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  1. LOL its funny how we pretty much said the same thing especially about the order of rides to do in the park. Orbite has way too many people though I forgot to add. Takes 45 minutes at least everytime for me.
  2. 1- Since school wont be out yet, its not that bad to go on a saturday. Sundays are always the safe choice though if you wanna avoid huge crowds. 2- Definately. Most of the rides will be walkons or 2 ride waits. Most are crap too. Like the pirate ship (bateau pirate). There are maybe a couple of non coaster rides worth riding. I'll name them to you when I tell you which way to go around the park. 3- Not more then usual. (which may or may not be crowded depending on the weather) 4- Okay here's what I always do. From the entrance you take a left and head straight onto the first coaster you see. Cobra (green standup) The wait will be 5 minutes tops. You do that and then head straight to the coaster next to it Vampire (BTR clone). Sit in front for the best sensations). Now its time to take a U TURN and head straight onto Monstre (wooden). Make sure you sit in the back for the most airtime. If you wanna redo it in the dark later at night, the front seat is the BEST!! Now there are two coasters right next to Monstre. Boomerang and Super Manege. They both suck. Especially Super Manege one of the rougest pieces of crap I've ever seen. When you're done you can always ride the flat next to Super Manege called Manitou. Really nice! Then head on to Goliath and MAKE SURE you ride it in the very last row. It is WAY different then any other row on the coaster. Trust me. Now you can go ride the kiddie coaster to the left of Goliath called Dragon (expect huge crowds for this one if its not past 5). Other rides you should consider are Orbite (great airtime) and Vertigo. 5- Yes and you will regret it if you mess around with the bycicle thing. Sit wisely or else you're in for one hell of a ride! (and I dont mean that as a good thing) Best of all ENJOY and write back to me with a review!!
  3. Hey man youre lucky you got center ice I would kill to have it. How much does it cost and do you get all the games? By the way I just found this video and its even more amazing. Seriously people.. watch it. http://www.warriorhockey.com/WarriorHockey.html Click on Warrior Tv and watch the first clip. It is simply amazing how he gets on his knee and from like 100 feet away shoots the pucks right on top of the net.
  4. I thought Price is right was done... Didnt Bob Barker retire last november?
  5. Okay so Borat is coming out this tuesday. Whos buying it? I personally did not get to watch it at the movies when it was new so I'm really excited to finally see it. I've seen some trailers of it but I was wondering if its really worth it? For those who have seen it how funny is this movie, really?
  6. And when he was backhanding pucks with one hand. That is almost impossible to do. I can only think of how strong a wrist he has. Also true story here, after one of the practices in the morning with nobody left in the arena Kovalev took a tiny hockey stick and started roofing pucks into the top of the net. He had not noticed that there was one reporter left at the top of the arena and that reporter just couldnt believe his eyes. He ran down in amazement and asked Kovalev what he was doing. Kovalev told him not to tel anyone but he wasnt actually trying to roof the pucks, he was trying to throw them on TOP of the net!
  7. Ok now its time for ya'll to watch the Kovalev clip and comment! LOL Seriously watch it you wont be dissapointed!
  8. What do you mean connect to youtube? You dont need to have an account to watch clips man.
  9. I was refering to the hype rather then his actual play. Hes an amazing player obviously. By the way what did you think of that Kovalev video.
  10. Anybody else here watch hockey? Whats your favorite team? Player? Is anyone sick and tired of the hype surrounding Sidney Crosby? And last but not least, fan or not you should definately check out this video. One of the most talented (but lazy) players in the world pulling some amazing tricks and scoring amazing goals. I'm telling you its something special. Discuss!
  11. What did everyone think of Goliath... Ranked #25 on ufsch (sp?) coaster poll. Did you like it. What grade would you give on a scale of 10.
  12. If you're scared of high coasters then I'd suggest you go on the King Da Ka at new jersey. Not that high and it last ONLY 20 seconds!
  13. What was the name of the website that every july (I think) made a list of the top 50 roller coasters in the world? By the way I see that usfo has posted the top steel coasters....how come nobody talks about that?
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