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  1. I still have the unlikely dream of Ozark Wildcat being rebuilt at SDC (with improved capacity, of course lol)
  2. Provide legitimate sources for this information. I have a feeling you don't have any.
  3. I would have expected The Joker to get the chop before Superman
  4. I was looking at Michigan's Adventure on GoogleMaps and noticed the lagoon right in the middle of the parking lot. I found that to be quite odd lol.
  5. ^ Thank you for the response! What is it about that location that people are not fond of?
  6. Where exactly is Vipere going? Did they remove a superior ride or something?
  7. I have not heard any fresh news on this park in years. I'd say at this point it is going to strictly be a water park. Anyone else heard anything?
  8. I never made it to Winterfest. Perhaps it didnt draw enough of a crowd. I wonder if this will ultimately lead to it not returning all together.
  9. ^ I thought the same thing. That is either County, State, or City work. Possibly adding more turning lanes for that intersection.
  10. Elitch Gardens. There is literally nothing to draw me to that park.
  11. I'm excited to visit WOF again! Its been a long off season! I really hope Haunt is able to happen this year.
  12. I dont like the news of the rental lockers in the front of the park being closed. Hopefully they will be in use once the park opens being that they were open last year during the pandemic. I rely on them. I dont like the risk of losing my keys, phone, or wallet. And I dont like leaving my phone in my car being that the heat can damage it.
  13. I can see both sides of the argument. Yes, SFStL is a fantastic park and by far one of the the most beautiful in the chain and it contains a special charm. But I also understand why people get frustrated when SFStL gets the shaft on awesome new attractions quite frequently. Off topic. Is Colossus the largest ferris wheel in the SF chain?
  14. A little extreme reaction, don't you think? If masks are important for people to wear (I'm not saying they are), they're important for kids to wear, too. One's age does not affect their ability to contract/carry a disease. Just because they will naturally fidget with the masks, it doesn't make them exempt from biology. Thus, if masks are necessary at Location X, but kids can't wear masks, you obviously can't/shouldn't take kids to Location X. I fail to see what about that statement garnered your reaction. Sorry if the truth hurts. That is, if you buy into the whole "masks will save us all" ideology. My secondary comment about them being the harbingers of doom was obviously sarcastic. Maybe it's a shame that your non-sarcasm-detecting genes have been passed on to future generations. Very well said!
  15. Something I've been curious about since SF announced their pandemic guidelines, and now that SDC is following suit. Will masks be required while riding the rides as well, or just while on the midways and in the shops? I've been wondering about it because wearing a mask while riding a roller coaster or thrill ride seems impractical (please dont take that the wrong way. I fully support the parks steps towards safety and health).
  16. I personally have not been on a raptor, but would the ride experience be quite similar to what Monster already provides?
  17. I personally found Ninja to be a little more "rough", but as a whole, Dragon is quite boring to me.
  18. ^ Oh wow that is so cool! Just another reason to love WOF!
  19. ^ That is awesome! Now I wish I hadn't held out on buying one lol!
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