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  1. Yup! All Six Flags St. Louis employees get into Silver Dollar City, Dollywood, Holiday World, Kentucky Kingdom, and Worlds of Fun for free. Make sure to call ahead as some of them have blackout dates for the park exchange. Plus lots of other stuff like free/discounted shows and attractions in Branson and Meramec Caverns. Most allow at least you and a guest. Lots of good perks to working at Six Flags.
  2. In case anyone is coming out to the park this weekend for fireworks, they start at 9:05 both Saturday and Sunday. Best place to view is the parking lot.
  3. The park is definitely open for FF and HIP. You are probably confusing when the park goes back to weekends only operations around Labor Day. This happens every year. When schools start back the parks go to weekends only.
  4. If anyone watched Fox 2 this morning you may have heard what all that work at Batman is for
  5. Anyone driving by the park today on I44 will notice some big changes
  6. The only major rework of Eagle that I am aware of was slightly more banking on the turns in the ride to make them a bit smoother, and there was a tiny bunny hill that made a double up before the final turn, but that happened I believe in 1990.
  7. Power hours event seems to be a great hit! Fairly low crowds so most rides were very short waits, and the park was beautiful!
  8. Anyone planning on going to the Power Hours event this Friday? I think you are going to like some of the surprises.
  9. The sign never says that the future of the site will be a ride...
  10. Even if they got it running reliably, it comes down to ridership. If it cost x amount to constantly maintain a ride that guests don't really care about that much it just doesn't make sense anymore. I really wonder how many of the people that are really upset about moon cars and Superman leaving actually ride them multiple times a visit.
  11. That field is where the park shoots fireworks off for events. The collection of "junk" was brought in for the paintball attraction a few years back. The additional stuff visible starting around August 2019 till now is from the relocated Camp Killamore hunted house that use to be inside of Hurricane Harbor.
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