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  1. Valravn. I forgot how much fun that coaster is. - Though I do totally wish it had the old school B&M harnesses.
  2. What is a park you visited for the first time that you never have a desire to visit again?? Mine is a toss up between Indiana Beach and Magic Springs.
  3. While I don’t love the addition…. I also don’t hate the addition. I usually enjoy the free spins that I’ve been on. However, I’m surprised they went with the smaller model. I feel like we all know this isn’t a volcano replacement. It seems like a small addition to hold people over while the park recovers from the loss of revenue after being closed for basically an entire season. Once they recover I bet we will see a large addition to replace volcano!
  4. Dang. Hopefully all gets worked out snd reopened soon. Was looking forward to riding it in 2024.
  5. I will pay whatever it cost to NOT wait in line at any park. Ever.
  6. People are probably just assuming it’s leaving because of its absolutely awful maintenance issues.
  7. Thinking of heading to the park this coming Saturday!! What type of crowds should I expect??
  8. They do have “pay to cut” though. Just gotta do a VIP tour instead.
  9. Yet you can still pay extra to do a “guided tour” of the park. Does that not go against the “family feel” of the park?? Does that not cause backlash from the rather conservative clientele?? (Though I have no idea how line skip, and black lash from conservative clientele correlate.)
  10. Must be down again. It’s been listed as closed so far all day today.
  11. Not anymore it’s not. Broke down at the base of the lift hill. They evaced the train.
  12. They just replaced it in September. We were there, and it was down the entire day. You could see the new (or old) cable laying next to the launch track from Zumanjaro.
  13. Apparently it has now been stuck on the lift since mid-afternoon yesterday. (Saw some reports of it online.) Just hopped on the webcam... Train is still stuck on the lift. EDIT: Just had to pull up the webcams. Look like gatekeeper is finally off the lift hill. And it just rolled out of the station for testing!!
  14. Copperhead Strike a few days ago. Such a fun ride. That jojo roll is amazing!!!
  15. QUESTION!! (as I don't follow this park very close at all) Do we know the progress of the new coaster?? Looking at visiting the park for the first time next month, and really hoping it's going to be open by then!
  16. That Rapids ride looks amazing!! Such great looking parks you're sharing! I need to make some more trip plans! Thanks for sharing!
  17. Outlaw Run! We we’re the only two on the train! Such a fun, and memorable experience.
  18. Married to an engineer. Turns out it’s not even close to catastrophic failure.
  19. Outlaw Run. we were the only two on the train. Probably the best roller coaster experience ever... since it was just us on a zen ride.
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