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  1. Hey all! I am planning a trip with my sister to San Antonio and we will be going to Seaworld San Antonio on Friday April 1. I was going ahead and buying tickets, parking, and seven seas badge but I was curious if it’s necessary to buy quick que unlimited for this day. We plan to arrive after opening a few hours to avoid the rush into the park. With that said…I was curious if any of you veterans of this park have any insight as to what lines are like on a Friday in early April. Looks like the weather will be nice. Any and all suggestions are welcomed!
  2. Has anyone heard any updates about Jersey Devil Coaster or El Toro? I'll be at the park this Friday. I hope they both aren't closed!
  3. Yeah for 2 people for Platinum Flash Pass (single day) is $270.00 for Friday July 16th...Seems pricey. Curious if anyone has any good information how I should start the day there? I have no recollection of the park's layout bc I have only been here one time. What's a good game plan to go with at this park? I am going to splurge and get the Platinum Flash Pass just so I feel like we can get multiple rides on certain coasters. Interested in how operations are here too? Any info helps! I definitely want to ride Kingda Ka (multiple times), Batman, Jersey Devil Coaster (multiple times), El Toro (multiple times), Zumanjaro, Bizarro, Nitro (multiple times), Dark Knight Coaster, Justice League, Skyscreamer, Vekoma Madhouse, Joker, Skull Mountain, Wonder Woman, and the mine train, and maybe a few more. Not really interested in Green Lantern bc I rode it last time I was there, and it was more painful than anything. Also not interested in Superman bc I have ridden it a million times at Six Flags over Georgia, and Cyborg just looks vomit inducing to me.
  4. I am planning on going to this park Friday July 16th and was curious if I should just go ahead and purchase Platinum Flash pass. I have only been to this park once and it was 2014 so I am not sure what to expect on a Friday in July. The last time I went was while Zumanjaro was under construction so Kingda Ka was closed and Zumanjaro was not yet running. I want to be able to spend a lot of time on coasters and rides and don't want to waste my money buying platinum if I don't need to. I'd also take any other advice on navigating this park at opening and any other suggestions anyone has? THANKS!
  5. Does anyone know how busy SFOG has been lately? I was planning on going to Florida this week but landed on SFOG instead. I'm going to go on Tuesday Dec 29th. Should I go ahead and get Flash Pass?
  6. Thank you so much for the responses. I think I am going to just go for it at Busch Gardens and spring for the Quick Que Unlimited. I wanted to go to Universal a bit more but Busch is amazing as well and the prices for Express of Universal are outrageous. I understand that they can charge this because of the demand but almost $300 dollars a person is crazy! Do you have any tips on how to navigate Busch in Tampa? I have only been once and it was years ago. I want to surprise my boyfriend with a little fun after Christmas and I think he would love the Safari and Quick Que is a definite based on how busy it will be.
  7. I was thinking about going to Busch on Dec 29th and 30th which are a Tuesday and a Wednesday. Do you think fast passes will be necessary? I am deciding between Universal and Busch and would love any insight or tips!
  8. I was interested in going to Universal on Tuesday Dec 29th and Wednesday Dec 30th. I am not interested in going if it will be super packed. I checked their website and prices for fast passes are insanely high for those days?? Does anyone have any insight on the price being so high? Do they expect huge crowds?
  9. I have a feeling the will be sold off in parts. Possibly both Busch Parks being sold together. Who knows. I don't know that Seas can make it.
  10. Hey everyone! I am curious if anyone has suggestions about the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area. I went to Dollywood the last two years and my friends and I wanted to do other things in the area. I am interested in the Mountain Monster thrill tower, white water rafting, a mountain coaster, and many other things. We plan on hiking and whitewater rafting one day, going to this new waterpark called Soaky Mountain on another day, and we have a third day to do things. If anyone has any good suggestions of things that are off the beaten path or shouldn't be missed I would greatly appreciate hearing your thoughts!
  11. Hopefully the intamins will be sold to a park in North America. I mean I'd take a ten inversion Intamin at Carowinds anyday!
  12. I would say 1.5 days at Carowinds is plenty. I think 2.5 days there would be overkill at this point. With the way CF is taking Carowinds that will change but as of now 1.5 days will be plenty of time to do everything especially if you go on weekdays. With that said, Dollywood is going to be the closest park at about 3.5 hours away. I would definitely shorten your time at Carowinds and spend more time at Dollywood. If you have already been to Dollywood a lot, SFOG is about 4 hours away and is a great park too. Charlotte isn't really a mecca for great things to do tbh. I have been there many many times and it lacks for me. If I were you I would go to Carowinds for a day or day and a half, drive towards Dollywood or the other half of the second day and stay in a cabin in the woods for a few days and do Dollywood/mountain excursions. Pigeon Forge is the definition of touristy. Its as flashy and cheesy as it comes. It's basically Myrtle Beach in the Mountains. I like to get out of that area for a bit and actually see the beautiful nature around the area and go for hikes/waterfall watching etc. Quick google searches will find you plenty of things to do near Dollywood that will be way more worth your time than spending to much time in Charlotte.
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