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  1. Earth,Wind&Fire Coaster One of my recent projects. Rush through the Electric Universe! First construction pictures:
  2. I hope you had fun watching the softopening video! But the ride is not complete yet! Now its time for the detail theming! Integrated bins are being placed throughout all the area! The project will be completed soon...
  3. Soft Opening very soon! The model is not complete but the ride is rideable now! For those who are curious I will upload a preview video of how the onride will be like very soon
  4. There are also slower parts were detailed scenery is. When you have to see something you will see it! The scenery you rush by fast is themed in a proper way. It does not get lost as there are brakes and darkride parts Dont worry I spended a lot of time developing the layout. This is not an usual 4th dimension coaster.
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