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  1. "And on the third day, God created the Remington bolt-action rifle, so that Man could fight the dinosaurs. And the homosexuals. " ~Matt
  2. Looks fantastic. I have tried making a good layout with this coaster style many times and it never worked.. You however did a great job!!! Keep up the good work! ~Matt
  3. Just filled up today, and gas was $3.05 a gallon here in Houston. ~Matt
  4. When I am at parks I usually do NOT wait in lines. I use whatever "Fast Pass/Flash Pass" type system the park has set up. When I do have to wait though (As rare as I try to make it be) I am usually tweeting, or talking to my husband who is always in line with me about what to do next. ~Matt
  5. For me I have kept it simple when it comes to credit cards. Nothing with really high intrest rates, or high yearly fees. For me I have a Disney Visa through Chase, Capital One, American Airlines, and American Express for all my work related transactions. ~Matt
  6. I would have Revenge of the Mummy from Universal Orlando in my backyard. Such a great ride, not to intense, yet still enjoyable. ~Matt
  7. Not to mention being the topic where you bullied me into leaving TPR for about two years. I would prefer that this topic not be brought up, especially as it involved several moderators ganging up on me. No, I haven't forgotten. Somewhat hard to forget being ostracized from a community for one's interests, especially when there are certain segments of the populace whose views are far more deserving of ridicule than mine. Moderators on TPR can be real assholes sometimes (They are normal people too, and all normal people can be moody.) They have this "Who cares what we say to any
  8. So with it being Thanksgiving and all I decided to take a trip to Galveston to visit the Pleasure Pier. With this being my first trip I was super excited. All in all I enjoyed the park. The views from all the rides were amazing. The Star Flyer views were to die for. You can seriously see the curve of the earth. It's amazing. Iron Fishy... Errr... Iron Shark was pretty good. Just rough as hell. The lapbar only was awesome though. Everything else was amazing as well. The entire pier has an AMAZING lighting package and looks so good once the sun goes down. Oh and they were playing Lady Gaga in th
  9. Speaking of interest I guess I should post mine!! Well I am a huge fan of anything Disney. Really love the classic Mickey head, (hidden Mickey shape.) Obviously love roller coasters, and theme parks. Top Thrill Dragster is my favorite. Love all things Lady Gaga. And I love anything with the word "Dream" in it. Like picture frames, wall decor, ect. Love palm trees, and beach related stuff. . . I think that's about it! ~Matt
  10. 1.) Disney's EPCOT 2.) Disney's Animal Kingdom 3.) Disney's Magic Kingdom 4.) Disney's Hollywood Studios 5.) Islands Of Adventure 6.) Universal Studios Orlando 7.) Cedar Point 8.) Busch Gardens Tampa 9.) Silver Dollar City 10.) Six Flags Over Texas ~Matt
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