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  1. I will be excited to see the carousel after getting the demo of how the refurbishment works back in Sept 2020, not to mention the historical importance of it and several of my friends from back when I owned horses and did equestrian competitions very much want to come and see the completed carousel. BUT...........overall I think it is super that they are FINALLY getting better about promoting things. One festival and a couple new shows may not seem like a big deal to most enthusiasts but for locals that seldom go to other parks it will be nice. Particularly, for non riding parents and grandparents that are hanging out with kids all day. Hopefully, they continue to promote things, so far even minor improvements have been met with mostly positive feedback on social media. People just like to know things are happening. It will be interesting to see how quickly they get Joker up and operating since they are promoting it as this summer. I mean, I can't ride it but it will be popular and that corner of the park will be looking pretty good now.
  2. Dunno, but I talked to one of the FITH ride ops who was hanging around during ert, waiting for her boyfriend who was an OR ride op annnd she didn't know the exact nature of the issue (or she wasn't saying) but did say, and this is a verbatim quote "it's big time dead" So, let the speculation begin, lol!!
  3. Oh yeah and we were given some samples from the new pretzel place. We got hot dogs wrapped in pretzel (like pigs in a blanket) and some little dollar brisket sandwiches, both were quite yummy.
  4. So, we got on the new FITH yesterday and I thought it was great. Kept all of the original storyline but with updated audio/visual and of course all new set pieces. The differences are slight but only enhance the experience. For those worried about screens instead of physical sets. Don't, 99% are physical sets with just a few discreet, well placed screens. Curious to see if RMC branches out with more of this sort of thing since it was obviously out of their normal wheelhouse. Unfortunately, I really was counting on some more rides to be able to see everything but that didn't happen. After first ride of the day we were supposed to get an hour of ert on it at park close but it went down late in the day and had to be evac'd so never got the extra rides. The park very graciously subbed Outlaw Run for an hour of ert and everyone was pretty happy about that. Anyone who complains about this redo in any way is clearly just and angry old man on the inside, yelling at clouds. As for the rest of the park. Wildfire had apparently been struck by lightening on Friday and the computer kept seeing a third ghost train and doing e-stops. They did get it up and running in the late afternoon but had to go down to one train ops to make that happen. Thunderation was down all day, no idea why. Powder keg and TT both had a little down time but got up and going fairly quickly. Good news, every coaster that was operational was using 2 trains, with the exception of course of Wildfire.
  5. You didn't, no worries. And you made a valid point......................I just don't remember the others being such a big deal, anticipation wise. BUT as you point out there wasn't the daily social media/drone footage blitz going on AND to be fair some of those were at a time in my life when I wasn't focusing that much on theme parks. IOA for example, truly one of my favorite parks now, opened when I was about 30...........establishing a career and heavily involved in a completely different hobby that took a huge time and money commitment. About ten years later I had stopped such a huge commitment to the other thing and was introducing my son to theme parks and rediscovering in myself a long lost love for them. So all of that played a part in my probably not well thought out comment
  6. Looks like a super fun, unique experience! We had a couple tiny airports like that in Peru, lol.
  7. Quick jump in because I'm going out of town tomorrow. We were there on Easter, agree with most of what Dan said although the GP on FB were all thrilled that Buccaneer had gone back to it's original theme and no one at the park seemed to care that it looked Carnival like, just saying. FYI-Easter crowds were very manageable so a good day to go while all the pious are in church. Agree there is no way Joker will be ready until later in the season, but I didn't expect it to be. One thing to note on parking. We used the speedy pass thing. The lanes that were labeled speedy pass were closed but another lane opened up for us automatically anyway So, we went to preferred because we get it on our pass. The security guard checked my pass level and let me in, but I did notice some people still had cards they had gotten at the tollbooth. I was chatting to him while my son was putting the chargers on plugshare and he told me that there would be days when reservations would be required but only on days they anticipated it to be really busy and he thought it would be on the website. He did not seem very sure and I'm thinking there are still some operational kinks to work out on this one. Speaking of the chargers, we saw at least 4 getting used, mostly by plug in hybrids which have less charging opportunities than Teslas or full electric for example. There were 8 in preferred and 12 in regular. I asked the parking lot guard about non electric vehicles using them and he said it hadn't been a problem the first few days but that there was nothing they could do about it anyway since they didn't own the chargers. Ok, but they are on your property? I take that more to mean, we don't have the manpower or will to deal with it and don't want to start a fight. I get it, but irritating just the same. Hopefully, their proximity to the parking guard will discourage most. Overall though, it was obvious that work had been going on and hopefully now that we have a dedicated park president once again the effort will continue which will result in better environment for the employees and better guest experience; the FB updates are a good start. OK, I'm outta here for a couple weeks.
  8. I get that, I'm much older than you and was around for all that plus Epcot and Animal Kingdom...........but, my point is that this is going to be on such a grander scale on both the rides and how grandiose it will be than those were when they opened, or at least it seems that way to me. Maybe I'm just not remembering the hype or maybe I'm just legit way more excited about a Universal park than Disney And to be fair I wasn't really thinking along the lines of China or Dubai, since those are not easily accessible for most people from the USA
  9. I'm soooo excited about this park! Universal Orlando is already my favorite park and to have a brand new park of this scale and quality; whoop, whoop!! I mean how often does that happen in a lifetime?!
  10. I don't usually care that much about mascots but I sure got super excited when I saw Marvin!
  11. FYI - not my pic, that is from the FB post, thought I should clarify. Meant to post it the other day. Instead of going to church we are going to the park with the other sinners on Sunday, so I'll post a quick trip report afterwards. First time my son is going back as a civilian, lol.
  12. They just posted on FB a few hours ago. Going back to the original name The Buccaneer!!!!
  13. They confirmed to me on FB that these games are indeed gone for a shaded seating area. They said that in recent years these weren't as popular. Uhhh, yeah, no kidding I really think they oversaturated themselves with the games and glad to see that they are toning those down. A small number of game booths are fun and create some atmosphere, too many and it gets very carnival like/cheesy looking in my opinion. And of course they are a massive rip off, as any carny will tell you. I'm assuming they were also seeing a diminished return for the cost of operating as fewer people were willing to blow extra money on games that are very difficult to near impossible to win. I do wish they would put a real arcade in somewhere and not just the claw machines and their equivalents. I'm guessing you would get traffic on those.
  14. Eh, depends on the kid. My son even when he was little always got way more excited about Halloween than he did Christmas. Don't get me wrong I'm not pooping on their event. I hope it's successful and if that's worth it to you than by all means I hope your daughter gets great joy out of it. But clearly most people were hoping for the T4 announcement over an event And I can't see a lot of people traveling long distances to do a Christmas event but hopefully the locals turn out for it. They sure didn't at SFSTL even though they all say it was so great.
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