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  1. From what I have read I believe, these type of rides are custom made. Great America's was built first and ours was next. I would expect as soon as it is on site it would be up within a few days. Longest part to build might be the Fun House.
  2. Actually the post was on Facebook. Six flags themselves said they were in the general lot which is weird since the picture clearly shows them in the preferred lot. Either they made a mistake or the whole lot is general now.
  3. Someone that works at Six Flags that manages the facebook page must be a fan here. Every Friday they we start to share what goes on during the off season.
  4. Personally, I like seeing park updates. I think Six Flags Fiesta Texas does an outstanding job of keeping the public up-to-date. To me it shows the Park cares about it's customers.
  5. Gravitor is the old Rush Street Flyer from STL - if La Ronda did in fact remove it would be nice if they brought it back here Park News - (11/21/2023) According to a reader who passes by La Ronde almost daily on their work commute, it appears that the park has now removed two rides. Our source says that the Condor (Huss) tower ride has been taken down, as well as the park’s Gravitor ride, which was said to have sat closed for the past couple seasons anyway. Currently both rides are still listed on the park’s website, but the site has also not been updated to feature information about the 2024 season yet.
  6. In the 70’s thru the early 00’s there was not the staffing issue there is too and less ppl lived in the area. I don’t think the park being in Eureka is the issue. Most kids are more lazy today and don’t want to work. Also min wage in Missouri is $12. I don’t think theme park ppl should be paid $20 an hour when corporate jobs start at $20 an hour. This is why we have an inflation problem. I would agree management is the reason why ppl no longer want to work there and/or stay there.
  7. This shareholder wants to see the Six Flags sell all their land and lease it back to them. Stupid idea. They need to move on
  8. https://s2.q4cdn.com/170666959/files/doc_presentations/2023/11/FINAL-Investor-Presentation-11-02-2023.pdf View the power point for more details on the merger.
  9. This time cedar fair made the offer. In 2019 Six Flags made the offer. I’d assume Cedar Fair leadership would stay in place.
  10. Yup - Exactly what I tell every person I know. Premier Parks killed everything great about Six Flags and turned it from a upscale Theme Park to a Dump. I mean come on, Season Passes are the same price today under our new CEO then they were under Time Warner. I still go to the park because I have memories of my childhood but it is very sad to see it in it's current state, we can't even replace lights that go out.
  11. It would be great if they did this. I'm kind of tired of the backwards launch.
  12. This was posted on the La Ronde Screamscape page: The thing to point out here is Gravitor which is our old Rush Street Flyer ride. If they don't want it they need to bring it back here. I'd rather have Rush Street over Fireball ANY DAY! Park News - (7/12/2023) Screamscape was sent some sad news about the state of things at La Ronde. According to our source the park’s galloping carousel, Le Galopant, which has been closed for the past four years may never ride again, as the funds needed to repair it have been deemed as being too costly. Other complaints claim that the Gravitor has been sitting closed since the start of the season
  13. They also removed the Mall of America and Dave (old park president) signs/plaque that used the be at the water fountain. The Mall of America sign was one of the last things that still said Six Flags Over Mid-America with the original flags of the park.
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