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  1. I'd love to see an awesome new coaster where Old Glory is. (Dont come for me. I KNOW it isnt going to happen).
  2. My thoughts exactly, except for I'd rather see Nighthawk gone over Vortex.
  3. Has anyone seen any new progress on the work site by Wildwood Grove?
  4. It honestly just doesnt make any sense. I dont know the first thing about running an amusement park, but I just cant see cutting a halloween event being a good business move. Halloween (I'm talking adult halloween) only becomes more popular with each passing year. Haunted houses are always packed across the country. How was this remotely a good business decision?
  5. In my experience the lines are not necessarily typically long, but they are incredibly slow moving. Especially for Patriot and Mamba
  6. ^ Yes, it was originally supposed to be by The Boss. From what I understand the decision was made to postpone it one more season so that it could replace Superman, as at the time it was originally announced I assume it was not yet known that Superman would be removed soon.
  7. Just out of curiosity, has Roar ever received millennium flyer trains?
  8. ^ The restraint actually looks completely different than the one at Icon park all together. But still, I would not be surprised if seatbelts are added during this closure. I dont blame them though. Its good for their reputation and there is nothing wrong with a little extra safety.
  9. Just out of curiosity, does Drop Line already have seatbelts?
  10. I'm not familiar with this park. Is there an abandoned rapids ride at the south end of the park? At least that is what it looks like on Google's satellite view.
  11. The google satellite view has been updated and there is some really interesting development going on at the former Tidal Wave site. It almost looks like the set up of a haunt, but its hard to tell.....
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