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  1. Xcelerator at Knott's Berry Farm, approximately 2,695 miles away.
  2. I visited Atlanta last week to see the Phillies play against the Braves and also went to SFOG last Saturday. It was my first time visiting the park as well my first trip to any Six Flags park besides Great Adventure. The park really exceeded my expectations. Operations were great with multiple trains on the coasters and fast dispatches. The employees were also great. I expected my favorite coaster was going to be either Twisted Cyclone or Goliath and while they were fun, my favorite might have been Dare Devil Dive. It was so smooth and I'm always a fan of a coaster with inversions an
  3. I was there too and was happy to see the crowds were back to 2019 and earlier Sunday in April crowd levels. Other than the usual rides (Laff Trakk and Cupfusion) plus Lightning Racer, I didn't wait more than 20 minutes for anything. Even Fahrenheit was only around 15 minutes.
  4. If you were going to get that amount of food anyway, it's worth it. A meal can be as much as $14 and if you get a more expensive snack that could be $9 or $10 (like a funnel cake), and the all day drinks is worth around $15 (if it's a all day drink bottle).
  5. That's the first day of school for some local districts so it shouldn't be too crowded. I'd expect up to 30 - 45 minute waits for the big rides at the worst (in a normal year I would have said lower wait times but that's factoring in reduced capacities). I would also expect some non coaster rides to be closed as that time of year the park really struggles to have enough staff for everything to be open.
  6. Guest Services was able to print a wallet sized card for me. There are also kiosks outside the park that are supposed to print them as well but they don’t seem to work. I stopped there first to print out my single ride Quick Queue. One kiosk was turned off, the second one wouldn’t scan the barcode and third one didn’t print anything.
  7. I didn’t realize the San Antonio Platinum Pass was so cheap. I may consider that for some family members for next year instead of buying the Fun Card with BGT and Adventure Island that was $115 up until a few weeks ago so they can go to Sea World and Aquatica without using up all 6 bring a friend free tickets with my FL Platinum Pass.
  8. I visited on a Friday in May a few years ago, it was crowded with Music in the Parks and regular school trips. The big coasters had up to 90 minute waits. https://www.musicintheparks.com/WhereWhen It looks like Music in the Parks will be there that day.
  9. I was trying to make a reservation for next month. The site stated you have to select a date and entry time but I only had the option to pick a date. Does anyone know if that is a glitch or is this a park that is just using a date only and not time as well? I got the confirmation and a print out, so it looks like the reservation went through without the time.
  10. Trailblazer might be the only coaster they have a chance at riding. sooperdooperlooper might have been possible until a few years ago when they added stickers with green and red to where the bottom of the lap bar is and now the lap bar has to be in the green section. Fahrenheit shortened the belts in 2017 when they changed to the soft strap restraints and shortened the belts again last year. I know the newer coasters they will have no chance at. Laff Trakk is the most restrictive coaster in the park and Candymonium requires 3 clicks unlike some other B&M hypers like Nitro. They would
  11. I know it’s a Saturday of a holiday weekend but I wasn’t expecting to see 4 hour wait times posted. I made the mistake of visiting the day before Easter years ago and decided to never try it again.
  12. Thank you. I’m glad to hear I should be able to get to both parks on the same day.
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