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  1. I was at the park yesterday for a few hours. They opened the security lines at 9:45 a.m. and didn't test the coasters until around 9:50. I got the first Cheetah Hunt train of the day and with 1 station open, that line builds up fast. By the time I rode Cobra's Curse and Montu and walked back past Cheetah Hunt, the line had a posted hour wait with the line almost to the entrance. Later in the day the posted wait time was 2 1/2 hours. I didn't realize that a lot of the rides don't open until 11 a.m. Scorpion, Sand Serpent, Kumba, Congo River Rapids, log flume and I think the bumper cars were all closed. In a park with so few rides that seems to be a problem on crowded days. Montu was running 1 train that I thought might be because it was early but seeing the ride having a 60 minute wait for some of the day today and longer waits compared to usual over the last few days, it might be an all day thing. Tigris was also closed all day yesterday and today. All passholders got $10 in Busch Bucks this month that could be printed from a kiosk (how to actually get the Busch Bucks was not mentioned in the e-mail they sent out). Combined with the 50% off Platinum Pass discount, it was nice to be able to get around $21 worth of merchandise for just over $1.
  2. It looks like Cobra's Curse finally reopened as it has a 65 minute posted wait right now https://queue-times.com/parks/24/rides/6335
  3. It’s still closed. The barricades were there but no one was standing there.
  4. I could see Wild Mouse also leaving for more water park attractions although it doesn't take up that much room.
  5. I went to the park today for a few hours. I guess the threat of rain after Elsa scared people since the park had very low crowds. Cheetah Hunt was running 3 trains with 1 station. Posted 30 minute wait but the actual was only 5 - 10 minutes. Falcon's Fury was closed. Sheikra had 2 trains running with 1 station with and no line. I tried Congo River Rapids for the first time. I was mostly dry until one waterfall at the end that got me soaked and all the water jet at the end that pushes the raft to one of the 2 conveyor belts caused others to get soaked. Dispatches were fast with hardly any stacking. There was some heavy rain that lasted around 15 minutes but the rides reopened shortly afterwards. I would really like to see some indoor rides added with how often it rains and since the park has so few non coaster rides. It's difficult to find a self serve kiosk that works. Last time I tried one outside of the park entrance near the tram drop off and it didn't print my one time Quick Queue. Today I tried the one near Montu and it stated I didn't have any pass member benefits. The one near Sheikra allowed me to print the Quick Queue. At all 3 of the kiosks, none of the scanners were working and I had to manually enter my pass number. One thing that is taken some getting used to (although not that important and not a complaint) is that at Busch Gardens and Sea World there is no all clear or dispatch message from the ride operator like at Six Flags or Cedar Fair parks.
  6. At the top portion of the log flume after the lift and some turns, there is a small drop of a few feet. I find that that drop usually causes a wave of water and gets me more soaked than the bigger drop. If you want to avoid that (or most of that part), sit towards the front of the log.
  7. Hershey really needs to add more to their water park. A play structure should rarely have any wait to enter let alone a posted 90 minute wait and the water coaster has a posted 4 hour wait. Even their kiddie wave pool has a posted 30 minute wait.
  8. El Toro derailed today https://www.instagram.com/p/CQuAHE8hVf7/?utm_medium=copy_link
  9. They give you a paper ticket when you enter the Chocolate World parking lot with the time on it. When you leave, you hand it to the employee at the exit booth and they take the ticket and then there is no charge if it is 3 hours or less.
  10. 4 hour posted wait for Candymonium on a weekday Queue Times is a great site but their crowd level estimator is usually not that accurate.
  11. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because their parks seem to be run horribly but having to pay for parking at Dutch Wonderland when their website says parking is included at all US parks is annoying. I also wonder what is going to happen if someone tries to go to Idlewild on a day that their home park is closed (especially if someone isn’t aware of the policy and doesn’t call ahead of time).
  12. Cobra’s Curse has been closed for almost a week. It was closed last Sunday when I was there later in the day and I check Queue Times at least once a day and I haven’t seen it listed as open at all since then (it looks like it last operated part of last Sunday).
  13. Maybe they should have just done what Worlds of Fun did and keep just the water park open on the less crowded weekdays.
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