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I design heavily themed ride concept arts and turn them into a video. 
Choose one of my rides or visit the forums!

Home Theme-Park:
Phantasialand/MoviePark Germany

Favourite Theme Park:

Fav. Dark Rides:
Pirates of the Carribbean (old), Disneyland Paris
Droomvlucht, Efteling
ARTHUR The Ride , Europapark
Fata Morgana, Efteling

Fav. Rollercoaster:
Blue Fire, Europa Park
Big Thunder Mountain, Disneyland Paris
Taron, Phantasialand
CanCanCoaster, Europa Park
Temple of the Nighthawk, Phantasialand 
Space Mountain Mission 2 , Disneyland Paris
AlpenExpressEnzian, Europa Park
Van Helsing's Factory, Movie Park Germany
Crush's Coaster,  Disneyland Paris 

Fav. Water Ride:
CHIAPAS: DIE Wasserbahn, Phantasialand 
Fjord Rafting, Europapark

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