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  1. Most (or maybe all?) of the track is in place. I couldn't get the best view or pictures as the Skyride was closed. They got a lot done in the 19 days since I was last there. It also looks like Pass Member previews will be next month according to the rewards page on the website.
  2. Update from today: Crowds were surprisingly low for Spring Break. Most of the coasters were 10 - 20 minutes except Cheetah Hunt and Cobra's Curse.
  3. There is finally some track in place I was wondering if I was going to be able to get this picture. The Sky Ride had just reopened after being closed because of the wind and the ride stopped right before this spot. After about a 15 minute delay because of technical difficulties, the ride started moving again because of and then the ride shut down for the day once everyone was unloaded from the ride. Sheikra was also back to running 1 train with probably a 30 - 40 minute wait.
  4. After 2 weeks of being open, the Sky Ride is back on the closed rides page: https://buschgardens.com/tampa/park-info/ride-attraction-schedule/ It was running when I visited on Thursday but didn't get a chance to ride as it closes at 4 on Monday - Thursday. In addition Kumba had a sign at the entrance stating it's open from 11 - 5. I know it usually opened later than the rest of the park but the early closing is new.
  5. Phoenix Rising construction update taken from the Sky Ride today. Friday seems like the best day of the week to visit the park this time of year. Crowds were low but they were running more trains compared to a Monday - Thursday. Most days this week Sheikra had up to a 30 minute wait with 1 train running. Today with 2 trains running, it was a complete walk on. I saw Cheetah Hunt was running 3 trains instead of the usual 2 on weekdays as well. There weren't too many people waiting for the Sky Ride but in a small sample size, it appeared almost everyone getting in line to ride was a pass holder. I rode twice and I only saw people pay to ride once. I'm glad to have the ride back open because when there is no line it saves some time.
  6. At least it's not an upcharge for the 1 time Fast Lane entrance like at the SEAS parks for a new ride. At BGT, when buting Quick Queue Unlimited, Iron Gwazi and Serengeti Flyer are an extra cost. On this upcoming Saturday as an example, it's an extra $30 to add 1 Iron Gwazi and 1 Serengeti Flyer to Quick Queue Unlimited (regular Quick Queue doesn't have that option).
  7. I want to say I am surprised but with the way the BGT has been run in the past few years, I guess I shouldn't be. In a park that basically has next to no flats/non coaster rides especially for a large park, that makes it even more annoying. Parking also increased. Regular is $32, preferred is $47.
  8. Sheikra reopened today along with Congo Rapids. I'm glad to see it running again not only because it is one of my favorite rides in the park but also because crowds have been higher than expected some days this month with all the tour groups and every ride being open helps.
  9. That's good to know the 2nd train is available. I guess since I typically only visit on weekdays, they only run 1 train.
  10. I don't know if they ever got the second train running since the removal of the comfort collars and if it still is running 1 train, it might have been that long of a wait or maybe even more than that (I didn't get to that section of the park on Thursday). Last time I rode Ice Breaker was a weekday in November and even then with Quick Queue it took almost 15 minutes waiting about 4 trains with 1 train running.
  11. I took some pictures on Thursday, it looks like it is going to be a fun coaster. They have these signs up in multiple spots in the park, there is all a billboard on I-4 East advertising the ride.
  12. Looks like Sheikra may have had an unplanned closure. It is listed on the closed rides page now and wasn't there as of last week as an upcoming closure. Planned closures usually also have a re-opening date like Journey To Atlantis at SWO that is listed as closed until February 26th.
  13. It was running when I was there Thursday night and looks like it has been closed since then. It is an unexpected closure as it wasn't listed as an upcoming closure on the site. Something similar happened earlier in the year where it was closed for 2 or 3 weeks. If it is closed for a while, hopefully they add other trains to the coasters to make up for the lost capacity. Sheikra was running 1 train with the line almost outside at the bottom of the stairs and Iron Gwazi was also running 1 train with a posted 45 minute wait (I used Quick Queue so I'm not sure if that was accurate or not). That was in addition to the usual rides running 1 train like Kumba and Montu. I would hope they multiple trains during the holidays anyway but with BGT's operations, I never know what to expect.
  14. I think this is going to be a great addition to the park. They needed another family coaster with Sand Serpent gone and there are not that many rides in the park at all for someone too old for kids rides but not wanting to go on a coaster with an inversion.
  15. Happy Valley’s website shows 1.2 m, that’s 47.2 inches so probably rounded up to 48 inches in the US.
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