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  1. Hey! Thanks for the tip. I was able to order the multi-day ticket over the phone, and we enjoyed HHN 30 last night. Customer service said they were having an outage on their website, should be fixed on Monday. It was so much fun!
  2. FYI I just tried to buy a multi-day ticket to HHN and their website said all multi-day tickets are “temporarily unavailable.” What is this supposed to mean? Are they not selling any multi-day tickets or are they sold out?
  3. Aaaahhh don’t say that name, you’re triggering my PTSD. But onto the topic; The flyer model at SFOG. I don’t know much about the manufacture but pretty sure it’s impossible to snap. Correct me if I am wrong.
  4. Wow, I just can't believe this is opening up in Georgia. The concept art looks crazy, and a season pass would be totally worth it, just to ride this coaster.
  5. While I love the Kemah Boardwalk, and the Pleasure Pier south of there, I just can't fathom going back to that area of Texas. I'm not a big fan of Houston and the surrounding oil refineries on the coast. Also there's no new coasters there, and they're very limited in space as it is. If Houston ever got a proper theme park again, I would definitely go visit.
  6. Last coaster I rode was Steel Eel at SeaWorld San Antonio. Really solidified my love of Morgan Hypers (granted I haven't had the chance to ride Mamba, Steel Force, or Mild Thing). Now I'm in Orlando trying to decide where to go first! I really want to ride Velocicoaster next.
  7. I just got a part-time job at Epcot to celebrate the 50th anniversary in style. I'm really excited about all the new Nighttime Spectaculars that I get to experience. All the threads about Disney Genie have been amusing so far, many people are not happy. But, I've noticed lots of people on the DISBOARDS are stuck in an echo chamber & don't travel to other amusement parks. They have very little basis for comparison. I personally am excited to have this change implemented because the Fastpass+ system was extremely burdened from everyone using it. Genie is similar to MaxxPass at Disneyland and I thought that system was lightyears ahead of the Fastpass+ system at WDW. It seemed more fair, I didn't have to plan months in advance, and I was able to get passes to big ticket attractions. I was also able to stack my passes throughout the day. Use one, and then while in the Queue line, book another one. Yes the major attractions like Slinky Dog, Seven Dwarves, Rise, etc will be an extra fee. But I think this will reduce the amount of lighting lane users to manageable amounts. So it won't impact the regular standby queue as much. I don't know all the in's and out's of the new system, but I can't wait to see the potential! Even if I don't pay for the large attractions, I think everyone on here is savvy enough to know how to navigate the parks and avoid lines for the major attractions.
  8. Nice! I like these family models. It’s like that low to the ground, swoopy part of Cheetah Hunt, but for the whole ride.
  9. Haha wow! If you had told me that Atlanta would be home to two amazing RMCs I would have never believed you. I’ve actually never been to Fun Spot Atlanta. The location is on the exact opposite side of the city from me, so it seemed like a haul for one coaster. But now?
  10. Wow! Love the support structure on the 70m model. It looks like a giant heart from far away. It would make any park’s skyline enticing. Also, 4 across seating, that’s thinking with your noggin. Looks like a blast!
  11. Wow, the GP was already calling "the Mindbender," The Riddler." Now I feel they really will think the name of the coaster is "the Riddler." I guess it's just an annoying quirk, but the park hasn't officially renamed the coaster. But the GP certainly will. While the sign is consistent with the area, it just looks like a pretty poor attempt at beginner graphic design to me. Oh well.
  12. I LOVE Holiday World's Rain policy. I had the opportunity to experience this 8 years ago for my 30th birthday Wow has it been that long already? But these rides are something else when the tracks are all wet. I am in the camp that LOVES Legend, and I put it above Raven. I understand the first drop has been changed since I went, but I loved that part and especially the double helix of death. I feel like you're going to be ripped out sideways at any moment. I wasn't anticipating airtime either, but it was definitely there! And voyage, became my number one wooden coaster that day
  13. ^ Sounds like the early reports have been positive from here so far. That's good to hear
  14. I watched the video last night and felt like it was 17 minutes of CNBC not saying a whole lot of anything. If the video is called "how they plan to survive coronavirus" I would think it'd be the focus of the video, not like two minutes of throwaway comments at the very end of it. But hey, lots of great stock footage... I agree, after finishing the video it was more about the company's financial history; not so much about what they plan to do. But I suppose them securing funding is one thing. They also touted the innovation in rides. They claimed that 2022 will be a huge year for technological advances in attractions. I hope they're right! Maybe that's when we finally see one of those S&S concepts come to market.
  15. Hello all, CNBC just dropped a really interesting video/article about Six Flags and how they plan to survive the current situation. "How Six Flags Plans to Survive Coronavirus"
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