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  1. Yes it is going on the roof and according to it showing up on a attractions list it does appear they'll be operating it. As far as swinging ship rides go it really isn't that old. Joker (Buccaneer) is 16 years older.
  2. Maintenance is not the issue. Eventually parts fail. And when they are large parts that can't be sourced from another copy of the ride, the company has long since gone under and their designs and IP were never sold to another the ONLY way to replace them is with expensive custom-machined parts that have to be copied from the originals. Up until its recent rash of failures Xcalibur ran significantly more reliably in SFStL than it did the last few years in Great Adventure. I'm not about to claim that this is because STL is better at maintenance - it likely received a full refurb during the move. And back then they probably actually could cannibalize its recently deceased sibling(s). Silverwood isn't keeping Aftershock running all on their own. They worked closely with Vekoma when they moved and installed it - making sure to incorporate anything new Vekoma had to say to improve the install and operations of the ride. Vekoma has been providing spare parts throughout Silverwood's time with the ride. And they will for the foreseeable future. These are entirely different situations.
  3. At this point I'm just admiring this author's work. Well aware life is different than an unlimited digital sandbox I could load the original save (honestly the work he put in to Ninja was super impressive - custom supports).
  4. I'd rather Six Flags let RMC build what they already maybe had a deal for. The train is back there the hill kind of blends in with the trees in Planet Coaster.
  5. Aiming for opening day. Man this really is a good recreation. Too bad the author's PC can't handle adding more to it.
  6. For all we know work has already begun. Man I wish I had a good drone that had a good zoom (that way I could get shots without flying over the park's land).
  7. Vekoma certainly could - and would if the park wanted it. Look at Great Nor'easter - SLC completely re-tracked with modern software doing the profiling of the transitions and modern manufacturing. Turns a normally painful experience in to a ride that can rival a B&M invert. Vekoma can do the same for their other rides.
  8. No the (incomplete at the time) SFStL park is in the Workshop and I just used it to play with the idea. This would track between the railroad tracks and the waterpark for that leg headed to the entrance.
  9. Y'all already know my vote for the Ninja spot. The station for a hyper
  10. The parts issue is more likely due to temporary supply chain struggles. Premier is still alive and there are still 7 operational coasters using the exact same LIM setup (and the Backlot Stunt Coaster set is super similar too). There's a good amount of train part commonality. I just can't see it being possible that Premier isn't supporting this very reasonable number of operating coasters well - S&S still keeps Arrow suspended coasters running and there are way fewer of those remaining.
  11. The LIMs definitely aren't being manufactured the same way they were in the 90s even if they have to keep the same form factor for compatibility. It's hard to know the real service life of a Premier LIM coaster because they've either been removed early or they're still operating after being built in the 90s with no in between. And I'd bet Freeze is still one of the 2-3 most popular coasters in the park. That said when the time comes a new ride is probably a better investment than trying to Top Thrill Dragster/Nemesis/Hulk/Great Nor'easter-ify (full steel re-track with modern components) it. The SFOT one is probably significantly more likely to be removed given the quantity of good coasters in that park - would it even be top 5 in ridership there?
  12. Call it Mr Freeze Remix [Mr Freeze-mix?] and have one side forward and the other backward. At least if the programing can handle it. Honestly though if what SFoT was doing with theirs mattered to SFStL they'd have already announced the change is happening here. I wouldn't really expect any change unless they were convinced of it internally.
  13. Just an idea of any potential "new area" plan they could possible undertake over a few year period that'd work without doing anything besides removing Dragon Swing. Edit: I'd like to clarify that I don't expect something like this to happen. But with capital expenditures back on the table and this particular addition only needing about half the space the go karts sat on (AND Dragon Swing also potentially out) there is certainly some room here to do a little something new for the park. And these smaller flats are quite cheap especially when bought as a package.
  14. It's a much bigger job than some other queue mods though. If they do I do wonder if they'd just delete the long elevated queue entirely. Can't be easy to work on. They'd have to move the queue a lot to fit it on that side. There's still room on Dragon Swing's plot of land for 2 flats IF they were interested in a building a sort of intermediate family area. The extremely popular NebulaZ so many parks are getting are quite small.
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