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  1. I wasn't really casting dispersions on Melt. My Dad and Son both had a great dishes there. I think for me it was a rare case of just ordering the wrong thing. I am totally willing to try it again. Unfortunately the couple of times I have tried to eat at MRB it always had a super long line and I can't drink at theme parks. Will get in one of these days.
  2. The most amazing Grilled Cheese "hut" (it's like a permanent cart/food truck sorta thingy) that ever was or ever will be! If I drive the 6 hours to KI and every ride is down but Tom & Chee is open it was worth the drive. Way better than Melt in my experience, although I only ate at Melt once to be fair.
  3. Bert you will love their antique cars. They refurbed a few years ago and it was really well done. The flume is strangely good for as small as it is. Rapids nothing special but they do interact with MT. You are right that we probably won't need to get FL for Coasterstock, they generally make sure every single coaster is on ert. The only caveat to that being that it is usually in May so the Friday wasn't too bad with crowds, but this year with it being July that might be different. Although personally I consider Tom & Chee to be an attraction worthy of all the accolades.
  4. Yes, please don't temp fate or give anyone ideas. We will be there a week from tomorrow.
  5. I have been told (no I am not naming my source) that it was in the original 50th plans but due to Covid got indefinitely delayed. No idea where it stands in the plans now.
  6. Now that you say that I very vaguely remember that they had that but frankly do not remember anything about it. I think that was around the time I was first married, spending all my non-working time showing my horses and just wasn't at the park much in those days. But as long as we are getting all nostalgic and talking about mule go round's and dolphin shows I found this when I was trying to jar my memory of the Robin Hood Show. Should bring some memories for some of you, it did for me. Including enjoying the parking lot tram as much as any of the rides when I was very young, lol. ht
  7. It was a dolphin show in the 70's and then (thankfully because the tank for the dolphins was quite small) replaced by a diving show, humans only, and then filled in for Pandemonium.
  8. Nope. Sorry I just can't. Bluegrass covers of classic rock is just so wrong.
  9. Wait I thought they would do an electronic sign since it was new?! Did I invent that? And why didn't they put the new arch logo thingy on it?
  10. I remember both!! I seem to remember they didn't even staff the Haunted House, you just walked through and got "spooked" by the atmosphere and decor.
  11. That might work, I will check them out. We are driving into Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge the next morning and while we have done most of the mountain coasters there, we did have Anakeesta and one of the Rowdy Bear ones in PF that was still being built last time we were there to add as well. We couldn't do Anakeesta because it was closed to high wind. Then I found out when rescheduling the zipline that the coaster up there was hit by lightening and is currently closed pending a part coming from Wiegand..........! Will do our best but it's always a crapshoot trying to hit that milestone with a partic
  12. Rats. We are going to be there on 5/15 and was hoping it would be open. Trying to make the stars align so my son can have LR as his 250th. But we kinda need all the coasters at SFOG open, lol. I knew it would be a longshot.
  13. I don't mind the bluegrass music and I agree that it totally fits the theming of SDC and DW, not as much at CF parks. BUT when they started playing bluegrass versions of Bon Jovi and in particular Africa by Toto at KI...........ummm. No. Maybe I am just too much of a city girl. Or an 80's girl. Or both.
  14. Hallelujah! I ran back and forth like an idiot last year getting line tickets while my son marathoned SV. Although I am not sure we will make it up there until October this year due to several other trips planned but we are intending to go for a weekend to do Halloweekends never having done CP at that time.
  15. Eh, I like the new St. Louis/arch-themed logo. The change is nice. And I am sure whichever employee has to trek out to the sign to change the message (and it is probably always cold or raining that day) will love being able to sit at a computer and put new messages up
  16. Keep in mind with your planning that the Zoo and the City Museum both require reservations at the moment. Whether they will or not in July is anyone's guess but 4th of July weekend in Forest Park will be insane. The Cardinals are out of town which will help but if the VP fair goes on as usual at the Arch it will only compound the crowds. You will need to plan and I would make Zoo reservations early and plan on that taking up most of the day. The aquarium really only needs an hour or two, so you will have to decide if the money is worth it. It's not bad just really small and a "short" experienc
  17. I don't doubt you but the ops were so slow that day that even with qq a second ride was about a 30 -40 minute wait and eating apple strudel and ice cream at the Germany booth while listening to an accordion player do German tunes seemed a better use of my time.
  18. Um no offense to any individual or SFFT but if you think brisket at a theme park is the best you have ever had you have clearly never been to a Jewish deli; or had real brisket.
  19. SHHHHHHHHHHHH! Don't taunt LR before we get there on the boy's 18th birthday trip and 3rd attempt to get on.
  20. When we were there a couple weeks ago we both thought Stingray was by far the best coaster in the park and I thought Wavebreaker was a lot of fun too! I was a little underwhelmed by Steel Eel, liked Mamba at WOF much better. But to be fair I only ended up riding it once in the front row. Glad to hear they had multi train ops, maybe they will have better ops than we experienced going into summer.
  21. My Dad was the same way, I almost bailed after we had been in line for a while but he talked me into it. In the summers when school was out, he used to have Thursdays off because he worked Saturdays and we would "do stuff" every Thursday. I can remember we both got in trouble with my Mom after a day at the park, she had prepared a nice dinner and after a day of rides and lots of junk food neither one of us could touch it. She was quite put out and we got lectures that night!
  22. Yes, your member perks should work at all SF parks. Although I did run into a weird thing where I could not make two preferred parking reservations even though they were for two different parks a day apart. Every ride that you cannot carry your drink cup on has the holders at the stations.
  23. Jet Scream was my first coaster with an inversion. When I was in junior high they used to have "double rides after 5" on Friday nights which was really nice for Jet Scream because that thing was super short, lol.
  24. As far as Eagle and the double up; I was 8 when Eagle opened (yes you young uns' I was born in the 60's) so I definitely rode it with the double up. However, being just a kid, not at all knowledgeable about coasters and their elements I really have no memory of that specific element, although I definitely remember the original trains (my Dad used to slide over and squish me) and I do remember the banking being added to the turns; but just don't remember the double up or realizing it had been removed.
  25. You have to carry the big cup. I agree with some others that it would be nice if they did it like CF parks where you just scan your card and use a refill station. Those move people through much faster than the cup refills too.
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