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  1. It would be great if they did this. I'm kind of tired of the backwards launch.
  2. This was posted on the La Ronde Screamscape page: The thing to point out here is Gravitor which is our old Rush Street Flyer ride. If they don't want it they need to bring it back here. I'd rather have Rush Street over Fireball ANY DAY! Park News - (7/12/2023) Screamscape was sent some sad news about the state of things at La Ronde. According to our source the park’s galloping carousel, Le Galopant, which has been closed for the past four years may never ride again, as the funds needed to repair it have been deemed as being too costly. Other complaints claim that the Gravitor has been sitting closed since the start of the season
  3. They also removed the Mall of America and Dave (old park president) signs/plaque that used the be at the water fountain. The Mall of America sign was one of the last things that still said Six Flags Over Mid-America with the original flags of the park.
  4. In my conversation ppl always say six flags is way to expensive but don’t say the same thing about going to the cards game. They are too in love with the game to complain.
  5. I think the history thing is awesome. Kids today don't know any better but prior to the Premier Parks days the park was pretty well kept and themed. Sad the world we live in today made the park stop flagging it's Six Flags and now only flying American flags.
  6. Yeah - I haven't paid for parking in over 20 years. Additionally people don't complain to park downtown for $40 to see the game and then pay for the game itself.
  7. I am all for making the park look better - however that should also include fixing any and all lighting packages and the parking lot. The parking lot is the first thing a guest sees and lighting is what people see as they drive past.
  8. Xcalibur 100% is NOT an original ride to Six Flags St. Louis. It moved here in the early 2000's from SF Great Adv where it had a totally different name.
  9. Isn't Six Flags in NJ in a colder climate than STL? They still hold HIP
  10. They must have quickly taken this off - I no longer see it posted with Holiday in the Park
  11. Does not seem like paying teens $15-$20 an hour helps either. I would loved to have been paid that much as a teenager.
  12. Premier Parks should never be allowed to own Six Flags again. They are the original ones that killed Six Flags in the first place.
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