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  1. I thought the exact same thing. I was like "Oh wow! Great name for that coaster!" Then I watched the video...
  2. I second all of this!! 2 days is definitely not enough for a first cruise. Shoot, we don't think anything shorter than 7 nights is even worth it. I also second RCL. Book one of their Oasis class ships as your first cruise. You will LOVE it, and be addicted to it!
  3. Thank you all for all the photo TR's. I just went through the past several posted! Makes me miss KD! Can't wait to get back out to the park one day. Winterfest looks amazing!!
  4. Great report!! And awesome photos! We had a chance to visit WOF this summer... and as far as Patriot goes "It's definitely not close to the top tier of inverts but it was a lot more fun than I anticipated." is 100% the best way to describe it. I wasn't going in with any expectations for it... However, it ended up being so much more fun than I was expecting... Even if my foot hit a tree branch during the ride Prowler was AMAZING!! Easily one of the top "new to us" attractions for this year. I can't even imagine it at night... Sounds awesome! Can't wait for your SDC report!
  5. WAIT!!! Do I spot that little Intamin Launched coaster from over seas?! Just repainted??? (Sorry for the, could be dumb, question haven’t followed this project that closely) but if it is that coaster…. Imma head to the park when it opens!
  6. Interesting take on Mystery Castle…. next to Taron it was our favorite ride in the park! I’ll agree I never left my seat, but it was such a great ride! Loved the indoor aspect of it! Such s good ride for me personally. I’m sad you didn’t enjoy it as much.
  7. Interesting…. I’d definitely be down for an extreme spinner or another family style launched coaster. Either one will be a great, and welcomed addition to the park. however, I’ll echo others…. hopefully their next addition is a dark ride.
  8. Amazing photos!! I LOVE Phantasialand! Can't wait to get back out to the park. F.L.Y. looks absolutely amazing!
  9. Not 100% positive on this. I'd just shoot the park an email and ask them.
  10. Sad to see it scrapped. Was definitely holding out hope it would get relocated to a smaller CF park. However, good news that it's able to be a part donor to keep other Impulse coasters running for a little longer
  11. Sadly only in 3ft of water. And we were tethered. Had about 10ft of free line from the anchor point. the pool was big enough that 4 people could do this at the same time, and never run into each other. it was actually a great experience. 5 of us did it, and all loved it, and wish we had the time to do it again. You get so involved with the VR aspect… that you forget you’re even in a pool, and tethered down. Not once did I ever hit the “end of my line” I was always free swimming, never felt restricted. hope this helps some.
  12. Awesome video!! Can’t wait to ride F.L.Y. And can’t wait to stay at the new hotel!
  13. We had a chance to experience VR Snorkeling this year, and found it really enjoyable! Glad to see more parks adding this.
  14. Valravn. I forgot how much fun that coaster is. - Though I do totally wish it had the old school B&M harnesses.
  15. What is a park you visited for the first time that you never have a desire to visit again?? Mine is a toss up between Indiana Beach and Magic Springs.
  16. While I don’t love the addition…. I also don’t hate the addition. I usually enjoy the free spins that I’ve been on. However, I’m surprised they went with the smaller model. I feel like we all know this isn’t a volcano replacement. It seems like a small addition to hold people over while the park recovers from the loss of revenue after being closed for basically an entire season. Once they recover I bet we will see a large addition to replace volcano!
  17. Dang. Hopefully all gets worked out snd reopened soon. Was looking forward to riding it in 2024.
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