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  1. If I never saw another snow flake it would be ok with me. Hopefully, since it is so rare down there, that is it for the winter because as I have been posting on a couple of the other Texas threads my son and I are going to try to hit the parks in Texas Pres Day weekend, and it better NOT snow! I am hoping to hit SW on Sat 2/13 before the tickets I bought almost a year ago expire As it is with the current hours we are going to have to leave about an hour before close and hightail it over to ZDT's to try and get SB done.
  2. So my son and I are going to make an attempt to get down to the park on the Sunday before Pres Day pending which way the virus goes by then since it does involve us getting on a plane. Trying to reschedule our cancelled Spring Break trip from last March and running out of days to do it. I'm thrilled that they are going ahead with Mardi Gras. Based on the description the Voodoo House seems like it will be a cross between a Mardi Gras funhouse and a FF haunt. Nice since they couldn't really do a real FF. Looking forward to word on how things are going down there.
  3. So my son and I are going to make an attempt to get down to the park on Pres Day pending which way the virus goes by then since it does involve us getting on a plane. Trying to reschedule our cancelled Spring Break trip from last March and running out of days to do it. Glad they are having the new festival, will be fun to have something other than just barely open like the parks we managed to get to over the summer, although I was grateful for any parks that managed to open. Will look forward to any trip reports before then.
  4. It has always been open weekends between Labor Day and FF in the past. Most likely a 8 or 9 pm close on Sat and a 6 or 7 pm close on Sun but that is just a guess based on past years. They generally do not open on Fri nights those weekends. That will most likely be the weekend before FF starts and should be a good weekend for hitting optimum rides, good weather and lighter crowds ahead of FF. I am sure they are holding off on fall hours until we get into the summer and see what is happening with the virus.
  5. That is super disappointing to hear about the 50th. I was really looking forward to it before the virus that shall not be named happened. Particularly after what a source told me the original plan was. On a vaccine note, which totally affects all theme park operations., as well as all the rest of daily life, I guess I just look at it from an historical perspective since I am a history teacher. When you look at the numbers of people throughout time that have died or been disabled from infectious diseases versus the teeny tiny amount that have suffered any permanent ill effects from a vacci
  6. Well that is extremely annoying and will only drag this on longer. I have a couple of friends in the medical field that have already gotten both shots with no side affects other than a sore arm. Most of the teachers in my school are planning on getting it, so I am hoping that is just your corner of the metro area and not indicative of the greater populace. I personally will knock people over if they get in my way to getting the vaccine.
  7. They are still being pretty conservative with their hours, but I guess that is to be expected. Nothing during Spring break week and of course no May field trip days because none of the schools can do field trips this year. Hoping they can have a normal FF by the time that rolls around again. We have been told at our district that they hope to be bringing in the vaccine for the teachers by the end of February.........so it's finally happening. True light at the end of the tunnel. Curious how far into the summer the masks and reservations will go on. Not complaining about them, just wonde
  8. On my various surveys this year I have mentioned that they use to have ghosts that light up in the MT train tunnel and suggested they bring it back as well as put some Christmas decorations in there and I see they specifically mention the tunnel on their board. Maybe they really do read those things !!
  9. Treated my next door neighbor to a night at the park last night for our weekly Mom's Neighborhood Happy Hour; Christmas edition. She does NOT do rides so it was a check out the Christmas stuff for a few hours visit. We were there about 4:45 to about 7:30 ish. It was not busy and judging by the lines/stations I could see I am sure most things were a walk on or at most a station wait. Everything that could be open was and everyone as usual was making the most of the less than normal experience. Christmas lights all looked good and the outdoor versions of shows are a good alternative to th
  10. Just throwing ideas and possibilities out there guys. Obviously no one knows for sure. Just exciting to even be able to discuss an end to it all. A few more companies get vaccine approval and that speeds it up by a couple months, if not or if they can't make it fast enough then it slows it down a couple months. Of course concerts will be one of the last things allowed, I never thought it would all happen at once. Although masks will undoubtedly be recommended for another 4-6 months, I think it will gradually lighten up month by month until one day you look around and realize no one in the groc
  11. I am old enough to remember the park opening, no January opens ever. It has only been recently that they started doing HITP and before that it was shut down right after Halloween. For years when I was growing up Easter weekend was the traditional opening for the season, recently it has been based a bit more on when the local schools have their spring break which is usually mid - late March. I am curious what they will decide to do for spring though. All indicators are that we will be fully coming out of this mess by April or May. Will they open at the normal time in March with some restr
  12. I got the survey too and while interesting, I am not sure they will get enough people out in the cold without at least some rides going. I agree with Bert that they really do have to pay more attention to the quality of the surveys though. There was more than once where I answered and then the next question was based on what I did not choose. I pointed this out in the comments.
  13. On the topic of guest experience. I am sure under current circumstances it is not as consistent as they would like, most businesses are not if they are even open. That being said after the excellent support in the previously mentioned lost car key debacle at the ACE event, I had another issue completely (once again) of my own making. Apparently it was my weekend to be stupid. In the panic and then subsequent relief of the key, and the fact that we stayed an hour late for ert and went out the resort gate; I totally forgot that I had sent a package to pick up earlier in the day. I realize
  14. I'm so terribly sad to hear this about Josh. I had no idea he was in such a serious battle. Never wanted to pry when he pm'd me regarding things on the forum. I will forever remember how kind he was to my son and all the help he gave him in getting his first job. He also took the time to message me and let me know how the interview went and reassure me that he was doing well on his first days working. To those in the know, please do let us know if there will be a place to post a message to his family or if there is an organization they are requesting donations for in his name.
  15. And Superman has not been fully operational in........ I cannot even remember how many years it has been.
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