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  1. Can I upgrade my gold pass to platinum online or do I have to do it in person?
  2. Kentucky Flyer is the first small Gravity Group I've ridden and it is a perfect family coaster. I had tons of fun on it and so did people across all age demographics. I rode with a little kid when he needed someone to ride with and he loved it. It was his 2nd coaster after Roller Skater and it was very thrilling but not too scary for him. Overall a super reridable and fun coaster that I plan on riding each visit to the park.
  3. When I blacked out on Millennium Force my head was between my knees. It wasn't comfortable and with a ride that has more G forces it could be a major problem. Another reason some rides should have OTSRs is if there are strong forward Gs that are found in elements like batwings. RMC coasters don't have very many forward Gs because all their inversions are rolls and not inversions that are exited vertically with the exception of Goliaths dive loop. Therefore no OTSRs are needed on their rides.
  4. They were too short to ride so they decided to revolt and...
  5. Has Kentucky Kingdom released how many cars will be on each train?
  6. I don’t think anyone else mentioned this but Kentucky Flyer will have steel supports. Also Ed Hart said it would be like wooden warrior with ‘better elements’
  7. We all known deep down that it is a themed brake run added to storm chaser
  8. I believe the loop on Flash is 170ft so if this ride is 220ft tall with a 197ft loop it would take the world record for tallest inversion.
  9. From reading the rules this ride will have 12 rows of 2 seats per row. Also I’m leaning toward a MACK hyper because of the similar stats. TREX is in the word search though.
  10. Yeah when I worked there this summer as a lifeguard they wouldn't let me work more than 40 hours. One Sunday I got sent home at 12:30 because I was about to hit 40 hours that week. The only people that worked overtime were the managers who were paid more anyways.
  11. I went back to school on July 26th and the other Indiana schools in the area went back on the 27th.
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