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  1. Does anyone know if FF or HIP is coming back this year? I have not seen any signs of that work in the park yet.
  2. While that is true, usually theme park workers enjoy many "fringe" benifits, such as getting free tickets to other parks via a "park exchange". It's one of the reasons I still "work" at the park.
  3. Yes last I heard the park exchange is still alive between the two parks. If you can't to confirm with SDC call their customer service and ask if they are still doing "park exchange" with SFSl
  4. I really don't understand why kids and even adults as seconds jobs don't want to work at the park anymore. It's a fun job if you want it to be and you build relationships and skills that last a lifetime. Even working something like Food Service at the park can and was for me an enjoyable experience. If you know of a kid or even a young adult looking for a unique and memberable experience have them look at the FF and HIP jobs linked below. https://recruiting2.ultipro.com/SIX1001SIX/JobBoard/64b20d6f-35b6-467b-8c31-abff71260fd1/?q=&o=postedDateDesc
  5. How have crowds been lately? Anyone have a tip report from from today (May 29th)?
  6. Colossus not only made its international debut at the 1984 Louisiana Worlds fair before calling SFSL its home in 1986, but it is still the largest Ferris Wheel in a US theme park.
  7. Todays fact is, the park had a Mule Go Round. I just wanted an excuse to post this picture. In 25 years it's the best picture of the ride I have seen.
  8. Between now and the 5th I am going to post a random fact about the park. - Red steam engine was originally named "Eureka". Can anyone tell me when was the name changed to Tommy G and who was he? - Green Steam engine was named "Little Rock"
  9. I actually love the jackets, they have always been a great value.
  10. I'm still holding out hope that the mulego round makes an appearance in June.
  11. It was SFSTL.net I seriously can't believe how much you guys missed our little site.
  12. Alot of the things that have been posted about on here already have been done or is in the works. The park needs to take off 20 to 30 years of wear and tear before we get the next big ride. If the parks allowed to continue on its current path (hopeful) we will once again be able to handle the crowds that a new coaster(s) would bring. Now for story time: The Batmobile that will be going on display later this year is not the original one from the 90's. This one was a "stunt" model from SFGadv. Batman sat in front and a "stunt driver" sat hidden behind him. Anywho back in the mid 00's if you recall the park had it's first parades using moon cars. The park was looking around the chain to see if anyone had a Batmobile that could be used in the parade (ps this is a bad idea for clearance reasons in a hilly park). SFGadv said SFSL could have it if they paid shipping. It "just needed a little work" they said. Well it showed up and it was rough as hell. Coupled with the vehicles low clearance and extensive mechanical needs it was parked for 15+/- years till now!
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