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  1. Imma not take any chances. I’m not trying to get involved in any of that.
  2. That's awesome!! I just know you are going to have an amazing time!!! Enjoy every second of it!! -------------------------------- Last thing I bought was lunch a few days ago. $32.87 - And I didn't even get to eat it
  3. HOLY CRAP!!!! And this is perhaps why I can't stand the idea of using public transport. - I'd rather Uber or rent a car.
  4. Gosh, I'd be so curious to know what caused the downtime, and the evac. It seems like such a simple concept, you wouldn't think there would be a lot that could "go wrong" to cause downtime extreme enough to warrant an evac. - Then again... It's an RMC... soooooo... Okay, now the pretzel wrapped hotdogs sound AMAZING!!! I'll for sure be getting some when we are there next!
  5. Guess I need to plan a trip back out to HP. Last time we were there neither of us were a big fan of SkyRush. However, it wasn't so much the restraints, as it was the fact the coaster had one of the worst vibrations we have ever experienced. - Then again, this was back when they were loading like half trains (Or 1 party per row) so the trains were running super light. Noticed this seemed to be a thing on a lot of coasters we rode at various parks during that trip when they were running at super reduced capacity. Also, I really need to experience Storm Runner again. It was down the entire day when we were there last
  6. Good lord.... That thing dispatches from the station at roughly 0.0000001mph. - The pacing on the first half of this coaster looks so.... off? It just doesn't seem to flow together super well. (Or maybe I'm just going crazy, that's possible) However the second half of the coaster looks AMAZING!!!! Looks like a great addition to the park. Jealous of those who have this as their home park.
  7. Wow, I forgot there was ever even the debate about if TTD was going to become an LSM coaster or not.
  8. I feel so bad for those poor team members working entrance for TT2. Imagine the verbal bashings they are going to get. The flip flop/backless shoe/sandal thing is going to be an absolute NIGHTMARE. I feel bad for those team members. - I feel like CP royally f**ked this one up. - I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see Steel Vengeance style lockers show up next season, or even mid season this year. Some how. Idk how with the current queue layout. However, they going to have to figure something out. Or move the entrance to under the giant TT2 sign, and make the lockers past that “free.” Again, idk how that would work. But they gotta figure something out because this is going to be a cluster.
  9. Same. I always thought that the majority of enthusiast never counted them as credits, so why would mountain coasters count in this case…?
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