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  1. Catwoman was turned on and in the vertical position but they stopped whatever they were doing due to rain before I got back there for a pic. I wouldn't be shocked if there was a preview next weekend.
  2. The building has had battle damage for a few years now. Not too worried about a single train at the moment. It may be getting its rebuild still. But it has been single train more often than I'd like the last couple years. I hope they get number two running more reliably.
  3. There's new concrete back there and they don't have the old raw track either. It looked fine without the fence. It could just be to block view of the empty area, but having new concrete not just behind it but be visible to guests under the fence kinda defeats that purpose of blocking the area. Theres gotta be a use for it in mind. Just not sure if it's something guests may use or if it's just storage or something.
  4. Mini report. Catwoman looks on target for Memorial Day. Not much change for Eagle's new ramp. Made it over to American Thunder and there are new walls and gates up around the Moon site. Wonder what this could be for? Haunt?
  5. Both the park map and your construction photo indicate most of the grass north of that central path being used. That isn't half of the total grass field but it is easily a third or more of the total area with a good stage view. It's absolutely correct that a good portion of the grass seating is being used. My error was not making it clear enough in the first comment that it was only a portion being used, not the entire amphitheater. Edit: I'll agree to make this my last post on the land usage of Dr Diabolical. We don't agree on the scale of the red area. That's going to be a capacity reduction of 800 potential concert-goers at a venue likely able to hold 3000-4000 (~2500 on the old grass berm - I'm most unsure of the capacity under the canopy).
  6. Yes Sundance is gone but it's also being built on close to half of the grass seating for the largest outdoor venue.
  7. There are some parks still drawing artists to their amphitheaters. But really even before COVID so many of them out there were used far less than in the past, Old Glory was barely used even before COVID - mostly cheer and band stuff for schools. And some parks are eliminating them. Dr. Diabolical’s is being built on a portion of what was essentially Fiesta's amphitheater.
  8. The location of that queue house combined with Old Glory is pretty big. Like Batman's plot big. Old Glory is only storage now and you can toss up a steel frame storage building nearby for pennies. There's so much potential in all kinds of places. Room has never been the reason new things don't get added. Even within the current kiddie land footprint there's room for addition (a ride or two where the playground is would be a clear case of addition through subtraction).
  9. Spinsanity is tame enough to be a good family flat too. If we were getting packages of 2 or 3 flats like the Over parks the family flat selection would probably look a bit better. But that wasn't in the budget. Joker is also family friendly but it hasn't been opening consistently. It was open on my visit but it sounds like it hasn't been for others this year. I do think a P'Sghetti Bowl would be a good idea to expand the family options. The Model C could fit in the same place the playground is in now and that thing hasn't been open since 2019. If you demolish Go Fresh Cafe instead which has been closed even longer you'd have room for Model D. Not sure how people would react to the first coaster in a decade being a P'Sghetti Bowl though, know what I mean?
  10. You're right - theirs will probably take less time. But there's two reasons for this. The first is they've likely kept up on the maintenance for it and it probably isn't in near as bad shape. Our carousel wasn't just mediocre - it looked bad. And the second reason theirs could take less time is they might be sending the horses over to PTC for renovation. This costs more but there's a whole team over there that does nothing but build and repair horses. To save money our park is doing this in house with one paint artist and 1-3 carpenters depending on labor availability. The horses they have put on display don't seem to be suffering on the quality front even though they aren't being done at PTC.
  11. They'll probably get the first group of blasters going again that section is dry when the pumps are off. It's a simple enough system just needs the pipes repaired.
  12. I noticed more food places open early in the season than the last couple years too. Heck the drink refill station by the front entrance was open on a Sunday in early April. I definitely think something improved in staffing.
  13. Had my first visit of 2022 today, Sunday. The changes this season begin in the parking lot. There are at least 5 security camera masts throughout the lot now. Approaching the entrance the canopy over the ticket takers has been repainted and it's blue and white now. Which if memory serves is more like it was a couple decades ago with the old structure. Catwoman is coming along, though a fair amount is still framing. There are still stairs from Bugs Bunny National Park to the upper bit of Illinois but they're all-new. As for Eagle. The entrance is improved but they aren't done with it. Looks like it'll have full ADA-compliance with a new ramp still going in. It leads to the entrance side of the platform though. Also got a couple shots of the changes to the Palace area. That's about it for my short stop. Never got to see the DC comics and Log Flume/American Thunder loop. Mooseburger being converted to 100% mobile ordering only is pretty nice and the menu has been expanded. But there are still some omissions from this menu (no loaded nacho option, nothing with a hot dog in it). Macho Nacho and World's Fair Hot Dogs are both back this year. I'll leave you with the rest of my Catwoman photos.
  14. It's the corn maze. You can see other Fright Fest items in place around the park. Google's had these images up for at least a few weeks.
  15. Actually that part of Gotham sits on land that park didn't originally own. Flashback was closer to where their Skyflyer is.
  16. New trains aren't cheap. The track and support work isn't either.
  17. I mean, yeah but I don't think it's a coincidence the decision came with a year or two of the Hulk rebuild.
  18. You're not wrong but the cycles are going to count for something. A year-round park is going to have far more run time than a park that is seasonal - SFMM's BTR has more cycles on it than any other and I'd expect it to need action taken before the rest. Universal rebuilt Hulk after only 16 years and Dueling Dragons didn't last any longer there. But Iron Wolf's track still lives on even with floorless trains. Though Nemesis is also being retracked and that isn't a year round park. So I guess service life is a fluid thing and it really depends on how comfortable a park is with ongoing maintenance and refurbishment costs. I mean our Mine Train is running on 50 year old rails, and SFOT's is running on 55 year old rails.
  19. I mean if want to talk 'complete' Sorry, not sorry. I'm excited for what 2022 will bring though. Now that we've heard a bit more from the new management structure it sounds like effort is being made to elevate the chain - even food.
  20. I don't know what goes in to selecting the cycle but if it's something really simple it'd be really fun to run it (and other flats when possible) on a higher intensity cycle for special events. Kinda like how Kentucky Kingdom does supercharged waves in the wave pool for Keys to the Kingdom. And Holiday World disables trims for some events on Voyage.
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