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  1. BANDS: in flames children of bodom slipknot metallica sevendust cky SONGS: behind space 99 (In Flames) every time i die (Children of Bodom) wait and bleed (Slipknot) enter sandman (Metallica) i really like pretty girl from sugarcult but that's it.
  2. janay goes to my school. it would be cool if she won though. but she's not that good. but that's what american idol is. CRAP!
  3. Steel Millenium Force Magnum XL 200 Alpengeist Raptor X Medusa Phantom Revenge Top Thrill Dragster Dueling Dragons(Fire) Dueling Dragons(Ice) Wooden Thunderbolt Shivering Timbers Cyclone(Astroland) Raven Collossus Jack Rabbit Beast Son Of Beast Ghostrider Gemini (i don't know if it's steel or wooden)
  4. did acrophobia and the batman get new cars? last year i wwent, acropphobia had yellow shoulder harnesses and batman had yellow.
  5. you can still post your favorite even if you haven't been to ten yet.
  6. CP SFMM SFOG SFGA Kennywood Hershey Park Coney Island SFKK Holiday World Paramount Kings Island IOA Disney World(all 4 parks) Disney land CA Knotts Berry Farm SFWOA(geagu lake) Dorney Park Worlds of Fun Michigan's Adventure Valley Fair
  7. 1: Cedar Point 2: Six Flags Magic Mountain 3: Islands of Adventure 4: Kennywood 5: Six Flags Great Adventure 6: Paramount Kings Islands 7: Hershey Park 8: Knotts Berry Farm 9: Worlds of Fun 10: Coney Island Post your top 10 here.
  8. i got stuck on goliath at SFMM once. we were like 200ft in the air for like 30 min!
  9. my first coaster was the corkscrew at cedar point. i rode it when i was 6 and then i rode everything. i even did TTD!
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