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  1. So we will be there in exactly one month. When I booked our southern CA trip a couple months ago I was really assuming Emperor would be opening soon since it had clearly been about ready to go right before the initial lockdowns. That's on me, I should have known better. What are those of you that are local hearing? I take the fact that it is not listed anywhere on their web site as a very bad sign for any sort of opening in the near future.
  2. Just like what constitutes a "new" ride for SFSTL, which will probably just be our delayed flat that was supposed to go in for this year. I'm happy for you all down there but our poor park (one of the original 3 ground up parks for Six Flags) just quietly celebrated our 50th anniversary. I mean it was very very quiet. We got new paint, and some fireworks, and a new kid's structure in HH......oh wait that isn't done yet despite there only being about a month left of waterpark operations. Pfffft. Seriously though congratulations to SFFT and those of you lucky enough to have it as your home park!
  3. That's true. He would never take the time to look through and read a lot of posts. He just relies on me to give him any important info.
  4. It's clearly NOT going the other way. If you want it you better lock it in now!
  5. Shhhhhhh........ I did NOT tell Joel things opened back up. It did rain later and hotel employee told me at breakfast that it rained all night. I did ride Adv Express, Joel and I were just ahead of you and waiting on the exit ramp for you guys when the ball hit me. Little twerp. We rode red since their were two blue trains and one red to guarantee a race.
  6. When you are there make sure to go through Marvel Cave, it's free and the entrance is in the big gift shop that you walk through at the start of the park. It is the whole reason the park exists and is really a cool cave.
  7. Sucks doesn't it. Not living right in your neck of the woods but having been there a number of times through my growing up years I have seen the change. The area was always religious and conservative but we were there right after the 2016 election and people had put up all sorts of billboards rejoicing that HC had lost the election and the vitriol in these completely unnecessary "ads" was unbelievable. That's when I knew things had really taken a vicious turn. BUT nobody should be deterred from visiting, SDC is a really great park and the employees will go out of their way to be helpful.
  8. Ironically I even though we have been to BGW I came on here for my own question. Without boring everyone with all the details we unexpectedly ended up with BG/SW passes until April. We usually try to hit a park for Halloween and had never done CP at that time and it was next on our list, but since we always have CF passes and things have been kind of wonky there this year and we have the BG passes I thought maybe we should do BGW instead. I see on the schedule that they have some Wed and Thurs nights open, which we could do, so................: Are most of the rides open during their haunt event? And does anyone know if it is different on those weeknights? Anything specific to their Halloween event I should know? Was gonna ask what the locals have been hearing about Pantheon but perhaps the survey mentioned previously answers that?
  9. Second Colonial Williamsburg it is really cool and if you go don't cheap out, buy the ticket that let's you go in to all the places, lots of cool stuff. IF you are REALLY a history buff the Jamestown site/museum, Yorktown battlefield and Museum of the American Revolution at Yorktown are all very cool........course I was a history teacher so that may just be me, lol.
  10. Sadly both unbelievable and not at all surprising at the same time. Sigh.
  11. So I have to add: I regret so much that there is not a pic, video, or even audio of our rain ride on Adv Express. I am sure it would have sounded like we were all being tortured Even though the boy is hardly a boy anymore if I don't feed him regularly he gets super grumpy AND he won't eat breakfast very often. I told you. Teens. Are. Annoying. So on the log flume I was actually in the back and my extremely helpful son ducked all the way down when he realized we were about to get Tidal waved (which did NOT happen the last time I rode this flume) so his back was soaked and my front was soaked. Thanks kid. And after I finance your coaster trips and feed you. The Brewhouse food was fantastic and not just by theme park standards I also had no idea that there was that cute bar area behind the Mexican restaurant and I have been to this park multiple times. It really is a biergarten and although I am not much of a beer drinker as Bert mentioned they had other drinks, a little show, and it was just a pleasant pleasant area to take a break and relax. Joel and Zach went and rode something so the old people (that's you and I Bert) could take an extra long break.
  12. Welcome to theme parks during a pandemic. This is happening everywhere.
  13. Yes, but the description of the VIP tours is either before park open or guided for 4 hours only, not just unlimited access. Unless something has changed or been added that I am unaware of. I agree with Bert that fast passes are available to all and I utilize them whenever I can BUT as you can already see from a previous response some people view them as "cheating" and favoring the rich (even though that is crap because it is up to you how you spend your money and I would not have taught middle school for almost 30 years if I was rich ) While of course there are always exceptions, conservative, rural folk tend to be more of the "cheating" view and the opinion that it gives certain people an unfair advantage. The VIP thing happens before hours so most people don't see it going on in front of them and the guided tour is $250 on top of admission with a guide so I cannot believe there are a lot of people doing it. Although I certainly have been wrong before, lol. It is my opinion after talking to one of the owners that the profit to potentially be made was not worth the complaining they believed they would receive. Now that was 5 years ago, things could change, and perhaps the fairly new tours are a toe in the water to test things out.
  14. You better check if you can do advance schedule with Uber in Sandusky. It is NOT available in all markets. Last time I checked Orlando had it but not for me at home in STL. I also vote to do the rental, at least Breakers let's you park for free.
  15. I talked to a member of the Koch family that owns HW at a special event once. They have never considered a fast pass that I know of, I think they just feel that it goes against the "family feel" of the park. I think they might potentially face a backlash from the rather conservative clientele that live within a 2-3 radius of the park. I can tell you that he said that they made their hugest jump in profit the year they started giving free drinks and just raised the ticket prices a buck or two. I was there once when the county was under a boil order so they could not use their fountain drinks and they drove to a distributor and loaded a truck with canned sodas so they could honor the free drinks as advertised. I do advise, even if you are not a "waterpark person", NOT to skip this water park. The 3 water coasters there are incredible and I know at least two of them have single rider lines that are totally worth it. The most unfortunate thing to me is that there is nothing else to do anywhere near the park, I mean it is literally in the middle of a corn field. Like you can see a corn field from the line of Thunderbird, lol. So we have more than once made it a 6 hour round trip and just go for the day rather than spend the night in the one dumpy hotel there.
  16. Pigeon Forge is pure tourist hoop la (not saying there aren't fun things to do there just be aware it is hillbilly Vegas) The Old Mill restaurant actually is very very good but there will likely be a 1-2 hour wait, although lots of little shops and stuff to look around in while you are waiting. Gatlinburg is Pigeon Forge's more sophisticated cousin. Shops and most restaurants are just a cut above quality wise to PF. Agree that the aquarium is very good. Pancake pantry is great for breakfast and Anakeesta has a chair lift up to a cool mountain view along with a single rail alpine coaster, zip line, rope walk, restaurant, etc. If you want to go up there and do any of that strongly suggest you buy tickets on their website ahead of time or you will spend a long time in line. Just outside of Gatlinburg (I mean maybe 5 minutes from the main drag) there is a Sugarland Ranger station for Smoky Mt Park. They can give you all the info on trails and lengths/difficulties of hikes. Just google it and you will find it. If you have time do try to spend at least part of a day in SMNP the contrast between the natural beauty of the park and the mess of "civilization" that is PF is rather jaw dropping, lol. Gatlinburg is kind of a bridge between the two. There are good alpine coasters in both GB and PF, again you can google them and find them all.
  17. The last time my son used his "get in free" to HW they asked for a pay stub, which he did not have. We finally convinced her by showing not only his badge but his current work schedule on the employee portal. We did not try to use it last year at SDC since you had to purchase tickets on line and I couldn't find anyway to do the free park employee thing and decided it was kind of churlish under last year's Covid circumstances anyway.
  18. You know, there are groundhogs that hang around Ninja and Screaming Eagle at SFSTL and have been there for years. Are groundhogs secretly coaster enthusiasts? Or have they developed an affinity for theme park nachos?
  19. I also have to say that sitting by the fountains and watching the running of the rope drop bulls while you guys were in Starbucks, knowing we could saunter at leisure with the FL+ was really really pleasant.
  20. Small correction - I do upside down stuff but also tend to be one and done with many inverts and tend to avoid most boomerangs at this point, since they are not only redundant but concussion inducing. KI coasters that have inversions aren't their best, remember I've been here more than once
  21. I know, at 5'1" with short, stumpy legs sometimes I can't believe I grew him. Fortunately for him he takes after his Dad!
  22. As far as Joel making it onto Orion from Beast with 5 minutes to spare...........he has pulled that sort of thing off a bunch of times. Amazing that he can make it all the way across a theme park in a couple minutes but takes him hours to clean up his room or do a simple homework assignment or take a shower, etc, etc, Teens. Are. Annoying.
  23. OMG! That kid on Racer! So the whole time we were loading and getting secured he was non stop talking telling me about his past adventures on the coaster, and I was wondering how much snot was gonna fly on me during the ride and I asked him if he was there with someone and Mom or Grandma or somebody was waiting for him, couldn't understand.......none of which freaked me out after all my years teaching. So as we are going up the lift hill I said to him "so are we going hands up?" and he got super agitated, pointed to the sign that said hands and arms inside at all times and was adamant that we hold on to the grab bar. So I humored him and we rode strictly to code. Then as we came into the brake run he put his hands over his ears and expressed his apparently repeated fear that it would not stop. I think the noise in the covered brake run really bothered him. So I told him "it's ok" and I threw out my hand in front of us doing a stop sign and yelled "STOP TRAIN" and got really lucky and it all timed out like I controlled it and he just stared at me the entire time we were unbuckling and getting off. I mean he almost fell over because he was watching me instead of where he was walking as we exited, lol. I do regret not having a picture. The benefit of taking the bullet as Bert phrased it is that while they were stuck on the brake run I was able to see all of the fireworks from the little bridge that overlooks the station.
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