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  1. Excellent Shots El Rob! Something to whet my whistle until Im there on the 15th.
  2. Seeing that SFoT is my homepark, I have to say this is excelllent news. The park has needed a little love on this ride for quite a while. Id love to see some love thrown Judge Roys way, but The Giant is one of those lynchpen rides at the park, so its a way overdue renovation and a welcomed one at that. Im hoping not only that the ride mechanics, especially the breaking system, gets attention in the refurb, but that the theming is one of the things that is seriously lacking on the giant, especially sun/heat protection on the extemely hot texas summer days...
  3. Excellent TR Fanboy, I rank it higher than that Jiggity Johnson guy, with him its the same ol' "broken record" not to mention the played out donkey head... Keep up the amazing work!
  4. My big issue is the fact big pharm and the psychology industry sees to want to lump all these people under one label accordingly and push them meds as the answer to their problems, which I have an issue with. Before anyone asks, i'm not a $cientologist, i'm just someone who's has seen the forest for the trees and found diet(low gluten, fresh fruit/veg,no processed foods) and exercise(i.e. outdoors, not on the Wii LOL) plays a huge role in the treatment of these disorders first-hand.
  5. As someone who has an actual learning difference(Dyscalculia), I take it as an insult when people use something such as "ADHD" to get preferential treatment. Most of these kids diagnosed today w/ said disorder are usually just little punks who's parents are looking for an excuse to blame little johnnys smart mouth antics on. What many of these kids need is a parent with a firm hand to handle up on their situation, another idea would be to quit feeding these little pigs all the refined junk they're targeted w/ on a daily basis (i.e. McDonalds, BK, Pop, Ect..). My parents put me on a strict diet of fresh fruit & veg, lean meats and no refined sugars when I was much younger and it helped me tremendously. I apologize if it sounds like a rant, but im tired of people using ADHD as an excuse to give their little brats Carte Blanche to act like a-holes in public
  6. Are we even having this discussion?!?!?! Go To Disneyland Post-Haste! Better yet, Pick up a SoCal Citypass and you get three days at DLR/DCA w/ hopping AND a day at Legoland, Universal Hollywood, and the San Diego Zoo accordingly.. ..apologies for the shameless plug
  7. Got my tix last evening, will be going on the 15th of oct. accordingly!
  8. I dont know if this has been posted yet, but heres a spolier heavy scene by scene for Saw: The Game at HHN-Hollywood... http://travel.latimes.com/daily-deal-blog/index.php/sneak-peek-scene-by--5147/
  9. Greg, won't you lose your SoCal Residence Pass for saying things like that?? I'll be there soon enough myself, thank you for the TR!
  10. Wow, this sure plays up to the stereotype that the English have bad personal hygiene (i.e overweight, no deodorant, bad NHS teeth, ect..)I know quite a few people in the UK who actually are cleaner and smell nicer than most Americans I know. Kind of a dumb move I think for Thorpe, really makes them show their backside to the community at large...
  11. Furry love is all the rage in this day and age.... I have a feeling this was a college-aged chick who got all freaked out that somebody over the age of 40 (jeff anyone?) was paying her attention..Something smells kind of fishy, and im not talking about her costume after she removed it
  12. I tell ya, the Shaun Of The Dead angle is getting put to excellent use this year, I wonder if Mary, the grocery store zombie will be joining the festivities?? Also, for a virgin to the event, any advice you can provide, like when do the tix go on sale??
  13. IP, your english is fine, no worries brother! I agree with you, the way this was handled was disrespectful to both parties as a whole. SF needs to take another page from Disney on how to handle these situations....
  14. SFoT has its own ownership group that licenses with corp. Ive talked to a few people who work there in management, who said they've butted heads w/ corp. on many issues, especially hiring, which they seem to draw the line with. SFoT actually has its S together when it comes to their park and its operations. Plus, theres less of a problem w/ line jumping at the park as well, as they've been known to actually toss idiots who even dare think of it..
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