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  1. Ciri's Hunt is a The Witcher themed junior rollercoaster in Novigrad. The area is inspired at the Witcher franchise. There are a junior coaster by Vekoma, a Sky Fly named Basilik by Gerstlauer, a big restaurant named Rosemary and Thyme, a shop and a playground.
  2. BioShock Infinity Coaster After the big BioShock darkride by FM-rides there will be a complete and huge themed area in Gametropolis Theme Park featuring the BioShock theme. The big mall from the video will be implemented as well as the known darkride within a 4D darkride. The biggest ride of that area will be the Gerstlauer Infinity coaster: BioShock Infinity Coaster. The coaster will start with a darkride part section with launch and after that you will enter the big lighthouse tower to the top... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95qPYsrr4M8 This coaster is a high speed indoor and outdoor experience with many special effects and special elements unique in Planet Coaster so far.
  3. Rapture 1959 - A BioShock Story Rapture 1959 - A Bioshock Story is a FM-Rides project by Daniel Dikay, Myarite and MaxMagnus. It’s the last night of the year 1958 in the city of Rapture. The upper class is celebrating a New Years Eve grand party in the 'Kashmir Restaurant', when it is hit by upcoming events which will forever change the fate of the underwater-town and its citizens. Follow us beyond the sea to discover Raptures most dazzling beauty and its darkest secrets. Frank Hirshman, the star architect of rapture and close friend of Andrew Ryan, rose and walked slowly and elegantly out of his bedroom alongside the gallery of the unsparing, some would say luxurious appartement. Its highlight marked the big panorama-window which gave a perfect view to the throning city at the bottom of the sea. He descended the stairs and quickly left the accomodation. He disliked coming late and nevertheless had to find Louise who already was up on her way to the midnight-ball in the Kashmir-Restaurant. Download on the Workshop: Rapture 1959 - A BioShock Story Workshop
  4. Sky Hunters: Mission Three 2052. Your position: Sky Hunter Base 3.0. Your mission: As we begin to run out of natural resources our lust for material things has been growing stronger. There are no plants, no trees and no flowers anymore. But in Sky Hunter Base 3.5 there they try to plant the last trees. But the project is in danger. A big Alpha Tech Robot is going to destroy all organic life. Warp to Base 3.5 and help them! Sky Hunters: Mission Three is a high speed rollercoaster through a modern space scenery. You will enter different planets and spaceships as well as a big futuristic city. Download on Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2097275375 by RCT D!
  5. The Witcher: The Ride Geralt loses the power of his five signs. He starts to recover his signs in Beauclair. The Witcher: The Ride is a motion based darkride. In the station you will see the five different Witcher signs: Aard, Igni, Yrden, Quen and Axii. Enter the ride and a big adventure. You will experience five different parts, each part is featuring one sign. Are you prepared? Download on Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1769919679 by RCT D!
  6. Yashima Drop of Doom In the middle of a little Asian village, Yashima´s big tower seems to rise endlessly into the sky. Once she was one of the most dangerous and powerful pirates of the Asian sea. When she died she took the secret of her treasure into her grave. But she left one message: the person who dares to climb my tower and fling oneself down will be the owner of my treasure if he survived. by RCT D!
  7. After The VAULT which is featuring the FALLOUT franchise, I am currently working on a coaster that is also themed to a known franchise. I try to capture the TRACKMANIA style as detailed as possible to guarantee a great ride experience for all TRACKMANIA fans as well as coaster fans. TRACKMANIA plaza is the main stage for all racing fans. You can spot a hand made TRACKMANIA racing car as well as many hidden TM things. Furthermore you can find the entrance of Trackmania Racing Coaster, the e-ticket ride of that area. If you want to buy a Souvenir, go to the Trackmania shop and make your wishes come true. Trackmania racing coaster is a high speed launch coaster manufactured by Intamin with a total height of 60 meters (~200 feet) and a top speed of 130 km/h (~80 mph). The TRACKMANIA area will be filled with some more offerings. Of course, the main attraction and e-ticket ride will be the Trackmania Racing Coaster but if you want to buy some souvenir then head to the merchandise shop. If you are hungry enter the Racing Restaurant. If you want to experience the TRACKMANIA franchise or if you have a general question you can find the answers in the information center. Due to the Trackmania racing coaster track I tried to design a Trackmania themed racing track that´s close to the original style of the games. Next to the launch part there is a platform to observe the launch action. Every 60 seconds a car will be launched. Steam Workshop http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1239196739 by RCT D!
  8. Candy Corp Candy Corp is a huge candy factory. There you can see how sweets, lollipops, chewing gum, ice scream and cake is manufactured. Take a seat in a historic oldtimer and ride through the Candy Corp Factory. It´s is a family friendly darkride. It´s not fast and scary, little children are able to ride as well.
  9. The VAULT A Fallout Story The VAULT - A Fallout Story takes place in Vault 54. The sinister experiment of the Vault was to generate less power than the residents consumed. There was no warm water and little food. The experiment should last 100 years... Current state of VAULT 51: Normally, a Vault is a secure place for all human beings after the atomic bomb has fallen on earth. But this time the danger is inside the Vault. Mister Handy tells you that some turbines in the upper part of the Vault are broken. The pressure in the Vault will increase and toxic gas will leak out the ventilation system polluting the air int the Vault. If the turbine is not going to be repaired, no one is able to live in the Vault anymore. You are technician and have to repair the broken turbine. On your way into the depths of the Vault you notice that the problem is much worse than expected. With each new step in direction of the broken turbine the air is more toxic and you can see gas leaking out many tubes. You have to try to reach the scene of accident as fast as you can. But be prepared: Once you have started your journey, there will be no way back... by RCT D!
  10. Video released! Grimestone Mine is located in a tiny, stony bay, far away from any civilization. Some brave pirates founded a little settlement here and dig deep into Grimestone Mine. They hope to find the legendary treasure of Grimestone. But it´s dangerous because the cave is very old and could collapse. With some wooden structures they supported the most important shafts. Are you brave enough to enter the cave? And if so, avoid the dangerous shafts, as you explore a dark world with a new obstacle around every corner... by RCT D!
  11. Deep in the Swabian Alp, in the middle of the forest there is a secret place, a secret cave...
  12. Periculum by zeroG, MaxMagnus, Kevin, RCT D! We are happy to anounce that Periculum is finally released. Thanks to StationJimJr for creating the Periculum sets and thanks to Ynor9 for an amazing soundtrack, exclusive made for Periculum. And of course, thanks to all of you for posting and loving our project, we are happy that we can show the end result now! Just sit back, relax and forget our world to immerse yourself into the dark ages of Periculum. The biggest thank you to StationJimJr for his unbelieveable patience to create all those wonderfull setpieces. You can find them here: Periculum 1, Periculum 2, Periculum 3&4 The official Periculum Sountrack composed by soundtrackmusic.org (Ynor9) & Max Magnus you can download here: All Periculum tracks Story It was the last day of October in year 1439. The King is in a little room and watched the town in the valley, like every evening. He had a big and delicious dinner and went in front of the window. He listened to the silence of the night. But this evening, there was not silence, something hammered against the gate, while there were angry, upset voices and the clatter from hundreds of people. The door opened, in the moment, when the king recognized the source of the noises. And the deserted, cold rooms of the castle switched into a living hell. Big flames appeared and the king fled further into his castle. The big, majestic rooms appeared suddenly enormous, empty and eerie. He arrived in the big hall where he heard his old discussion with Arthur again and where the light switched to a threatening red. The kitchen burned and a mysterious, divine light breaks through the ceiling. He passed the staircase and saw again the dining hall. But now changed into a red-violet horror-scene with corpses, pillories and splintered wall-tiles. Terrified from this view, he walked through the sewer to get to his bed-room. He arrived, but something was different. It was bright illuminated but nobody was there. So he decided to take the old, barely used tunnel to get out of the castle into the church to find other people and flee from the danger. He found the church, dark and abandoned, while someone plays organ. Suddenly the whole church lighted and he heard another dialogue from the time, when he captured Arthur in jail and tortured him to get more information. Paralyzed and disorientated the king started to climb up the church tower, when he heard the voice of the priest “Soon they will be here, go now my lord, while there is time…”, but he did not took any notice. He remembered the curse “my word will be adhered when the bell announces the message above the roofs of the town” and accepted his fate, as he heard the first chimes of the biggest bell: the bell, which announces a death of a king. He saw the town and his castle a last time before he jumped into the water under the tower. And he drowned…? No, not yet. He emerged in a dark wood and started to run away. He did not know why, but he had fear. Somehow he reached a building, which he mysteriously knew… The new jail. The jail, where he tortured so many people. Now its doors stand open for him and he could not turn around. Instead of torture he arrived into hell. Literally - first in the purgatory, second in the bitter reality, where he had to watch how his castle and the big cathedral where destroyed by the fire of his own people.
  13. Sky Hunters Mission 2 by RCT D! 2047 Your position: Sky Hunter Base 2.0. Your mission: The space bandits are back. But this time in several worlds. You are the one who has to hunt and kill them, one time more. You are going to explore three different worlds. Therefore you have to traverse the great space. But be carful since there are many dangers awaiting you. Once you have reached another world, it´s not safe as well: you have to find the space bandits, combat them and kill them...if you´re lucky.
  14. Slender Manor inspired by Phantomanor and Slender Man special CS by stationjimjr and Samplerocker Happy Halloween with Slender Man Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear, but believe, Slenderman is real. When clattering skeletons are dancing with eerily beautiful music, creepy creatures dare to venture out of the depths of their dark catacombs and the echo of spooky laughter can be heard in all alleyways, then Halloween has returned. Slender Manor has awakened and invites you to enter. But be careful! Slenderman is always watching you. Slender Manor is a high speed thrilling darkride with many special effects and the famous Slenderman as the main protagonist. The ride contains two indoor launches, two indoor lift hills, three high speed indoor parts, many slow and scary darkride parts and an outdoor part through the forest of the original Slenderman game. The story is very simple and similar to the original Slender game: Collect all 8 crosses before Slenderman finds you. The quest will start at Halloween... by RCT D!
  15. Carta Marina Submarine Voyage Immerse yourself in an underwater hunt for sea monsters scattered throughout the sea. You are going to explore the behavior of that monsters, but be careful! Location: San Lacrona Beach Resort [Monsters of the Sea area] Ride type: fully immersed 4D multi-motion simulator experience Ride duration: more than 5 minutes Setting: underwater, sea monsters (scary atmosphere) Cost: $15,5 millions Minimum height: 1,25 meters Specifics: 2nd e-ticket ride in Monsters of the Sea, never used 4D technology in RCT3 by RCT D!
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