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  1. Tempesto is GREAT! Very intense and without a doubt the strongest airtime in the park. The airtime over the first hill in the front row is ridiculous. The line for each individual row moves rather slowly but I imagine the queue out of the station won't be horrible. The ops were hauling. The time it took for a train to come in and then be sent out again was less than a minute on most dispatches. I would definitely prefer the ride just have lapbars but the harnesses are not bad at all.
  2. Seems like I'm a bit late to the testing footage party but here you go anyway. I took plenty of photos at the park so maybe I'll put those up once I've got them sorted out. It looks like it absolutely hauls over the first hill; hopefully that's how it will always run and not just stress testing or something.
  3. New dive coaster, with inspiration from Baron 1898, Oblivion Black Hole and Krake.
  4. I posted this in the game thread, but I recreated Silver Bullet using Coasterdynamix and to some extent I think I did a pretty good job. Definitely better than my Patriot model. If anyone is interested:
  5. Thanks. I do reuse all of my pieces; don't think I've ever had 2 models up at once. I have no idea where to buy any kits, perhaps just do a round on Ebay every so often? Stuff pops up there occasionally, albeit way overpriced. I completely lucked out last fall because the KD merchandise department agreed to sell me their ages old Scorpion model that was on display in an International Street shop. I don't expect that to happen to me again though.
  6. Kentucky Kingdom just reopened with several of their old rides as well as new ones, including a new coaster, this year they are opening their SLC, and next year Twisted Twins. It doesn't seem like a Premier Clone would be on their investment radar.
  7. To my knowledge they are now halting any work on it until spring, so when they pick it up they will still have the station, queue, and testing among other things to complete. I'd not plan on an opening-day opening but I would be surprised if it is not open by spring break/April.
  8. It's been a long time but for some reason I just got around to filming and photographing the model I've had up. I got the idea from Intamin's now defunct Euro Star that operated in Russia's Gorky Park, after serving as a German fair coaster. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YojH2WTLgTE Source I tried to make the ride as compact as possible while keeping a significant amount of length.
  9. Perhaps opening day will come and the ride will be gone, and the park in fact spent millions of dollars only to flick bgwfans in the balls.
  10. As of today all that's left are the two inline roll pieces, which given my basic knowledge of physics would have to go up at the same time. The loop and the rest of the track and supports are all complete. Obviously it's anybody's guess as to how far along the station, queue, etc are.
  11. Not a lot of progress since Friday but here's a few pictures from today (31st), the last day of the season. I might try to head to Williamsburg and take some pictures from Highway 60 when the structure is complete or there is confirmed testing, but for the most part this should be the end of my updates until March when the park reopens. I went out into the preferred parking lot for some pictures. I think this gives a good idea of how massive the ride actually is. Apollo is about 170 feet from ground level (the drop goes into a ravine and is 210 feet), so Tempesto is only roughly 20 feet shorter than the lift. However, Tempesto is all right there while Apollo is just the lift in that spot. Tempesto also has the huge scaffolding structure, perhaps making it appear even larger than it is. The only progress on the ride since last week is the addition of the extended structure off of the support tower and one piece of track. This should be somewhat close to the view looking into the ride plaza when it is completed. That's it. Happy new year!
  12. Lots of pictures from today. The ride is starting to look more like it will in its final form, all that's left is the zero-g and first half of the loop. The trim and a very small amount of the heartline are up, but I imagine the heartline will be the last thing completed on the ride. Someone from BGWfans was caught taking pictures in the employee area, and now there is a gate. No additional work has been done on the bottom of the loop. As far as I can tell the third support structure has not been started, and if it has it hasn't gotten far. But, significant work has been done on the back (front/whatever your preference) tower. The ride can be seen from many places in the park, obviously being so tall and with its contrasting colors. This was taken next to Pompeii. From the Festa Italia bridge. I really like the way the loop looks from this angle. From Da Vinci Gardens. It's very visible from Verbolten's line as well, but by the time I got there it was dark so I don't have a picture. Thanks for looking at the update. Hopefully I'll have one more posted before the park closes for the season.
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