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  1. Bumping this thread to express my overwhelming excitement that my favorite sports team actually spent big money on a big name FA As a lifelong fan of San Diego sports I've known nothing but disappointment, but for the first time in a very long time I have a reason to be hopeful for a future championship. Machado may be an ass but he's arguably the best 3B in the game and with him, Tatis Jr, Urias and Hosmer we have what looks to be the best infield in the MLB. We may not be contenders this year as our pitching staff is still very young, but the future looks very bright. Bring on Dadtober
  2. Mystic Timbers at Kings Island My personal favorite GCI, that coaster is a ton of fun especially in the front row.
  3. Maybe the park being closed has something to do with it not operating today...
  4. An updated list of my RMC favorites after riding Steel Vengeance and Twisted Timbers this weekend: 1. Steel Vengeance 2. Lightning Rod 3. Twisted Timbers 4. Outlaw Run 5. Wildfire 6. Railblazer 7. New Texas Giant 8. Iron Rattler 9. Twisted Colossus 10. Storm Chaser 11. Joker 12. Goliath 13. Wicked Cyclone
  5. Busch Gardens Williamsburg at the end of this month. It'll be my first trip to the park and I'm super excited!
  6. Ugh, you're an awful human that is adding to this mess and not helping it. While I think the policy is horrible and stupid, you know what I do? I RESPECT IT!!! And I hope that a better solution is presented in the future. But by saying "They tell me to take my stuff out of my pocket, but I'm an entitled Californian so I don't bother to listen to them and I do whatever I want to" just makes you one of the worst people on the planet and I hate you because of stupid people JUST LIKE YOU is why we have these obnoxious rules in the first place. Get off our forum. You're not welcome here. As a ride op on Electric Eel, it is absolutely ridiculous not to empty your pockets of your loose articles. We have a dedicated operator position that collects phones, wallets, keys etc. into a bin that is placed outside the station for easy retrieval after the ride (which may be a good idea to implement on Steel Vengeance). It literally takes less than two seconds to pull your things out and hand them over. It is a simple system that only slows down dispatch times when people flat out refuse to give up their articles (which happens far too often). It's completely asinine to me why someone would rather risk having their items fall and injure another guest or operator and risk damage to their belongings than place their items into a bin for a 45 second ride.
  7. I saw Prophets of Rage play at Gröna Lund on the 26th. I had no idea they were playing at the park that day, so seeing Tom Morello shred live was a huge surprise to end my coaster trip! Moshing to Killing in the Name is for sure a highlight of my life.
  8. Updated: 1. Lightning Rod // Dollywood 2. Intimidator 305 // Kings Dominion 3. Skyrush // Hersheypark 4. Outlaw Run // Silver Dollar City 5. Maverick // Cedar Point 6. Phoenix // Knoebels 7. Expedition GeForce // Holiday Park 8. El Toro // Six Flags Great Adventure 9. Wildfire // Kolmården 10. Fury 325 // Carowinds
  9. Europa Park on Wednesday! It will be my first visit to the park and I am overwhelmingly excited
  10. They were pumping out trains quickly Saturday, the stand-by line never reached more than an hour from what I saw. Single rider was available, but I’m almost certain they are going to change the process as groups who went through the single rider line (Fastlane queue) were able to be seated immediately, sometimes even with priority seating. Using the single rider line was almost like having a free Fastlane. I didn’t see anyone who waited in the stand-by line not be able to get the row they wanted, either. Also I can vouch for RB probably being the best coaster in the state. Other than Skyrush no other coaster has left me stunned questioning how the ride is even real. Seriously, it's very, very good.
  11. Here at the passholder preview for Railblazer, and I can confirm these RMC Raptors ride just as insane as they look. The airtime is ridiculously strong ejector, the dive loop whips you around in the best way possible, the whole ride is paced perfectly with it’s crazy speed (very happy it didn’t end up trimmed ) For sure a top 10 coaster, if you’re near NorCal or San Antonio and haven’t ridden a Raptor yet, get out there and ride!!!
  12. ^SFMM starting construction on a project that hasn't even been announced yet?? I don't buy it In all seriousness though that corner of the park is where the rumored 2019 coaster is supposed to go, very interesting.
  13. ^Wow great shots! I especially love the Maverick pic. Here’s my favorite coaster sunset photo I’ve taken, from the station of X-Flight at SFGAm.
  14. Michael Mack tweeted Batavia and Norway are completely lost. Thankfully there are still no reported injuries. What a day for this park...
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