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  1. Crazy Machines Machine 1 "Ice Cream Hot Rod" for some reason I'm not able to put the video in the center...?
  2. 10 years ago I uploaded my first ride „Mystery Castle“ ! It has been an amazing time. Thanks to all my subscribers and supporters!
  3. its not complete yet. its a lot of work! the video will be uploaded to my YT Channel like always
  4. I've marked the blocksection yellow! Its a bit like Geister Riksha (Phantasialand) when evac is necessary, a catwalk/ramp can be uplifted and connected to the emergency exit at the bottom of the first lift!
  5. We found a secret way to enter Gringotts bank technical maintenance vaults! Indoor rollercoaster inspired by Harry Potter and Universal's Escape from Gringotts...
  6. RCT3 is the best with all these community ride systems, CSOs etc. Its totally different than RCT1 or 2. Depends on what you want to do with the game. If you want to built nice infrastructure and working park RCT2 might be better. If you want to create single rides or themed attractions where you can sit in RCT3 would be better. The mixmaster is so cool in RCT3 with lasers,firework editor etc. The guy didnt ask for PlanCo....but PlanCo is a little bit better than RCT3 because you can rotate everything and built smooth layouts. Thememakers toolkit is also VERY nice! Try
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