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  1. Love the upgrade!!! Looks awesome, and is for sure more user friendly!!! thank you for making these changes!!!
  2. My last coaster was a night ride on Outlaw Run. My god. I forget how life changing night rides on that coaster actually are!!!
  3. Are they still selling trailblazer passes at the park??? - I can’t find them online anywhere.
  4. Nope. - I don't think I've been to a sporting event in the past decade. Do you have any fun plans for this weekend?
  5. No. Have you ever been evacuated off a roller coaster?
  6. As I am gearing up for my first visit to HP in over a decade.... I’ve of course been researching it... And I’m wondering... How fast is Skyrush’s lift hill?!?! POV’s and off ride videos make it look insane!!! But does anyone actually know the speed of it??
  7. ^ Thanks!!! Still a few weeks out, so things might change. (Hopefully they do!) - I’m just trying to prepare for the worst.
  8. Question!!! - What is great adventures rain policy like?? Is it as bad as CP??
  9. Haven’t rode anything in 2020 yet.... I’m hoping our trip to Great Adventure in a few weeks will change that.
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