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  1. I just noticed that maXair is not listed on Cedar Point's website. I would guess it won't be running this year at all, but that's just a hunch. Odd because in the 4 times I have visited Kings Island since last September, their Huss Giant Frisbee was running each time. Edit: my bad. It's the very last ride on the list. D'oh! Sorry about that. I'm willing to admit I was wrong!
  2. Kings island’s is half the price but twice as awesome. Longest I ever waited at KI in a FL+ queue was 25 minutes. On my last visit on Friday July 1, the longest I waited was 5 minutes. So seeing 45-60 minute FL+ waits at Cedar Point is a bit frustrating. Curious to see if people get turned off by the $225. Based on past price hikes, I think it will still sell very well. so glad I got season long FL+ as well!
  3. Don't forget: - Jurassic Jungle Boat Ride (PF) - One of the silliest, cheesiest dark rides you will ever come across. Grossly overpriced, but that's Pigeon Forge for you! - Earthquake The Ride (Gatlinburg) - If you thought Jurassic Jungle was bad, wait till you ride this. It makes no sense whatsoever and has several things that will make you shake your head and say "what the f... was that?" Absolutely loved it though! - Hillbilly Golf (Gatlinburg) - a cute mini golf course where you ride an incline railway to the top and then work your way down. There are 2 courses and each is very "old school". Still a good time. - Mysterious Mansion (Gatlinburg) - A scary and well-maintained walk through Haunted House located just behind the Parkway in Gatlinburg. The staff is friendly, the few actors working there do a great job popping up in unexpected places, and there's even a neat beginning where you have to figure out how to proceed. Might be too intense for kids. There's also a new "Soarin"-style attraction that just opened at The Island complex in Pigeon Forge. It looks outstanding and will definitely be on our list when we return to the area. Also, as others have mentioned, the Old Mill Restaurant (and also the Old Mill Pottery House Cafe) are fantastic. The desserts alone are worth making a stop. But the lines are crazy all times of day. Two other large restaurants we liked were Local Goat in PF (a sports bar restaurant with tremendous food across from the Titanic museum), and Applewood Farm Grill, which I believe is actually in Sevierville. When you are seated, you are given a basket of deep-fried "apple fritters" and a "apple julep". Both are simply delicious. Much of the food is allegedly scratch made too and their fried chicken is probably the best in the area. OK, I'm done ranting. Just enjoy your trip. You'll love it whatever you end up doing!
  4. Was at the park from 9-noon today and it was slammed. Gatekeeper was down. FastLane waits for Maverick, Raptor and Valravn were about 30-45 minutes (a BIG difference from their other Ohio park), Dragster’s standby line was about 75% full, the sipper stand wasn’t open, and many of the rides were shut down during a light sprinkle of rain (to be fair, radar showed lightning in Toledo, so, you know there’s that…. ). I also saw Cedar Downs had a line extending out onto the midway, which may have been the first time I had ever seen that in all my years of visiting. I think I’ll stick with making the 4 hour drive to Kings Island the rest of the summer. Not sure I want to deal with the inconsistencies and longer waits at the Point for a while…
  5. I'd also add if you want to ride Flight of Fear, I would do that when the park opens at 11. The FastLane+ entrance is to the left of the main ride entrance and in the exit hallway of the ride building. When I went back to the ride around 2:00, the FL+ line was out the door, which is a pretty long wait. As others have said though, most other rides rarely have longer than a 5-10 minute wait with many being walk-ons. The ride hosts and hostesses are also not adverse to putting you in the front seat, so ask if that's what you are looking for. Enjoy your trip! Edit: Ugh! This was for Cedar Point, not Kings Island. My apologies, but my advice still works!
  6. I reached out to the park the other day about this and they had this standardized response: "We have a limited number of VIP available at the park and they are on a first come first serve basis. If purchasing online, the VIP must be purchased 48 hours in advance. My suggestion is to try and be in the park when we open at 10:30 am and make the VIP Coaster Tour booth your first stop." While that didn't really clarify if the booth is open at 10:30, when I do end up going, I'll be sure to be there at 10:30. I'd rather wait for a half hour to get a VIP pass than 90 for Steel Curtain!
  7. Here's a few pics from my visit this past Sunday. The "new" Slide is located right inside the main entrance The Flying Scooters were missing a few things "New" Swings and Dizzy Dragons. A lot of thought and care went into the placement of these rides One of the Bug cars near the Cliffhanger Falls waterslide complex Another of the Bug cars near where the ride once stood. The "new" Octopus, which was down, can be seen in the background Blue Streak station area Bumper Car building Balloon Break game near the Carousel Devil's Den Midway "New" Tilt A Whirl Trabant cars await reassembly. Who knows if or when that will happen A "new" kiddie train ride placed in a beautifully maintained corner of Kiddieland Here's the former Midway area. It took me a while to fully comprehend what had happened here as I have been visiting this park since 1973. Being in a fenced in open area was just a very odd feeling And finally a look at the Boardwalk. The "Tiki Bar" is on the far left
  8. Took a trip to the park today. For all of the “clean up” that went on, the place still looks like a dump. Actually, it looked better back in 2019. Apparently admission plans vary. The girl at the ticket booth asked if I was “just there to walk around”, and I said I’d like to ride the Devil’s Den. She said I can buy 4 tickets for $10 (each ride is one ticket). All day ride pass was $15. Plus the “water park” is an additional charge. I decided to buy the 4 tickets. The park is selling t-shirts and tank tops inside the main gate if you want to show your support Walking in, the first thing you see is that the cables and tubs of the Flying Scooters are missing. A “No Trespassing” sign is posted on the ride’s fence. To the right of the Flying Scooters, the Paratrooper is also down with no signs of life. Also at the front of the park is a new, portable Dizzy Dragons ride and a very old Swing ride which was just plopped down on a muddy piece of land (old Tilt A Whirl site). And finally, a new 3 lane portable slide was set up to the left of the main entrance. As you walk down the midway, the train is closed and the entrance crime scene taped off, the mini golf course is closed with a “No Trespassing” sign attached and that all violators will be prosecuted. The old Tumble Bug cars are just randomly plopped along the midway here, reminding guests of a ride that was just not able to be salvaged. The water slides and lazy river were doing a good business, so that was good to see. As you keep walking, the empty spot where the Bug used to reside is fenced off, as is the former Music Express site. Further back, the “new” Octopus can be seen, but it is not operating. The Blue Streak station is sitting there with peeling paint and obviously no activity. The Carousel was running and looked decent. There was an odd thing about the rides up front as there are no more paths to the rides. Just mulched areas. The Devils Den was probably the most popular ride. It was missing its classic sign, but the inside was in fine working order and all the stunts looked great. Major props to Devils Den Tom for all of his hard work and upkeep of this classic dark ride. Another funny thing was that they had carnival games set up. A ring the bottle game was set up on a picnic table. A dart balloon game was set up across the way, and a “Ninja Warrior” bar hang was randomly set up outside the Carousel. It was truly bizarre. But this is Conneaut Lake, so I guess I shouldn’t have expected any different! On the former site of Witch’s Stew sits what looks like a new portable Tilt A Whirl. It too was not operating. And next door to that was the old Trabant, stripped down with the cars freshly painted and possibly awaiting reinstallation. A very small pony ride was set up across from Kiddieland. I didn’t travel through Kiddieland though, but it looks like a few small rides were thrown up randomly and the old kiddie carousel was removed. Finally, the old midway area was completely leveled and has fencing placed all around it. No Log Cabin Gift Shop, no game buildings, no old Hostile Hostel building… just grass and a lone food stand. This is where it really sunk in that this really may be the final year for Conneaut Lake. Just looking around and taking it all in was surreal. While I will stay positive that the park will survive, I just don’t see it happening. Sorry for the long write up. I’ll try and get some pics up tomorrow.
  9. Thursday Night Rides? It does simply say the scares and mazes of Haunt.
  10. Our Biggest Fall Season Yet The summer season is in full swing and so is our 150th Anniversary Celebration! Many of you have been entering daily for a chance to win the coveted Ticket of a Lifetime, purchased unique keepsakes for this special event and enjoyed the specialty food items and new offerings. Remember, this limited-time celebration ends a month from now on August 15. Be sure to “Get to the Point” before it goes away for another 150 years. Even though the party continues, it’s time to give you a bit of a sneak peek on our fall season. Here’s the big news: HalloWeekends returns this fall! As part of HalloWeekends, Tricks and Treats Fall Fest and Haunt are back! The details of the entertainment and attraction lineup will be revealed at a later date, but for now, this is BIG. With the return of HalloWeekends, hours in September will be pretty traditional, but beginning October 3, we’re giving you MORE time to enjoy the park – reservations NOT required! This means in October: Thursday nights – the scare mazes and haunted attractions of HAUNT! Fridays – the Halloween activities of Tricks and Treats Fall Fest during the day; HAUNT at night! Saturdays – Tricks and Treats Fall Fest AND HAUNT! Sundays – Tricks and Treats Fall Fest during the day; HAUNT at night! The NEW October HalloWeekends schedule gives you even MORE options to enjoy the event, and with Saturdays typically being our busiest day, you now have alternatives to sneak that last Cedar Point visit in before the season ends. Check out the full fall calendar by clicking here. As always, schedule subject to change without notice, so check that page often before you plan your visit. With these added dates, reservations are now being accepted at our Cedar Point hotel properties! Great ticket packages are also available, so reserve now before they sell out. Speaking of enjoying things before the season ends, if you’re planning on soaking up the rays and water jet sprays at Cedar Point Shores Waterpark, effective today, we’re no longer requiring park reservations. Take some time to check it out before its season wraps up on Monday, Sept. 6. More details on all of the HalloWeekends offerings, including the sale of tickets, are coming soon. Watch our social channels to be the first to know when they’re live. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the return of my favorite time of year AND my favorite event – HalloWeekends! Cedar Point Blog
  11. He bought it to close it. I hadn't planned on going this year without the Blue Streak, but maybe I should. There have been many times I have visited and thought it was "the last season" (1992, 2007, 2014), but this one may really be the depressing finale. It's sad because the last few years actually looked like the park was making some progress. Yes, it still looked like a war zone, but people were coming and seemingly enjoying themselves. There were actually lines for some of the rides. I thought maybe somehow, against all odds, Conneaut was digging itself out of a deep hole. Now, it's looking more and more like condos will be the end game. Hoping that I am wrong again, but this time feels different, and not in a good way.
  12. It was announced the park is going to be called Niagara Amusement Park and Splash World. Fantasy Island announces new name
  13. Adventure Express at Kings Island last Friday. So nice to see they fixed up the effects on the final lift.
  14. Just got back from KI and while there were a few minor quirks (Mystic Timbers seemed to be having issues, Flight of Fear’s FL+ line was out the door of the UFO room and yes, the food lines were crazy), I still had a great time. Rode Orion in the front… that was like a religious experience. Absolutely love this ride. Glass smooth, so fast and the airtime hill delivered in spades. Took my first ride of the season on The Beast and man has it gotten rough, even in a non-wheel seat. And Banshee is actually even worse than The Beast. And it’s taken 16 years, but Backlot Italian Coaster is sooooo awesome. I absolutely love the launch, the sharp turns, and the final tunnel is crazy dark. It has become a must ride for me now, especially since I bypassed a full queue and walked right on with FL. And one observation. There was a poster in one of the men’s washrooms that was promoting a 2021 season pass. At the bottom it said that it includes the upcoming Grand Carnival event, the Tricks and Treats Fall Fest, and Winterfest. Found it interesting that Haunt wasn’t mentioned. Oh, and the Blue Ice Cream beer was weird. Not bad weird, just unusual. Definitely enjoyed it though!
  15. Non-beer related question (I know... I'm a buzzkill!), but if one has season long FastLane, does that person need to redeem it at the main FastLane booth at the entrance, or can they redeem it at any shop that sells it? I am pretty sure the shop inside the main gate on the right side of International Street sells it and I figured avoiding the line at the main stand might get me to Orion and Mystic Timbers faster, but I wasn't sure if this was allowed. I know CP allows redemption at the gift shops, so I'd assume KI would too. Unfortunately, my assumptions have led me down the wrong path one too many times! Hoping to head down to KI again on Friday and this time, actually relax and enjoy some of the little things, like sitting on the patio by Diamondback and trying one of the Blue Ice Cream beers. See, I got back to the beer topic, so I'm not all bad!
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