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  1. Not as good timing as if there were ready for that by Memorial Day, but still good ahead of July 4th weekend.
  2. Major renovations would be good. But none of that necessary to get the ride reopened. KI has all of the materials and tools on hand to fix the damaged rails because they were already doing rail work on the coaster within the last few months.
  3. I'm visiting for the first time in 24 years July 18th - how intensive are Ohio ride investigations compared to New Jersey? I'm pretty sure Kings Island can get the track repaired fairly quickly as they've already been doing rail work on Bat this year. But since there was an actual event that could trigger a state investigation if the safety laws are strict enough. The train doesn't seem to be to bad, repair the wheel, maybe the derail bar and inspect every axle - plus they can run a single train in the short term with just an inspection of it. I suspect the ride itself can be repaired and read to run by my visit with no problem - but if the state wants to do their own investigation that could certainly be an item that pushes a potential opening into late 2022 or even 2023.
  4. It's a real shame the lift motor gave out during a time in which acquiring replacements is difficult. I wonder how much cheaper than B&M a Chance hyper would be?
  5. Boss has the longest cycle time and the biggest problem with light train loads. If they let you board both trains there'd be fewer people per run. The other coasters tend to just run both trains when the park is less full since they don't have the Boss' issue. Also in the event they did have one train stored the other coasters don't need a warm up to get the second train ready to run so the process of adding it is faster than Boss. It's definitely weird but the park has arrived at this process after two decades of living with the ride.
  6. In case they want to run that train it's faster to unload the bags than it is to bring it back on from the storage track.
  7. Here's the thing. Not even Cedar Fair views their premium experiences as being applicable chain-wide. For every Cedar Point there's a World's of Fun, for every King's Island a Valleyfair, every Carowinds a Michigan's adventure, for Canada's Wonderland a Dorney. I don't think that the rising tide will necessarily float all boats in the same way under the new CEO. Will the park get better? Sure, it already has. But I'm not expecting this to become a destination. If that strategy made sense Cedar Fair would be doing it everywhere.
  8. Other than a comment or two I don't think there's really been excessive complaining. I was simply collating data and even acknowledged the times could be improved with a faster load time. But the truth is there's a hard limit with this thing and it's a reason why these rides have typically been upcharges. I don't think it's wrong to acknowledge it's got exceptionally poor capacity.
  9. The ride looks pretty good but if these cycle times hold up we're looking at fewer than one hundred riders per hour capacity. Even if they managed faster loading in the one minute range that's going to be 160 riders per hour. I'm going out on a limb and saying that's probably the worst capacity figure in the dry park. https://youtu.be/akuyaqBi7Hw?t=226
  10. That's something super recent because two weeks ago they were still using the glasses. Not super happy that about half of the effects seem down consistently now.
  11. Catwoman will be open for Pass Holder previews on May 27th and 28th.
  12. Catwoman was turned on and in the vertical position but they stopped whatever they were doing due to rain before I got back there for a pic. I wouldn't be shocked if there was a preview next weekend.
  13. The building has had battle damage for a few years now. Not too worried about a single train at the moment. It may be getting its rebuild still. But it has been single train more often than I'd like the last couple years. I hope they get number two running more reliably.
  14. There's new concrete back there and they don't have the old raw track either. It looked fine without the fence. It could just be to block view of the empty area, but having new concrete not just behind it but be visible to guests under the fence kinda defeats that purpose of blocking the area. Theres gotta be a use for it in mind. Just not sure if it's something guests may use or if it's just storage or something.
  15. Mini report. Catwoman looks on target for Memorial Day. Not much change for Eagle's new ramp. Made it over to American Thunder and there are new walls and gates up around the Moon site. Wonder what this could be for? Haunt?
  16. Both the park map and your construction photo indicate most of the grass north of that central path being used. That isn't half of the total grass field but it is easily a third or more of the total area with a good stage view. It's absolutely correct that a good portion of the grass seating is being used. My error was not making it clear enough in the first comment that it was only a portion being used, not the entire amphitheater. Edit: I'll agree to make this my last post on the land usage of Dr Diabolical. We don't agree on the scale of the red area. That's going to be a capacity reduction of 800 potential concert-goers at a venue likely able to hold 3000-4000 (~2500 on the old grass berm - I'm most unsure of the capacity under the canopy).
  17. Yes Sundance is gone but it's also being built on close to half of the grass seating for the largest outdoor venue.
  18. There are some parks still drawing artists to their amphitheaters. But really even before COVID so many of them out there were used far less than in the past, Old Glory was barely used even before COVID - mostly cheer and band stuff for schools. And some parks are eliminating them. Dr. Diabolical’s is being built on a portion of what was essentially Fiesta's amphitheater.
  19. The location of that queue house combined with Old Glory is pretty big. Like Batman's plot big. Old Glory is only storage now and you can toss up a steel frame storage building nearby for pennies. There's so much potential in all kinds of places. Room has never been the reason new things don't get added. Even within the current kiddie land footprint there's room for addition (a ride or two where the playground is would be a clear case of addition through subtraction).
  20. Spinsanity is tame enough to be a good family flat too. If we were getting packages of 2 or 3 flats like the Over parks the family flat selection would probably look a bit better. But that wasn't in the budget. Joker is also family friendly but it hasn't been opening consistently. It was open on my visit but it sounds like it hasn't been for others this year. I do think a P'Sghetti Bowl would be a good idea to expand the family options. The Model C could fit in the same place the playground is in now and that thing hasn't been open since 2019. If you demolish Go Fresh Cafe instead which has been closed even longer you'd have room for Model D. Not sure how people would react to the first coaster in a decade being a P'Sghetti Bowl though, know what I mean?
  21. You're right - theirs will probably take less time. But there's two reasons for this. The first is they've likely kept up on the maintenance for it and it probably isn't in near as bad shape. Our carousel wasn't just mediocre - it looked bad. And the second reason theirs could take less time is they might be sending the horses over to PTC for renovation. This costs more but there's a whole team over there that does nothing but build and repair horses. To save money our park is doing this in house with one paint artist and 1-3 carpenters depending on labor availability. The horses they have put on display don't seem to be suffering on the quality front even though they aren't being done at PTC.
  22. They'll probably get the first group of blasters going again that section is dry when the pumps are off. It's a simple enough system just needs the pipes repaired.
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