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  1. I was super excited to try Skyline the first time I was at KI but it turned into a meh for me. I said something that I never though I would ever say in a million years which was "there is way too much cheese on this" I mean the proportion of cheese to chili and spaghetti was so off balance that it was ridiculous. I have no idea if that was an anomaly or how it always is. Tom+Chee on the other hand.................I would drive the 6 hours just for one of those, even if there were no rides open.
  2. Wouldn't that be so cool. At some past FF they put lighted up tombstones or something like that along the back half of the run, wouldn't it be cool to have some Christmas trees lit up back there on a HITP nighttime run on Eagle. They should bring back the ghosts in the tunnel of MT for FF as well and/or Christmas trees in there.
  3. I was at the park on the 10th with a co-worker/friend. Two ladies in their 50's blowing off steam after having students back in our rooms for the first time in almost 7 months. To add to what Dan posted: I think they did a great job figuring out a way to do JL with the line and only one party per car, each person asked to use hand sanitizer right before the ride. The scare zones were kind of lame. More like scare shows, but as a teacher I give the park an absolute A for effort and attempting to keep some of that Halloween atmosphere. I think they did the best they could under the
  4. For water rides you can also wear hiking type sandals, they are waterproof and comfortable or water tennis shoes that are designed to be worn without socks and are water proof. Yes, they exist just google them. And if you don't want Zach's all day swamp ass you can also buy water shorts......look like shorts but made out of swimsuit material. Lands End has them for women, men, and kids. Although you do sacrifice getting as many pockets as say cargo shorts. I wear my "water gear" for water ride heavy parks. Of course this is for people who really want to ride the water rides, just not wort
  5. Yeah that was our presentation during lunch. It was really quite interesting. Interesting enough that all the coaster nuts were asking questions and paying attention.
  6. Sorry. I have no idea. Couldn't drink because I had my seasick patch on so I could ride a bunch. And I just don't have a memory of whether the bar at JB's was open or not, even though I walked by it more than once.
  7. It just occurred to me that I got so sidetracked talking about the horses that I didn't mention anything else about the park that day. It was moderately busy but nothing compared to what it would be on a normal Saturday with perfect weather. Still some of the arcade games closed but all the rides running, including Boomerang and Fireball. In fact I think the only ride that was down was JL which of course was always going to be down, and TR and TS which I assume are done for the season. Batman did have a train get stuck very temporarily on the lift hill, we were stuck out on the break run d
  8. Unfortunately, they don't expect to get it done until sometime in 2022 and we had to work to get that date out or her. That is a current best guess; it could end up being a little sooner or a little later depending on how much damage, and therefore how much restoration each horse needs. But it is historic and I hope the ride and the park staff is given recognition when they complete it. Over 100 years old and built by PTC. There are very few of these left. Bert go have a party! I know you were super bummed at the condition of these guys.
  9. You guys beat me to the punch! I also have pics of the new horse, but no better than what you put up. He looks absolutely amazing in person. Super super detailed and everyone I saw pass by stopped and examined him. We were actually there for a special event and during lunch in the picnic grove; we got to witness horses in various stages and one of the artists detailed the process for us. One horse had just been stripped of all old paint and sanded down, one horse had been painted with primer, and the third had a base coat color applied. Then after each of those steps they paint the detail like
  10. Got it. Will keep checking, thanks. IF we ever get on the damn thing it might go down as the hardest to get credit, geez.
  11. Rats! This totally bums me out. We were planning on going down to Dollywood on 11/14 for an event with the "other" club. LR was down a couple years ago when my son was there and he has been itching to get a second crack at it. Keep the reports coming, really hoping they get it back up.
  12. And isn't the ride announcement usually the end of August? Not that I expect new rides for next year but I thought maybe they would re-announce/confirm the delayed stuff for 2021. Or did I miss it?
  13. Glad you enjoyed it. We loved Orion too, and since our home park hasn't had a new coaster in a long time and has no hyper, much less a giga.....I cannot understand the complaining that occurred. Show a little gratitude, we happily drive the 6 hours one way at least once a year to visit. Coasterstock usually hits on my son's birthday and since it was cancelled this year to the virus that shall not be named we missed out on those night rides this year. Although we were happy to at least get a daytime visit in the last week of July. Coasterstock was one of the most fun events I've ever been too,
  14. Bert! Congrats on the weight loss and thanks for the trip report. We are determined to reschedule for next year and make it down there. Will have a lot to celebrate at the end of the school year; my last year teaching and the boy's last year in high school. Of course at the moment I am teaching virtually from an empty classroom. We are required to drive in to school but are not allowed to meet with anyone, so we have to zoom with other teachers in other empty classrooms. Seriously.
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