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  1. I think this family coaster is the best fit for the park at this time. It's fill the one big gap we had for the younger guests, and thank god it's not one of those prototype skyline coasters.
  2. It's already gone. It was removed during the Holiday Square event.
  3. Nothing was sold, the few people that kept saying it was were former employees that had no actual information from what was going on within the park itself.
  4. The HIP decor was loaned to the Island H20 waterpark in Orlando as part of the Night of a Million lights, which is for the Give The Kids the World charity to help give seriously ill children and their families trips to Orlando. After the event is over, Six Flags will be getting their decorations back. Here is more info on the event itself, https://www.gktw.org/lights/
  5. World of Illumination was pretty neat, definitely a new spin on drive through events as the entire display is "Cosmic", it sounds weird but outer space meets christmas was a fun combo, and seeing that many synconized lights was impressive. Holiday Square looked great and had quite a bit of the old HIP stuff. They also had firepits, hot chocolate, funnel cakes, ice cream, and lots of merch including a bunch of HIP merch left over from last year. Overall I though it was pretty fun and the best part was the snow falling from the roof of the front mall and making the whole area look nice with the falling snow.
  6. Hopefully IF HIP ever comes back, all the people saying it was the only reason they bought passes actually show up, and more than once every few years. It is a very expensive event to put on so it needs the attendance numbers to justify keeping it going.
  7. Anyone that went to Fright Fest this year, what were your favorite parts? Anything standout or how it compared to years past.
  8. 2016 was the only year that the lighting was completely contracted out for HIP, Oak Island Creative was the company and they worked with Six Flags staff to install the first year, then in 2017 they just provided some minor guidance and since 2018, Six Flags has done all HIP decor setup in house.
  9. Trying to understand the reasoning behind anything from the current CEO or what's left of corporate is pointless. Once the mentally unstable CEO is removed, hopefully sooner rather than later, we should start seeing a lot of delayed projects continue.
  10. Or perhaps Corporate and the CEO pulled all the money for this project and threaten to fire anyone that works on these "now unapproved" projects.
  11. Its the DVD plus a cast of 10-15 people performing the full show as well on stage with the movie playing behind them.
  12. Here is a very good and accurate post on the current state of the company. Most of the employees are fed up and with the most recent cuts, something has to be done to save what’s left of the company. We are all hoping Selim is removed on Thursday’s call before he causes any more damage. https://screamscape.com/html/corporate_park_news.htm#SixFlags
  13. Anyone else noticing all the old spots that were just mulch getting replaced with nice river rock? The landscaping team is really doing a good job this year trying to make the park look nicer! Also nice to see so much more sod being put in to replace the mulch beds around the park. Looks a lot cleaner.
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