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  1. Oh heavens no. But seriously the vaping has been a real issue, most employees are getting paid below minimum wage and could simply care less. Never seen people vape on the actual rides till this year. Someone was vaping down the drop of Superman...
  2. Nah I'm sure they heard the 5 enthusiasts complain about them so they spent millions researching a new train that should satisfy enthusiasts.
  3. Well they haven't gotten a brand new coaster since 2001 so this has to be the year!
  4. Can't you at least be a little constructive with your criticism? He clearly put a lot of work into that, and it's obviously okay if you think it's crap but that's a bit harsh no?
  5. I was very surprised to see a classic park model listed on a used rides site, as I thought the eight in operation where the only ones left. https://rides4u.com/equipment/view/3419 Question is, does anyone know where this ride is from? I did as much research as I could but the only photo is a photo of a photo and shows almost nothing. Would be much appreciated if someone on this forum can ID it! The ride vehicles are unlike any of the flyers currently in operation, and the price makes me think it's not in great condition and probably hasn't been operated in a while.
  6. Robb has a lower rank than you ha. Can't seem to figure out what it's based off of either.
  7. How in gods name did they decide to not open Fury fucking what.
  8. ^It's the worst loose article policy I have ever experienced that's for sure. No clue what they were thinking, the locker area is way too small like you said and creates a bottleneck before the actual ride sometimes too. It's also the perfect area for fights to break out, it's cramped and people are stressed about their expensive items. I've only seen a few aggressive arguments between guests but I would be shocked if there have been no fights there. And the poor employees that have to work it and and have to enforce a dumbass policy that many guests will yell at them about. I get loose articles have been an issue on these RMC's, but this can't possibly be the only solution.
  9. SFA's Giant Discovery "Summer from hell" is a bit much but it does seem this summer has more incidents compared to the last couple at least.
  10. "Family members have said they were unable to free Michael and David from their restraints after the raft flipped, which left them submerged for several minutes. “When it flipped over, all of us were trapped in the safety seat belts," their father, also named David Jaramillo, said in an interview with "Good Morning America" earlier this week. "I see the silhouettes of my sons trying to grab each other, grab us. They want us to help them. We couldn't do it.”' From https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/2021/07/07/adventureland-accident-teenage-brother-boy-killed-raging-river-life-support-des-moines-hospital/7889822002/ First hand accounts from accidents are notoriously bad but I think this is what people are going on. It's not hard for me to believe it was the belt, even in no panic situations kids have trouble with those types.
  11. @prozach626I think it was the one where you lift the tab to unfasten. Children often have more trouble with it then the red button type.
  12. Water rides should not have seatbelts you can't easily escape IMO. I get they want to make them safer taller ect. but I never felt safe on Shoot the Rapids and we saw what happened there. Kings Dominion has just a really loose lap seat belt on their rapids ride, which is really there for show. Maybe lives would have been saved if the restraint was simpler.
  13. The state of Maryland won't allow more than one car on Wildcat anymore since an in-house modification caused too many collisions. I don't think the ride even has a functioning block system anymore, you can see from the POV's all the BB's were removed. Windstorm is a really fun ride, you can see some of its original paint from when it was at Old Town starting to show in your pic! It's a cool place but way too pricey, $45 for an all day wristband when SFA has a season pass for $50 around the corner is just highway robbery. Last I checked all the major rides will set you back 8 bucks if you want to pay ride by ride, which is also absurd. Was everything open?
  14. Sounds like a Kings Island accomplishment rather than a Cedar Fair one.
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