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  1. Hi, I have just a quick question regarding Portaventura. Me and a few friends are going to Salou for a weeks holiday in the first week of June and are visiting the park while we are there. Has anyone on this site been to the park around that time and if so, how busy on average is it? Just trying to work out whether it would be better to spend one or two days there.
  2. There where rumours of this while I worked at chessington over the summer. I am very glad that they have decided to go ahead with it!
  3. Hi big mike! Just messaging to say thanks for the prize pack! I just received it today!
  4. Hi me and a few friends are going to Thorpe Park in the UK for the first time in a few weeks but it is at a weekend and from what i have heard about the park, it gets extremely busy during the weekends and holidays. I was just wondering if there was anything that anyone else does while queuing the help pass the time while at theme parks as i have never gone to a theme park when it has been extremely busy before and I usually avoid weekends and holidays, but this will be the only chance that i get to visit the park and want to make the most of it. If there is already a thread about his somewhere on the site then feel free to delete this
  5. From TPR's POV video of Europa Parks Wodan Timburcoaster; And when this guy was told why the coaster was called this; Lol
  6. Hi Big Mike! Just saw your message saying that i have won a Big Mike Prize Pack! Thank you!!! I have sent you my address in a PM
  7. After about 3 months of reading i have finally done it! I have read through the entire Big Mike Road Show thread! Just want to say well done Big Mike and i wish i could do the same one day!
  8. I am such a big Skrillex fan at the moment, it's quite scary! My faveorite song by him at the moment would have to be either first of the year or scary monsters and nice sprites. (Probably the former...)
  9. Going to Europa Park in June/July!!! Can't wait to ride the new GCI Woodie!!!
  10. I did go on Splash Battle at Alton Towers in early march one year... just because it was the only ride with no queue... I also whent on the Grand National 20 times in a row at BPB. Me and a friend started dancing to the music playing while waiting for G-Force at Drayton manor and everyone started joining in at the end!
  11. My first coaster was Thunder Mountain at Disneyland Paris when i was about 3 or 4. My first looping coaster was a coaster at Drayton Manor called the Python when i was 8. It was took out a few years ago for G-Force.
  12. Earlier this year, i decided to introduce my friend to the idea of collecting Coaster credits and after doing so, every single park we've been to this year, she keeps on asking, not just for rollercoasters, but every single dark ride, thrill ride, water ride and kiddy ride we've been on "is this a credit then?" she just dosen't seem to understand the concept of COASTER credits!
  13. The longest ride que i waited in was SpinballWizzer/Sonic Spinball the year it opened which was about 2 hours. I also waited about an hour for Grand Natonal which during that time they dispatched about 10 trains on my side and when i got right to the front, the people next to me dropped their bottle of water onto the track and the whole coaster had to perform an emergancy stop for about half and hour so they could get the bottle of the track. I also waited for about 3 hours in artic conditions for a halloween maze at Alton Towers and i didn't even get to go in it coz we ran out of time and had to go home.
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