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  1. Maybe it’s going to run two cycles with riders next year before it closes for a month again...
  2. Thanks for the advice y’all. Is SV overall more or less accommodating than the Intamins?
  3. Hey y'all, I may be making a spontaneous trip out to CP next weekend. I have been on a weight loss journey this year (down 40 pounds so far), that was caused by walks of shame on Outlaw Run and Mr. Freeze. In the past month, I was able to make it on both of those rides. I haven't been to CP in years- does Steel Vengeance tend to be stricter than OR when it comes to the restraints? My issue with OR wasn't getting the green light, it was getting the seatbelt to buckle, which I was able to do recently. I'm also worried about MF and TTD. I'm 6'3" and around 280 pounds for reference. I don't reall
  4. Per the park's Facebook page- SFSTL will not open until April at the earliest.
  5. Six Flags St. Louis will be closed until April at the earliest. Edit: Looks like it's the entire chain.
  6. People in the US are being turned away from testing if they don't match every single symptom, because the government is saying we don't have enough tests available. But somehow we have enough to test every member of the Utah Jazz team? Our health care system is fine if you're rich and wealthy enough. It's about to fail the rest of us. Sometimes there is no way to not make a discussion political- this is a global pandemic and governments need to be doing their job. It's simply cocky and (very American) to believe that this virus isn't going to hit us just as hard as it's hitting Italy. The
  7. GR will be in a new building to the far left side of the plaza. I wouldn't get my hopes up for that, but you never know. The TLC I was referring to is some shops/restaurants getting overhauled.
  8. The gas lanterns will still be there. The plaza will be simple but a lot more open and cleaner. A few other areas of the park will be receiving some TLC as well. Very excited to see how everything turns out!
  9. Anybody see the park's Facebook post about the Moon Cars moving? They're not moving to the go-karts area anymore, so maybe that's what'll take over Tidal Wave's spot. Honestly I think it'd be a nice open spot for them.
  10. I don't even think Voyage is the roughest coaster in the park- Raven has always been consistently rougher on all of my visits, especially towards the end. I love RMC, but I hope they stay away from Voyage.
  11. For a small regional park with 3 major wood coasters, I think our park does a good job taking care of them all. Thunder still rides like it did its first season. Boss is gonna be rough no matter how much work goes into it. I've never thought Eagle was ever that rough either.
  12. It's not like Moon Cars current location is all that shaded either. If the park decides to move em, I think they'd be able to put a layout longer than the current one in the space available.
  13. I'm excited for it. The social media response is surprisingly not as negative as I expected. Although lots of "too many carnival rides" comments, which always crack me up. It's an amusement park! You could call any of the rides in the park "carnival rides". And personally I wouldn't trust a portable version of this particular attraction Also, this new DC area is going to look amazing at night with Supergirl and Catwoman's light packages
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