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  1. If you say so. They were on sufficiently different topics and so I did them separately. Why is it such an issue for you? You didn't have to read them and they were all very short. What the hell are you talking about? My profile clearly states I am from St. Louis. There I answered two different posts at once. Happy now?
  2. 1. Normally it is. You can access the lockers and changing area for wp before park open so I would stash your wp stuff there first, go to the back of the park and do Thunderbird and Voyage then switch over to the wp, do what you want there, and then switch back over to the dry park in the afternoon when the crowd heads to the wp. 2. Yes, works like any other single rider line. You will be in close proximity with strangers in your swimsuits so if that freaks you out keep that in mind. No way will they let you ride by yourself whether you meet the weight or not. There are dividers but the legs of the person behind you will encroach into your space.
  3. 3.5 hours will be plenty of time. I've never waited more than 15 min for anything there. The wp is pretty standard other than when they turn on the super waves in the pool and that is a better spectator sport than a participation event.
  4. We were back at the park earlier this week for a couple days. VC crew really keeps things moving, never had a wait of more than about 35 min and that was usually doing front row. We were at RP so had express for most things but I will reiterate two things for everyone. Use single rider for Hagrids, all you really give up is a chance to ride on the motorbike side, not that big a deal and even if you aren't usually a "show" person make sure to go see the Bourne Stuntacular, it is amazing.
  5. At the park on 6/8 for the end of the ACE SpringCon (first two days at BGT) IceBreaker would be a fun family coaster if they were able to let younger kids ride it but since they shot themselves in the foot with the comfort collars which prevent said kids from riding it's all kind of eh. Manta was down all day, one of the employees told me during ert it was due to "someone doing something they were not supposed to be doing".....? I have no idea if that someone was a guest or an employee. But I can tell you that there was a crew working on the lift hill ALL day. Also Infinity Falls was closed for annual maintenance. I totally get that in a year round park that is going to happen but they knew 450 attendees were coming to the event, way ahead of time, did it have to be closed that day? Couldn't do the annual maintenance a week earlier? Just kind of butt hurt on that one because the only other time we were at the park was the summer it opened and we missed it by one week. Even though it was supposed to have a summer opening. And we were there the last week of July. Grrr. Whatever.
  6. So we were at the park 6/6 & 6/7 for the ACE Spring Con. Probably not fair for me to give a lot of opinion on operations since we had most everything at some point on ert and had just been there over Christmas so not like we were trying to get on everything in one day. It was busy enough on Sat that with no evening ert we left about 5 since we had to drive on into Orlando. The only thing I am aware of that was down both days was Falcon's Fury (and for you Lorikeet aficionados the interactive part of the exhibit was down due to caution over the avian flu that has been spreading in the wild). IG was insanely fun and exactly as expected and our meal in the big, and wonderfully air conditioned tent, near IG was pretty good. Lots of the food festival stuff was pretty good too, but I tend to enjoy that sort of thing. The bigger news is for anyone that might stay at the Hampton Inn right across the street. As has been discussed the area around the park "ain't the greatest of neighborhoods", but I thought Hampton Inn, known entity, fairly secure. And several of the other attendees were there as well. Most of you are probably familiar with the typical free hotel breakfast you get there. Came down to eat, nothing special UNTIL about 5 women came storming in all at once through the lobby and were grabbing food left and right. Immediately the ladies that ran the breakfast area started screaming at them that the police were being called and 3 of the women bolted for the door, the fourth grabbed a few things but got out quick, but the fifth casually kept eating and claimed she was being harassed even though she was clearly stealing food. Turns out the 5 "ladies" were local prostitutes that are sent in by their pimp on a regular basis to steal food. Not exactly high priced call girls either since the brazen one that stayed had some open sores on her neck and she preceded to eat right out of the pan of eggs over and over which of course then had to be dumped. In the end she took about 5 plates of food out to said pimp, yes I saw him, and caused a ton of wasted food since she touched about everything. Thing is if she had quietly come in an just gotten a plate of food I'm not sure most of of us would have noticed. Anyway if you like a show with breakfast apparently this is a regular thing, if not you might want to avoid. Since it was during an event I've dubbed it the "Thoosies and floosies variety hour" AND this was the day after a strange meatball incident at the Tampa airport involving a man dropping a whole crap ton of meatballs from a carryout container all over the jet way as we exited the plane which happened right in front of a man exiting with his service dog. Needless to say said dog was completely incredulous that his owner expected him to bypass free meatballs that were all over the floor and available for the taking. Use your imagination for the chaos that ensued.
  7. Perhaps but the original point was in comparison to the other SF parks.
  8. I HAVE been to SFMM and SFGAdv (twice each) and certainly not all but most of the major SF parks. And I have to agree that SFFT is the absolute best when considering the overall park experience; not just coaster lineup.
  9. Have to agree unless "desert wasteland" at SFMM and "crack house chic" at SFGAdv is considered theming.
  10. To those that have posted appreciate the updates and trip reports! We will be making our first ever visit pre-CoasterCon on June 16 & 17 and really looking forward to it. So bummed that we won't sync up with Duran Duran......
  11. I believe there have been some supply chain issues getting parts, same things affecting many other parks, nothing specific to SFTSL. And as already stated but worth repeating there was never a fire.
  12. Seriously everyone as a teacher and a Mom I am disappointed in the behaviors, Play nice!
  13. Not that you apparently are really interested but since you asked, they have a very nice horseracing museum there and there are various tours you can take. The basic one being very reasonably priced and it lets you walk under the famous grandstand that the race participants take and go into the paddock area. It is a very unique and famous venue. For what it's worth you did kind of ask for reasons to visit the area besides just the park and when a couple people gave you some ideas you crapped all over them, even though you've experienced none of them. A polite thank you or better yet "if you have nothing nice to say just say nothing policy" would have been appropriate. Not everything suggested is my cup of tea either but no reason to be mean when people have offered suggestions that you asked for. And if you won't visit CP without TTD you might be waiting a very long time. And comparing Mystic Timbers to Prowler is ridiculous and how would you know if you haven't ridden the former?
  14. You are both more than intelligent enough to know that the KI carousel was much better maintained, did not need the TOTAL "down to the studs" refurb as the SFSTL carousel, and that the situations are no where near the same thing. Joking or not, stop stirring the pot.
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