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  1. I'm not excited just poking fun at the idea that it'd be a letdown. That's what SF does for higher end parks than ours.
  2. I'd be down as hell for a two-flat package to make Illinois a better section. Don't threaten me with a good time.
  3. I'd imagine the increased number of summer events changes the Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park prep timelines (since those events also required prep).
  4. Herschend Family Entertainment and Six Flags Entertainment Corporation are two different companies.
  5. Scare zones != Mazes. The scare zones existed although with barriers. We're getting really close to this labor conversation getting off topic again guys.
  6. Yeah Hallowfest was basically Fright Fest without the haunt mazes. When you compare it to what Cedar Fair did (at least at the parks they opted to keep open beyond Labor Day) it's remarkable how close to normal Six Flags was in 2020. I don't even bother with their mazes usually, they're just not that good compared to the more dedicated ones. So for me it really wasn't any different than a Fright Fest visit.
  7. For the record the students that work these jobs typically don't qualify for unemployment. Often even the enhanced unemplopyment. And the enhanced program has been canceled for a month in Missouri and it hasn't changed the labor situation.
  8. Keep in mind IIRC they didn't operate both the Hayride and Blackout in 2019. Staffing wasn't great even then. Hopefully the increased starting pay is working. Six Flags hasn't moved to a 5 day operating week at this point like Cedar Fair so I guess that's a good sign.
  9. Ninja, American Thunder and Mr Freeze were all one-train ops yesterday. Which shockingly didn't make American Thunder's line super horrible (although it would have been a stair wait otherwise). But Mr Freeze is abysmal with one train pretty much all of the time. It was pretty disappointing though, because Sunday is still a weekend day.
  10. We're definitely playing the KC role in that fight with Chicago. The smaller jealous one.
  11. Not sure which thing is being referred to. But the KC/STL feud thing plays out with other states. And the turkey leg incident could have played out in any US park - Kings Island literally had to shut down under similar circumstances a week earlier. We do a lot wrong, but the last couple things discussed aren't things we're all alone in
  12. They're just mad they have the worst invert B&M ever made.
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