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  1. According to today's announcement email this will be the last weekend to ride Eagle this season.
  2. Figured out what how the light show and stage shows at Palace are being handled. The stage is still up and rehearsals were going on today. The 5 trees are in the middle of the middle pathway surrounded by the wrapped trees. It might be a little cramped if crowd sizes for either show get big at all this way. And we know at times they have gotten big. Pretty sunset behind Boss because I feel like posting it.
  3. Honestly if money is going to be spent on Colossus lighting something like this would probably be better bang for your buck.
  4. I was only at the park this Sunday and last Sunday. This Sunday was rain-limited and not representative (everything was a walk-on). But last Sunday was all booked up just like Saturday - lines moved pretty well. Batman and Freeze were the longer ones. Freeze is running two trains, but since each cycle only loads up to 10 people right now they've still got the low capacity sign out front. Justice League seems to be having a really rough time right now. I was on it during a shut down and actually got the lights-on escorted walk out of the attraction. And I hear it wasn't the only shutdown.
  5. In the past it has been The Boss and Screamin' Eagle. The Boss is automatic because it's just unlikely to be warm enough to run it. I'd love to see Eagle open somehow though.
  6. My big question is how SFStL will do Christmas (yes you can say Christmas - there's no War on Christmas ™) shows. It looks like they're setting up for The Palace light show, and that's where they've been doing all entertainment this year. Maybe Old Glory will see its first butts in a year and a half?
  7. Oh missed a little tidbit that really doesn't matter since we already know they're doing HITP. But the setup for that is underway. Meaningless, but I like seeing it anyway
  8. Visited Hallowfest 10/11. The third reservation 'sell out'. Most of the lines were very reasonable - Eagle is back to two train ops. But Mr Freeze had the limited capacity sign out - and indeed seemed to be one running one train. Disappointing - two switchbacks were in use so that wait had to have been hell. The new LED lighting in the entry plaza and in the DC Comics area has color overlays installed. The park is continuing to pour new concrete around the entrance. This in front of the Flash Pass stand (the old path was in really bad shape right here). The sc
  9. Yeah you can see why it's the kind of thing Six Flags doesn't do often. A ton of labor involved. Makes you appreciate places that do it way more often. Then again it wouldn't be near as intensive if you did it before they fall apart.
  10. That only makes sense if your getting income from being open.
  11. Unless the earnings reports end up saying differently. True. But I'd think there's a reason they waited to announce both Hallowfest and HITP. They have the numbers already.
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