can you elaborate on this for me? I have seen you and others say this time and time again, but I simply do not understand. Whizzer is a smooth, fun ride for me but nothing I would write home about. Is there something I am missing here that others see? The same can be said about any Anton's really.
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