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  1. The Tidal Wave "construction" is just the haunted maze they put there for Fright Fest.
  2. So if one has a Six Flags season pass/membership from another park that guarantees admission to all Six Flags parks, do the SFMM blackout days apply to them? This is going to piss a lot of current members off.
  3. Repainting Boomerang makes sense considering Tidal Wave's location will probably have a new ride soon. As well as Catwoman being put nearby, that area should look pretty nice soon. Obviously Boomerang isn't my favorite, but it's paint job has looked horrendous for the past 5 years so I'm glad it's getting some love. And yeah, Colossus is for sure going to be open. It was listed in a pass holder email.
  4. We have three major wooden coasters, all of which require lots of upkeep over the off-season. All of them run pretty well (Boss might not be the smoothest but I don't think any amount of track work could fix those godawful trains). That requires a large maintenance budget alone. Yeah, it's annoying we haven't gotten a major coaster in awhile. But the bellyaching, "corporate-is-ignoring-us" comments are so tired at this point. There's like 4 parks in the chain that get new coasters regularly. Coasters also aren't the only investments parks need. I mean, we were in the first pair of parks to receive Justice League, which is more exciting to me than most of the recent Six Flags coasters. We are also receiving millions to renovate a carousel, which most parks would have discarded of by now.
  5. I mean... you do realize every park in the industry is dealing with these issues at the moment?
  6. So word on the street is that many longtime entertainers at the park have been recently let go, including a large chunk of the Christmas Carol cast. Apparently the park has run into copyright claim issues considering the music featured in both major Christmas shows are all songs ripped from pre-existing musicals (which I assumed the park had licensed years ago, but evidently not). It seems like Christmas Carol and It's a Wonderful Life are gone for now, which is not only a disappointing loss to the Christmas festival, but also seems like a crowd issue, considering the 1,000ish people at a show each hour will now have to find someplace else in the park to spend their time.
  7. It's nice to see investments made into the water park, and Hook's Lagoon has been in bad shape for awhile. Buttt this looks like a downgrade.
  8. I was also at the park yesterday, and by the time we made it over to Lightning Rod (around 12ish?) it was one train operations.
  9. I don't see SFSTL ever doing a drive thru event. STL has a ridiculous amount of well-established drive thru displays already, and as fun as it is to walk around the park during HIP, I'm not sure I see anybody paying money to drive through a lightly decorated theme park, especially with Jellystone being right next door.
  10. Not necessarily, the maintenance costs of Superman might outweigh the costs of a whole new, more efficient drop tower. Especially when the new one can be marketed as a new ride, such as one of the new S&S spinning drop towers (although I feel like that type of tower might have just as much downtime so who knows).
  11. Yeah, rumors about Superman leaving have been spreading among employees the past few weeks. To be fair, talk about that happening has been going on for years now, so all COVID did was probably move up the removal date a couple of seasons. It's been a maintenance nightmare ever since it opened.
  12. Maybe it’s going to run two cycles with riders next year before it closes for a month again...
  13. Thanks for the advice y’all. Is SV overall more or less accommodating than the Intamins?
  14. Hey y'all, I may be making a spontaneous trip out to CP next weekend. I have been on a weight loss journey this year (down 40 pounds so far), that was caused by walks of shame on Outlaw Run and Mr. Freeze. In the past month, I was able to make it on both of those rides. I haven't been to CP in years- does Steel Vengeance tend to be stricter than OR when it comes to the restraints? My issue with OR wasn't getting the green light, it was getting the seatbelt to buckle, which I was able to do recently. I'm also worried about MF and TTD. I'm 6'3" and around 280 pounds for reference. I don't really have a huge gut, most of my weight is in the legs (hence the issues with the seatbelts). For additional reference, Batman @ SFSL is a very tight fit with my shoulders and how my butt fits in the small seat, but the ride ops have always been able to squish me in. On Wildfire @ SDC, I'm able to squish myself in well enough. The only rides I still don't think I could fit on are Superman and Fireball @ SFSL, just due to the seatbelts not closing (which is an unfortunate mix of my weight and height).
  15. Per the park's Facebook page- SFSTL will not open until April at the earliest.
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