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  1. Actually after the dive show it became the Robin Hood Show (Sherwood Forest Theater) and then replaced by Pandemonium
  2. You are totally correct sir - for anyone that's been to Great America compare their parking lot to ours. More ppl trash the parking lot at STL than they do at Great America.
  3. It was removed because ppl in STL have zero respect for private property.
  4. I think bringing back the Over Mid-America name is a great idea!
  5. Personally I’ll miss the old logo on the sign. So much more classy looking.
  6. I miss Castaway Kids & Rush Street Flyer. Still remember the music to Castaway Kids.
  7. Superman Tower of Power appears to have been removed from the ride line up.
  8. I think St. Louis was one of the only parks to require the ride lockers. Never remember Chicago or Georgia making riders use them.
  9. The good old days when Eagle had it's chaser lights. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
  10. Is there any talks of ever fixing the big wheel to be a giant pumpkin again?
  11. I have no clue, all the people I've contacted haven't gotten back to me as if they're trying to make people forget there used to be a pumpkin on Colossus, it's sad because it's been on it since 1988 but I guess it has a possibility to return if enough people talk about it Pretty funny as all their marketing pictures have it up with the pumpkin
  12. Does it really cost that much money to make the ferries wheel a pumpkin again ????
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