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  1. I like the Hulk at IOA. I think that track has a lot of variation. Especially with the cobra over the water and the spray. Also it goes under the bridge. I think it is not fair to say launch coasters lack the ingenuity of the regular lift hill. I like Millenium forces lift hill. It definately is a smooth climb to an unbelievable drop!!
  2. Wow!! Super Dooper Looper is a great ride. I always enjoy going on that 10 times in a row. I wonder if they might be taking it down for another roller coaster. I have heard of plans for a coaster coming in 07 or 08.
  3. Enjoy your day. Hopefully Ka does not go down. I have been there two days and both days it was down. Long Live TTD.
  4. So what would you recomend as the best transport? About how much does the LRT cost? Please get back to me by tonight cause im leaving tommorow morning. Thanks all
  5. Definately go to the back of the park first. As for TTD it will not be that busy on a weekday. Top wait should be about an hour. As for raptor and MF I would recomend hitting MF around lunch time. MF usually has a line throughout the day so no exact time is right. For Raptor end of the day is the best time. I got about 6 rides in about 30 minutes the last hour of operation. Have fun. Can't wait for my CP Trip this year.
  6. Thanks for the notice, but I only have a layover of 4 hours.
  7. Thanks a lot for the info. Ill let you know how everthing is. I will try the Log Flume and Timberland Twister.
  8. He actually is not joking. Kingda Ka and Top Thrill have fallen backwards numerous times. In fact Kingda Ka got stuck (perfectly balanced) at the top for minutes until someone climbed up and pushed it over. But don't worry a fallback is a great sensation, and perfectly safe. Enjoy.
  9. So the best way to get there is by train then... What other options are there? Is it in walking distance and are their cabs that transport for a cheap fair?
  10. Here is the deal: I'm flying out west to see some of the country and I have a 4 hour layover at Minneapolis INT. So I thought I would go check out Mall of America. Has anyone been there and could advise me what is cool to do? Also I see they have two rollercoasters there...Has anyone rode these and can you tell me how they were? Lastly anyone have any leftover tickets that I can get for the park? Thanks to anyone who gives their input. David "needs help" White
  11. I am very pleased at the discussion. I take your informative insights very well. Enjoy your next adventure at HERSHEY PARK! DAVE "REVENGE OF COAL CRACKER" WHITE
  12. Alright I am planning a trip for next friday and I need a couple questions answered. 1) Is Kingda Ka and El Toro open as of now? 2) How can I get the cheapest tickets? Anyone have some? (I know you can get them for 40 on the internet) 3) What would you expect traffic to be like on an opening weekday. Thanks, Dave "needs help" White
  13. Are there any reruns occuring in April? I did not catch the show.
  14. Just wondering about any future rides at Hershey Park...I hear that they might be planning a coaster for 2007... Just wandering if this is rumor if Hershey park announced this. I looked on their website and I could not find anything. Thanks, Dave "NO IDEA" White
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