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  1. From what I understand is that it was confirmed it would reopen, just not at SFMM. The Zac Pin is moving next year and Tidal Wave isnt opening this year. Hmmm
  2. Troll? Nope we're getting late ronde's park president, it was announced yesterday.
  3. Here is my first go at it. This is about half of the 71 pics I have. Please be kind I have only spent about 10 minutes on this thus far. http://sfsl.azurewebsites.net
  4. If i can find the old drive I had all the content on, would anyone want me to put out there the old photos from 71 and some of the other random crap we use to have out there?
  5. $3,000 +/-, its being looked into for next year. Some well meaning maintenance works cut out the wrong cables, destroying the pumpkin.
  6. Boss won't be because it can't run below a certain temperature (although I can't remember what that temperature is), but the whole Illinois section of the park was closed off last season because of Boomerang and with it being re-opened now all the rides back there should operate, we should get a info dump about HITP with all the rides soon after FF is over If memory servers correct its 50 degrees. I highly doubt they will install heaters like SDC does for Outlaw run (I think).
  7. I am probably going to regret this and please don't quote me on my own site. Theres a reason why I didn't post there. This is what I know; It appears that four complete trains are on site, they arrived Friday (July 3rd) morning. Sorry next time I will try to get more pictures. These cars look like they are in pretty rough shape, there is more rust than paint on some of them. I think the mega zepth ones sitting in the grass look in better shape. I would say there is a good chance if they track well they will be put on SE, if not probably parted. At this time I am hearing conflictin
  8. I would have to say the most I have ridden any coaster by continually staying in the same seat was the Boss in its first season. The only reason why we got out was because one of the kids we were with decided to go and pass out mid way through. We all however regreted it the next day. All of us were sore and had rather large brusies. I guess serves us right for sitting in the back. :o
  9. "I've got a cure for all of my blues, I take a look at my Enourmous P@n!$ and and my troubles start a melting away. I take a look at my Enourmous P@n!$ and the happy times are coming to stay. I gotta sing a dance when I glance in my pants, I got feelings like a sunshiny day. I take a look at my Enourmous Penis and everything is going my way *whistles*" Sorry I couldnt help but qoute them.
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