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  1. I've been checking the app all season, I don't believe Flying Turns is open. I do believe it's possible it opens later this summer though as it is one of only a few closed rides most of the time. I really wish they gave Looper higher priority for staffing, as it's much rarer than many of the flats they staff every day.
  2. @Mike240SXNot to derail to topic but I always stay at Maples for Cedar Point! Saves me enough money to buy fast lane. I'm a sound sleeper so it was never a problem, but when I used to go with my dad he would get woken up literally every time. Definitely an odd location for a hotel. There's a Waffle House north and south of KD which IMO is really good for the money, but yeah avoid everything else around there. The southern one was closed, hope it's reopened by now. Great way to get a cheap start to a day at KD/BGW
  3. Was in the park yesterday for the whole day, if Pantheon had valleyed it would have had to been at the very end of the day, it was running every time I saw it. It was windy though. "Rainy days" are perfect at parks imo, half the time it doesn't even rain but the park is still completely deserted. Pantheon was nearly a walk on at a few points through the day and nearly everything was a walk on by 6.
  4. I love seeing the exact same arguments back and forth for three pages.
  5. Roar opened today. The park seems to be doing pretty well, the ops are fantastic this year, super nice and lots of interaction with guests. I've always thought the ops here, if not always the fastest, interact with the guests a lot more than other parks I've been to. Batwing wasn't open but it was good to see them working on it all day. Everything else was open.
  6. When I worked at a park(for years) I never saw larger guest to be angry about not being able to ride something. They would just be ashamed, and even if they did feel it unfair they wouldn't want to bring any more attention to themselves.
  7. How's this place with weather? Pretty cold today, SFA closed down entirely.
  8. Didn't a worker fall off a starflyer here like last year? Fuck this place, how insensitive do you have to be to reopen like 12 hours after your ride killed somebody.
  9. From Clickorlando: Worker 1: What are you doing? Worker 2: I don’t know. Worker 1: Didn’t you check it? Worker 2: Yeah. The light was on. Worker 3: We both -- we checked it. The light was on. Worker 1: You guys are sure you checked it? Workers 2 and 3: We did, yeah, the light was on. That would suggest it does have interlock and wouldn't send with the seats open.
  10. Looks like they've recently announced on the website that Alpengeist and Tempesto will open this weekend. So all coasters except for Griffon by the 25th!
  11. ^I know you're joking but a lot of people online elsewhere have seriously said they think it will run at 75mph at Knoebels ha. All of them failed basic physics it seems. None were ever proven to go anywhere near that fast, older rides just always lied in marketing.
  12. Where did I say you did? it was just a general thought not directed at anyone.
  13. Can I throw stones yet? I suppose Screamscape really isn't the problem, but the enthusiast taking things written as rumors like gospel.
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