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  1. Six Flags is one of the best places to go after or during school for theater people. Six Flags St. Louis produces all shows and events in house. And when it comes to job security, remember, Six Flags St. Louis was just about the only place in the region this summer and now fall that actually has live entertainment. Are you majoring in the performance or technical side of entertainment?
  2. It is done by the Entertainment Department. Other departments help out of course at times like maintenance, but about 95% is done by the Entertainment department, same as how all park d├ęcor and lighting for Fight Fest/Hallowfest is done in house as well.
  3. The park has publicly announced they will be open for HIP now. Glad Six Flags has found a way to keep some of the parks open through all that is going on in the world, and more importantly, keeping their team members employed.
  4. Last I heard that was the plan. It will be used to house one of the completed horses. And they look incredible!
  5. Six Flags St. Louis' Entertainment department is not part of IATSE or any other union. So they still have the go ahead to have shows.
  6. Six Flags seems to fix up the surrounding areas of new rides, some times less noticeable than others. 2011 Sky Screamer was added and they added minor landscaping in the area as well as replacing siding and revamped the shatter platter game nearby, 2013 when Boomerang was added, the Primos place had extensive outdoor repairs done that were now visable from the queue. 2014 Tsumani Souker saw French restrooms exterior redone, an office building fixed up, and Outpost concession stand fixed and repainted. 2015 with Justice League they fixed up the Hero's vs Villains gift show, Justice League HQ gi
  7. I really doubt SF puts much thought or care into the placement of their rides these days. They just slap them in where ever there's room. I'd say that is pretty true for almost all parks. Plop them where ever they best fit, and then theme or landscape as best they can.
  8. Saturdays are definitely the busiest but still not bad. About as busy as a Monday-Thursday would be during a normal season.
  9. Hurricane Harbor Has its own capacity limits separate than the dry parks.
  10. Probably has more to do with the last hour the park has been open is completely dead. It seems most guests leave around 6pm.
  11. Many of the more over the top procedures are simply to make St. Louis County happy. Without the park doing some of these things the county would not have let the park open at all, so its a compromise. Either you have to wait a little longer for cleaning, or you could sit at home and have no theme park at all. I'll take the longer cleaning option.
  12. I believe there will be an announcement about Hurricane Harbor on Monday the 22nd. They have been cleaning the water park a lot this past week.
  13. My understanding is security might not be moving this year. The new designs look incredible, but I think it is a 2 year upgrade. The amount of rehab going on around the park is pretty awesome.
  14. Construction is starting in the front mall area to improve flow and appearance.
  15. I remember being told a few years back that the off season rehab is around $250,000 for the woodies, now I cant remember if that was total for the three or how the breakdown really was. On another note, you should be seeing more updates with excalibur around the time Fright Fest opens.
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