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  1. For the most part I found food lines to be okay last summer provided you didn't attempt to eat at peak times. Also mobile ordering was working smoother. I think the primary issue this spring is coming down to weak staffing levels and I'd hope it'll improve again with more employees in the summer. That said - who do I have to give the food locker suggestion to at Six Flags to have them seriously look at that? There are multiple unused food locations a few feet from existing restaurants now that could house them.
  2. Its a reference about the STL lost a hyper to SFoG thing. My guess is the trees came down to have easier access to the flume. Dollywood has been removing trees around their rides this year too.
  3. Power Hours isn't listed as an add-on. It seems to be a fully separate ticket option and it's the only option available. Great Adventure's Power Hour is $5 for passholders (it never mentions Memberships even on their page though, making me wonder if Members get in free or if they're considered passholders) and the buy page has a toggle to switch between the two buy options. Great Adventure also doesn't list the Power Hours on their normal operating calendar - the hours take place outside of the existing entries on the calendar. There's a lot of information missing in both parks' cases so
  4. 11pm closes? YES!!! Although unfortunately I can't partake as my wife works a night job during the week. If this was on Saturdays though? That'd be great.
  5. The only way I can see fitting a ride there is putting a flat back behind American Thunder where the work shed for the cars was. And then stretching the queue to the midway basically using the Moon Cars path(s). Looking at recent flats Six Flags ordered that we don't have, Tilt-A-Whirl and Air Race, and I think either would fit back there. I'm not sure a Tourbillon would.
  6. I still believe Six Flags needs to install a food locker system for mobile orders. The bottleneck seems to be customer-facing staff, not the kitchens. If anyone has been to a Little Cesar's recently they have their Pizza Portals that keep your food warm and they unlock with a QR code and/or PIN code sent to your phone. The kitchen is able to just make food and toss it into these things.
  7. Every single time I went to SFStL last year I saw everything except Eagle and Freeze running two trains. Freeze did a lot, but I also think they had issues with one of the trains a couple times. I never saw Thunder with one train. You must have been super unlucky. And cleaning was only done once an hour pretty quickly after the park opened last year - sanitizing after every passenger load didn't last long at all. Did you also get unlucky visiting each ride at the top of the hour? This year everything was 2 trains on the Wednesday I visited in March. And according to a trip report from yes
  8. Most of the buildings are used - just not for customer-facing operations. Yes there should be a bit more effort in making them look like more than empty buildings. And yeah the Illinois section is just sad and almost to the point where a rework of it is more important than a new coaster. As for the shields on Ninja - they weren't there opening week. I guess the park is transitioning to opening every row with shields in place like other parks in the chain have done - we'll see if more appear next week.
  9. Few photos. The fountain looks nice for spring break. New fencing in several locations. They are in fact replacing the entire closed deck by Fireball. And yes a Ninja train is behind Boomerang. Likely an organ donor. Not sure if these are the old Hook's Lagoon slides but they're definitely replacing the Hook's structure with something.
  10. Launch tunnel lighting is back on Mr Freeze. I repeat. LAUNCH LIGHTING IS BACK!!! RGB light strips now fire during launch and braking.
  11. For the record when you mobile order free refills at SFOG they fill paper cups and they're waiting for you at the counter. No flashing of your existing cups needed. Because I just linked my pass to the order which proves I get free refills.
  12. I'm at the park today without my member cups because my plan was to just drink from the paper cups they're doing for refills due to COVID during my two meals. The park will no longer hand you the paper cups if they don't see your souvenir bottle even if you mobile ordered with your dining pass. This is a change from last year when they would still hand you a paper cup. Our park has always done mobile drink ordering differently than some others in the first place where they won't have it waiting with the food. Member services also isn't open so getting new cups requires a wait in gues
  13. For the record the Hurricane Harbor location was significantly better.
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