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  1. As someone who has been visiting Waldameer for 30 years now, I totally forgot about Ali Baba. Probably because I rode it once and it made me nauseous! But I could see Waldameer removing it for something else. I always gave the park credit for making what was a standard off-the-shelf ARM portable ride look great with the fountain in front, but it always looked sort of out of place with its airbrushed backdrop. Wipeout is the other one I could see on the chopping block. It seems they have fallen out of favor lately as several parks have removed theirs or shipped them to other parks. No
  2. It looks like reservations only need to be made for Soak City. Can anyone else verify this, or am I staring at something and completely missing it? Made my CP reservation earlier, trying to get in to make a Carowinds reservation now. It says there is "over an hour wait". Can we use our season long FastLane to jump this line? Edit: just saw it on the website that it's only for SC. My apologies for being a dumb old man...
  3. Received an email from CP today stating that reservations will be required for the season (at least for now). It mentioned that reservations will open for season pass holders on April 26 at 11:00 am. Guests staying at CP's onsite properties already have a reservation for the days they are staying. So if anyone had planned on going, make sure you are online and mashing the refresh button next Monday! ^ Oh, you must do Cedar Downs. I'm sure others will chime in and say the same.
  4. Not to mention the ticket is only good for 2 hours! I have never been to Luna Park, so I don't know how lines are, but that seems a bit rushed to me. Deno's has the same policy- wristband only and 2 hour time limit - but their park seems a bit easier to get through in 2 hours than Luna. Heck, I'd be perfectly happy riding the Wonder Wheel and Spook-A-Rama for 2 hours!
  5. Noticed some things on the park's website for 2021. - Pirate's Cove appears to be the only attraction that will remain closed for the season - Park opens May 15th and will be closed on Wednesdays throughout the season - Reservations, masks and social distancing protocol will still be enforced - And the big news for many folks is that the Covid page on the park's website does not state that admission must be paid by all guests. So I am assuming that Free Admission will make a return this year, and hoping that will also result in guests returning. Can't wait to go bac
  6. ^ The Platinum Pass FastLane Add On is $850, so it's a little pricier than the $299. I bought mine from Canada's Wonderlands site and that way you get the Canadian conversion rate (something like $675 instead). I plan on visiting CP and KI multiple times this season, plus make a trip to Carowinds, so I am looking forward to having FastLane already paid for. I am actually selfishly hoping that CP doesn't offer it to the GP this season. Everything would be a walk on as there were very few people with season long FastLane last year. I told a friend of mine that I had spent $800+ on a Pl
  7. Thank you both for the responses. I was worried I may have just spent a good chunk of change on something I may not be able to use! Very excited now that I have season-long Fastlane!
  8. Thanks tndank. I didn't think to check there. Funny thing now is that I don't even see a Fastlane page that was there this morning. Oh well. Having season long FL will definitely get me to CP more this summer and definitely Kings Island. I'm doubting Canada will be open for us Americans this summer, but if by chance they do let us in, I'll make the trip north to CW. One other question- do I have to get the Platinum pass processed at CW, or can I take the vouchers to Cedar Point or Kings Island and have it processed there? I called the park and they said due to the pandemic, there
  9. Can one of you supply the link for the chain wide Fastlane? I looked at Canada's Wonderland, Carowinds and Dorney and they don't have it listed unless I am missing it. Kings Island says theirs is sold out as does Cedar Point. :(
  10. This would probably make too much sense for Parques Reunidos, but if they wanted to maintain the feel of these rides, they could replace Kangaroo with one of those compressed air Techno Bounce rides, replace Enterprise/Volcano with a Zamperla Endeavor, swap the Paratrooper for one of those lay down Cliff Hanger models that show up at all the fairs, and while it is not even close to being a good replacement, maybe a Matterhorn/Flying Bobs type ride to take the place of Bayern Kurve. But knowing PR, they will leave the ride pads empty like the old Top Spin they had.
  11. I see Fastlane Plus has increased to $100 this weekend. I had it in my cart for $95 and after a meeting I was in ended, I went to finish my transaction and I was told that one of my cart items was no longer available. I'd pay $200 for Fastlane Plus at Kings Island though. Definitely one of the best paid line cutting systems out there as far as where you get to merge. My lone complaint is that they don't have anyone inside Boo Blasters to merge the two lanes. Makes for a rather awkward moment!
  12. Best $95 I have spent in a long time! I have two more things to add from my visit. First, I do not understand why Orion gets so much negativity. I absolutely love it! To me, it’s a high speed “flight” along the edge of Kings Island. It’s so smooth and the elements, at least to me, are unique. Granted it is a bit on the brief side, but it is definitely different enough from Diamondback (which I also love) and has fast become one of my new favorites. Then there’s Flight of Fear. I haven’t ridden this since 2015 and if it wasn’t for the literal dead stop in the mid course brak
  13. Here at KI today. Since 11 with FastLane I have done Mystic Timbers twice, Beast, Backlot, Diamondback, Adventure Express and had a break with a bloody syringe lemonade and a worms in dirt funnel cake. Off to Orion next. FastLane rules!!!
  14. Thanks for the info on FastLane. Maybe if MT is open at park opening, I’ll head there first. I see they posted the food and drink guide for Trick or Treat Fest. For those who haven’t seen it: Food and Drink Guide. There are some very interesting sounding treats! Looking forward to checking it out.
  15. How long were the FL+ lanes? I went on the 6th (Sunday) and it was good until 1:00 when Diamonback and Mystic Timbers were 20-30 minutes. I am going again this Saturday (I know, first day of Fall Fest ) and have FL+ and am wondering if I should just power through as much as I can again from open till 2:00, or if I can slow down a bit. I think I know the answer but just thought I'd ask!
  16. I echo what Bill said about the park being very busy on Sunday. I will also mention that I must have ran into a bottleneck when it came to FastLane. I rode The Bat (which does not offer FastLane), DropTower, Banshee, Adventure Express, Orion, Antique Cars, The Beast, Italian Job Backlot Coaster, and the Train between 11:00 and 1:00. Then I got caught in a traffic jam at Diamondback, which had a 20 minute FL wait. And finally I went to Mystic Timbers, where I waited a half hour. To be fair, I don't think MT opened with the park, so that may have explained the wait, but I was so used to
  17. So this is kind of a stupid question, but since I know many of you have YouTube channels, and Robb of course runs one of the most successful channels out there, what do you do when you see clips (or entire videos) that you created used by others? I am not sure why this is upsetting me so much, but lately I have seen lots of my work used on other people’s channels. Credit MAY be given in the form of a barely legible watermarked name in the lower corner of the screen, or more often than not, credit isn’t given at all, and never has anyone reached out asking to use my videos on their channel.
  18. Same here. On Tuesday the 1st, I checked for FastLane availability on Saturday the 5th and it appeared that it was available. Today, I checked and FastLane was no longer available for Saturday. Perhaps they really are limiting how many they sell. That was okay though as I pushed my visit to Sunday the 6th for my 50th birthday... so I’m hoping for a fun day of FastLane walk ons!
  19. I was there on Saturday and got there at 11. I went straight to Millennium Force and waited 20 minutes as the line was socially distanced down the ramp and through one or two switchbacks. When I got off, I got back in line and again waited 20 minutes... so you may be able to get your SV and Maverick passes and then just ride MF without a pass. Just a thought. Also note that they are assigning seats (you can ask for front or back though I think). I was really only at the park to buy some of the cool "vintage" t-shirts they had and ride Cedar Downs (which also has a t-shirt!. Mission
  20. Apologies if this has been asked, but if one purchases a FastLanePlus at the park, do they need an Access Pass for Orion? I would assume "no", but I've assumed before and have been quite wrong! Also, is the Eiffel Tower open? I am considering a trip there this Friday and was hoping to go up to the observation deck to get a nice aerial look at Orion.
  21. Went to Waldameer yesterday and enjoyed my visit as usual, even with the restrictions in place. Crowds were very light, so lines were no issue. Anytime the Whacky Shack is a walk on for two and a half hours, you know it is a slow day. Rode my first SbF Visa family spinning coaster as that is one if Waldameer’s 2 new attractions for 2020 (the other being a 6 lane racing slide for Water World). I actually enjoyed it and can see why they are popping up all over. Ravine Flyer II has the second seat of each car roped off (not sure of the back car though) but was running beautifully. The park
  22. Waldameer "plans" to open on July 3 for the season. Reservations and masks required, Pirate's Cove closed for obvious reasons, and everyone must buy an admission. There will be no individual points or free admission this year. Here is the link: https://waldameer.com/covid-19-information/ Looking forward to visiting and hoping for nothing but good things for this awesome family park.
  23. Not sure if this is an ominous sign of things to come for summer in Ohio, but I read somewhere that the Ohio State Fair was cancelled for 2020.
  24. Hey anonymouscactus, since we aren't going to have to worry about spoiling anything now, what WAS in the box of that incredibly well-themed haunt?
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