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  1. Ha! I found that picture a LONG time ago...Gave me a good laugh.
  2. Thanks everyone! Happy birthday Richard and XLRBR! (Just 'cause they have the same b-day doesn't mean I shouldn't wish them a happy birthday too.)
  3. I guess I stopped being afraid of roller coasters when I was 8-9. Even though I wasn't really afraid of them. I posted this somewhere else before, but I'm guessing that thread is long gone so...whatever. Anywho, my first roller coaster was Superman Ride of Steel (like I said, when I was 8-9); and from what I've heard I guess it wasn't too far after its opening date. At that time, I didn't even really know what a roller coaster was so I was just thinking "bleh." And I ended up liking it. My sister on the other hand, is afraid of roller coasters and she's 11. She goes on the Silver Comet at Fantasy Island, but that's it unless she's hiding something from me. She makes me put my on arm over to her seat to hold down her lap bar, but it's a start.
  4. May 16th, 1991 My birthday's coming up!!
  5. I'd need the smallest size possible (in this case it's a SMALL). Obviously because I'm 13 going on 14 and I'm a GIRL.
  6. Oh yes, you're cool alright. So is rock climbing. Haa. You're pretty cute ...and you don't live too far from me in general. It's be cool to meet up with you somewhere/sometime, if you don't take that in weird stalker-ish way. Now to get back on topic: I think I probably uploaded this crappy pic already. But oh well. I look like a zombie. I can't wait to get my digital camera
  7. ^ Apparently likes the Simpsons < Is listening to "Ska" right now, and wants-to-get-to-a-theme-park-sometime-soon-even-though-there's-none-open-yet-where-she-lives.
  8. Fantasy Island isn't all that great if you're just looking for coasters (and if you've been there a lot previously). It's still cool; BUT, they just got rid of their best ride (which was a stupid move) so they're putting in a Zamperla Spinning Wild Mouse. Needless to say though, your trip sounds fun! I just made some plans today!! This summer, I'm staying at Cedar Point for a week (or a little less) once in July and August. I'm taking a few friends. Also, I'm taking one of my more-brave friends to Marine Land. But NOT for the animals lol. There's a 450(?) foot drop tower, and there's some rides there, and one coaster that, from what I've heard, is pretty cool.
  9. The best theme park food I've ever had was in Johnny Rockets at Cedar Point. Yeah, there's a few around in the local malls where I live (and around everywhere else); but it's still the best theme park food I've ever had, considering that most of the "food sources" are those ovaltine-man-stand things outdoors. The best food that I've had at an outdoor stand was a funnel cake, also at Cedar Point. I'm sure that there's probably a lot better than that out there in the world, but at my home park(s) the only food they sell are greasy burgers, hot dogs, etc. (And lets not forget those fatty chicken legs at Darien Lake). So Cedar Point's food was pretty much heaven. At our greasy-as-hell stands there's flies flying around everywhere and what not. Usually, I survive off of Dippin' Dots! :love: Melissa "strawberry is my favorite"
  10. I'm pretty sure I posted on this board already, but I have a few more plans. Not exactly "trips" though. You know, I go to some parks with friends/family once in a while, and what not. -I'm probably going to hit Darien Lake once or twice in May -The 8th graders (I'm one of them ) in my school are going to Darien Lake for a field trip June 21st(?) I think. -In July and August I usually go to the parks a few times. I'm probably going to OZZFEST at the end of July too!!!! *Devil horns* -I'm not sure when, but I'm going to Chicago to visit family and then we're going to Great America!
  11. Here I am! Ozzy glasses!! Alright! I'm done sorry if I put too much pics on here.
  12. Afronova AMP3 (I think I have those four-letters in the wrong order ) Let's Groove Long Train Runnin' Twilight Zone All of the Paranoias Break Down Tsugaru End of the Century Dream a Dream Conga Feeling
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