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  1. Even into the early-to-mid 90's the A/C worked. Not just in Eagle's line but many other rides at Six Flags. The good old days. They left those A/C's there for many many years.
  2. As much as it upsets people, Six Flags is just going back to the days when Season Passes were more costly. Passes the last 10 years were cheaper than they were in the 90's.
  3. Are they still planning on putting the Bat Mobile in the spot or have they changed their mind will now let it turn to rust in the graveyard?
  4. Premier Parks purchased Six Flags from Time Warner. Six Flags did not purchase Premier. 1998.
  5. Looks like everything ParkJunkie said would happen either already did or is now happening at other parks. Firing people that have knowledge of the park and company before Premier Parks screwed things up is not smart.
  6. Question for those that use MyPass to manage a family of passes. (Myself, kid and wife) is it me or is this site crazy glitchy and buggy ? Also if we all three have memberships shouldn’t each of us be earning points and not just one person?
  7. Besides the original owners, no other company put the amount of love into our park then Time Warner. By far the best company that owned Six Flags. I put 100% of the blame for the downfall of our park on Premier Parks. Premier Parks killed what was great about Six Flags Theme Parks (not just our park but the entire company).
  8. Now if they could only fix the clock and pumpkin program and drop the slow motion they use today. I much more enjoyed it when it went around 5 times with speed then the turtle slow one time.
  9. 1989? He was an engineer? wasn’t green train sold to Bush Gardens Tampa?
  10. Actually after the dive show it became the Robin Hood Show (Sherwood Forest Theater) and then replaced by Pandemonium
  11. You are totally correct sir - for anyone that's been to Great America compare their parking lot to ours. More ppl trash the parking lot at STL than they do at Great America.
  12. It was removed because ppl in STL have zero respect for private property.
  13. Personally I’ll miss the old logo on the sign. So much more classy looking.
  14. I miss Castaway Kids & Rush Street Flyer. Still remember the music to Castaway Kids.
  15. Superman Tower of Power appears to have been removed from the ride line up.
  16. I think St. Louis was one of the only parks to require the ride lockers. Never remember Chicago or Georgia making riders use them.
  17. The good old days when Eagle had it's chaser lights. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
  18. Is there any talks of ever fixing the big wheel to be a giant pumpkin again?
  19. I have no clue, all the people I've contacted haven't gotten back to me as if they're trying to make people forget there used to be a pumpkin on Colossus, it's sad because it's been on it since 1988 but I guess it has a possibility to return if enough people talk about it Pretty funny as all their marketing pictures have it up with the pumpkin
  20. Does it really cost that much money to make the ferries wheel a pumpkin again ????
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