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  1. The shoot went pretty well. I was a complete idiot and forgot to bring my phone so no pictures unfortunately. They were shooting on Wild One and Firebird as well for some reason. What was interesting is they pretty much had all of Gotham City linked up, so when they started Harley Quinn, the round up, JJ and Wonder Woman would all start staggered so they would line up perfectly for the photos. Was very cool and I've never seen a park do this. The ride was fun, pretty forceful, a great fit for the park. Something I noticed is it feels very, like, bumpy when starting and stopping if t
  2. I get to help film its commercial tomorrow! It was running for passholder preview last weekend and looks absolutely fantastic.
  3. Thanks for the info, didn't feel like sitting through that myself. I wonder why they aren't having major staffing issues like other parks? I know SFA raised their wages this year, maybe other parks in the chain did the same?
  4. The mansion is so packed with effects that I don't think I would notice any different ones either ha. Black Diamonds water effect has been off since Covid, not sure why. I know on water rides a lot of parks will have you take your masks off because guests hate wearing wet masks, that could be it but I don't recall ever really getting wet from that effect.
  5. Nice TR! Sad to see the flyers like that but I guess I should be thankful they put so much effort into maintaining them. Looper is so fun, hated it until I could figure out how to get the damn thing over though. The rider controlled rides at Knoebles are fantastic, you have the best flyers and bumper cars in the United States along with the rare Looper! I hear the mansion got some upgrades this year?
  6. I've never seen Go Karts without a line. But if you mean attractions like this, yeah I've only ever seen it once. But there's nothing stating this is an upcharge attractions right? With 24 riders I don't see how that could be.
  7. Is the gearbox there? I remember some talk near the end of last season about a new gearbox spotted somewhere.
  8. The park told me over Facebook that it would be closed just this weekend, but that has to be a mistake right? There's no way they can get that back up in a week.
  9. Opening day today! Most things are listed as open, but flyers are supposedly closed which is a bummer, hopefully it's not for the whole season or something. Wipeout is gone from the website as well, but overall they have more rides open than last season and it's only the first weekend. Wish I could be there!
  10. The email says something about "select attractions" being open, I hope we can get those specified soon enough.
  11. Yeah I've never been to a park who's staff quality doesn't decrees by the end of the season, I think it's pretty inevitable as the work becomes more familiar and mundane and the temps rise. I've been going since 2012 and have always hated on Superman for what I feel is it's wasted penitential. Last Sunday though, it was hauling absolute ass like I've never seen before. The first helix felt like i305, the 3rd hill had sustained ejector, and even the second helix pulled some crazy lateral forces. If it always ran like this, I think it would be a top 10 for me. People were clapping at
  12. Unless there's rain HP always seems to have massive waits, not sure if their dispatches are still as bad as they used to be but that affected it too.
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