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  1. I don't remember that they are restricted to the toddler area but the rest of the museum is probably better once they reach school age in my opinion. There will be lots of "bigger" kids and a toddler will likely get a bit bulldozed by them. I could see it. Cheaper than a big coaster (I assume), relatively small footprint, mollify the people butt hurt over the removal of TW It is a haunt but just the outdoor corn maze that could be constructed in other areas, there is a lot of land back behind that spot where the old haunted hayride used to go, plus the apocalyptic remains of the paint ball field.
  2. FYI - training is going on full force this weekend and next weekend ahead of the April 1 opening. I thought for sure they would have to cancel yesterday's ride op training, or maybe at least put it down to a half day, but they went on as scheduled and only ended an hour early despite not being able to run everything. So much for my knowing anything, lol. Apparently they focused on rides that could operate normally in the cold, think of stuff that used to be open for HITP.
  3. I too think this is a good addition, it fills a both a literal and figurative void in the park. I wonder if there will be any attempt to open it in conjunction with the refurbed carousel later this summer? As far as the exact placement and the future of Dragon's Wing; apparently there has been some chatter about most of the parks removing the various Dragon's Wings and according to the ride op that lives in my house it was barely open last season due to staffing. Which means to me that they were not making enough money from it when it was open to justify the staffing. Frankly if getting rid of that gives them more ride ops for other things to run at full capacity and/or maybe stay open an hour later then it's totally worth it. Training is starting up this month and I will see if he can ferret out any info that I am able to pass along.
  4. Agree with everyone, good riddance on the removal of CFA. Frankly even if you took the politics out of it, I never quite got the love, it's just a chicken sandwich and Farmhouse is a one minute walk away and much much better, too bad about Wild Turnip, was a nice spot to get fresh fruit and I hope they replace it with something similar; but whatever, food is subjective and no point in a preference discussion. I've been wondering how long Forbidden Frontier would hold on. I was kind of surprised it came back post pandemic when workers were scarce and the staff/patron ratio was super high. It was an interesting concept but somehow just never executed well. I tried to patronize it and like it, I really did, but it was always just......awkward. Hopefully, they leave Snake River alone which is enough creative outlet for the staff that can get into the character sort of attraction and find a better use for the resources that were going into FF. I suppose there will now be a secondary (to TTD) line of speculation about what will go into that area. Log flume? Move all the animal encounters there? Both? Will they keep the area open to walk through since there is a playground back there? It was a nice place to take a break with little kids. Also, had some of the least used and cleanest bathrooms in the park.
  5. I am Diamond Elite VIP, etc, etc, and I saw a couple others post on FB as well................not a huge deal just annoying if you miss out on important info.
  6. I don't care that much one way or another about a gaming lounge but I do wish the arcades were actual arcades again instead of just a collection of claw machines with one guitar hero and one air hockey table thrown in. I miss pinball. I think you are correct. There's never been an issue with any of our benefits and apparently lots of people that should have gotten this email did not.
  7. I think you are correct. There's never been an issue with any of our benefits and apparently lots of people that should have gotten this email did not.
  8. Hmmmm. Interesting. I did not get an email. Went in once again and updated my email address, which I have done multiple times including in person once at the park. Let's see if it takes this time since my original email was eliminated almost two years ago when I retired from teaching. Also, when poking around on the portal it did not list lunch/dinner/snack as a benefit, only unlimited drinks. I know there was some talk last year about the dining changing but at least as late as October we still had it. Did something change or is that just a mistake on the benefits page............because it's not like I would have seen an email or anything since I never get them anymore
  9. I really wish they would move the Turkey leg smackdown, even when the masses are behaving themselves the line almost always cuts across the midway and people walking in and out of the area have to go through the line. Terrible setup.
  10. Just as an fyi to those that aren't aware or didn't already see. According to the ACE summary of No Coaster Con in January, the following was confirmed, by Katy Enrique regional marketing director for SFOG, SFSTL, and SFGAm and John Krajnak park president: John Krajnak will indeed be the Park President for BOTH SFGAm and SFSTL. Will be interesting to see how that works out and how much time he spends in each park The SFSTL Grand Carousel refurb will be finished this year with the intent to open by National Carousel Day, July 25, 2023 There will be a new attraction for 2023 in the former go-kart area, it will be for families with small kids. No other details but updates will be coming. Discuss or not at your leisure.
  11. This. The park did NOT want it to end this way after the intense refurb. They tried their best but it just wasn't to be in the end. I have never ridden Excalibur because unfortunately neither covering my entire body in scopolamine patches and/or swallowing a case of dramamine would allow me to experience this without disasterous "Sandlot" level effects to myself and those around me; however I do recognize the historic rarity of this type of ride and sorry for all the fans of it, and would be fans who wanted to ride but never got the chance.
  12. I know I'm late here but just been catching up. You always impress me with how thorough your trip reports are, I'm way too lazy to devote the time and effort I know goes into these. I am truly hoping it's been therapeutic to work on this. While I haven't ridden Ride to Happiness yet, if it was one of your favorites you really have to meet Joel and I at SDC sometime to ride Time Traveler. While it's my understanding that RtH is more intense they are the exact same ride vehicles and steampunk theme. TT doesn't have the slow roll out of the station but the station exit is pretty awesome in a different way! Also, small point of geography order. That was the North Sea you were enjoying on the coast of Belgium not the Atlantic Ocean. Sorry. It's the former teacher in me. I. Cannot. Control. It. You know I love you beyond words!!
  13. Well it confirmed what we have basically known for a year, but now we will have to deal with a whole new round of "they're ruining the park/my childhood/things should never change" a la Splash Mountain, even though the decision is made. It's already starting on FB and I'm sure the change.org petition is coming soon. I can't take it, lol! If the new mystery building is FITH 2.0 I wish they would announce that asap in an attempt to quiet some of the inevitable ruckus. That being said we will use our free tickets from Coaster Christmas to stop by one day this season and say an official good bye. I wonder how long until Flooded Mine follows? It's probably in worse shape than FITH, although not as iconic.
  14. No idea about VD, sorry, I would agree unlikely due to Mardi Gras. I will tell you to utilize single rider for Hagrid's (although that cuts out the pre-show) because there are no row requests anyway, but it isn't really helpful for VC. Have fun!
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