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  1. Nice! I like these family models. It’s like that low to the ground, swoopy part of Cheetah Hunt, but for the whole ride.
  2. Haha wow! If you had told me that Atlanta would be home to two amazing RMCs I would have never believed you. I’ve actually never been to Fun Spot Atlanta. The location is on the exact opposite side of the city from me, so it seemed like a haul for one coaster. But now?
  3. Wow! Love the support structure on the 70m model. It looks like a giant heart from far away. It would make any park’s skyline enticing. Also, 4 across seating, that’s thinking with your noggin. Looks like a blast!
  4. Wow, the GP was already calling "the Mindbender," The Riddler." Now I feel they really will think the name of the coaster is "the Riddler." I guess it's just an annoying quirk, but the park hasn't officially renamed the coaster. But the GP certainly will. While the sign is consistent with the area, it just looks like a pretty poor attempt at beginner graphic design to me. Oh well.
  5. I LOVE Holiday World's Rain policy. I had the opportunity to experience this 8 years ago for my 30th birthday Wow has it been that long already? But these rides are something else when the tracks are all wet. I am in the camp that LOVES Legend, and I put it above Raven. I understand the first drop has been changed since I went, but I loved that part and especially the double helix of death. I feel like you're going to be ripped out sideways at any moment. I wasn't anticipating airtime either, but it was definitely there! And voyage, became my number one wooden coaster that day
  6. ^ Sounds like the early reports have been positive from here so far. That's good to hear
  7. I watched the video last night and felt like it was 17 minutes of CNBC not saying a whole lot of anything. If the video is called "how they plan to survive coronavirus" I would think it'd be the focus of the video, not like two minutes of throwaway comments at the very end of it. But hey, lots of great stock footage... I agree, after finishing the video it was more about the company's financial history; not so much about what they plan to do. But I suppose them securing funding is one thing. They also touted the innovation in rides. They claimed that 2022 will be a huge year for technological advances in attractions. I hope they're right! Maybe that's when we finally see one of those S&S concepts come to market.
  8. Hello all, CNBC just dropped a really interesting video/article about Six Flags and how they plan to survive the current situation. "How Six Flags Plans to Survive Coronavirus"
  9. More news from April 30th, regarding Six Flags reopening, courtesy of Wall Street Journal. I get this through my Robinhood app on my phone so I shared some screen shots of the article. Couldn’t find this immediately on Google
  10. Six Flags Magic Mountain has apparently announced through the LA press that they’re planning on a Mid May-June reopening time frame. https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2020/04/30/six-flags-magic-mountain-reopening/
  11. A company called Holovis is holding a webinar for attraction owners and operators of theme and amusement parks. Their technology is supposed to help parks and attractions set up their own virtual queues. There's hope for 2020 Webinar
  12. Bengal BBQ is one of the most delicious eating establishments on any Disney property. I did once get a beef skewer that was literally all gristle but they were nice and exchanged it for me.
  13. Opening day? Looks more like a YouTube episode of Abandoned Theme Parks. o_O. Very strange what the park has decided to do with all of these “unused” food stands.
  14. I’m dying to go to Japan and Fuji-Q. I’m glad you had an excellent time here! I just watched a video on YouTube where someone talked about Fujiyama somewhat negatively, but they too had a middle row seat. The back is definitely where it’s at. That is a bucket list coaster for me, along with the other three headlining attractions. Also love they had the front car of Moonsault Scramble out on display. That was a ride that caught my attention at a young age. 6.5 Gs?!? That seems physically impossible.
  15. “In this economy” destination parks are thriving now. However many smaller regional parks don’t seem to be doing so well. The numbers are starting to stack up: Clementon Park, Elitch Gardens, Scandia Amusment Park, Possibly Fantasy Island, Timber Falls, as well as Miracle Strip & Boomers in 2015. In Japan they’ve been closing regional parks left and right for some time now. I watched a video recently about the Hikikomori (Japanese Shut-Ins), and wondered if this had an effect on less visitors to regional Japanese parks. These people literally do not go outside, ever. They surf the internet, watch peak TV, and play video games all day long. Maybe this is also happening in the US to an extent as well? I have heard about shut-ins here too. There’s so much TV to watch, so many games to play, so many social media posts it’s nearly impossible to watch it all. But darn if some people aren’t trying. Just a theory perhaps but what are your thoughts on declining attendance at these parks? Poor maintenance? Lack of new attractions? Poor management? Maybe a combo of everything?
  16. We’re in an RV so our trip next year is going to take us from the Florida Panhandle all the way across the southern US to California! Definitely Going: The Park at OWA Six Flags Fiesta Texas SeaWorld San Antonio ZDT’s Belmont Park SeaWorld San Diego Disneyland DCA Universal Hollywood Knott’s SFMM Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Gilroy Gardens California’s Great America SFDK Hopefully going on the way back home: Castles & Coasters Buffalo Bill’s Cliff’s Amusement Park Wonderland TX SFOT We’re skipping LEGOland so are there any other notable parks in Cali between San Fran and LA?
  17. I'm not sure how I feel about APP integration with theme park attractions. When I was at Galaxy's edge, I used the data pad all of 6 minutes before I realized I was missing all the cool theming of the land itself! So I put it away and never took it back out. Too many people are addicted to their phones enough as it is, and its kinda silly to be at an expensive theme park you paid for with your nose in the phone.
  18. I think a smaller park needs one of these so they can really pull in all the enthusiasts. Perhaps in the northwest at Silverwood? Or maybe at Oaks Amusement Park in Portland?
  19. ^ Whelp! It looks like back to the busses again for a while. Good thing we just left. Seriously though, it’s not like this is Doppelmayr’s first rodeo. We saw their trucks were still on site the last time we rode it on Friday the 5th. We even joked about the cars looking like they would collide coming into the station, because they do come in quickly and stop suddenly. Needless to say, with a product this new, this is terrible press and this is going to hurt Doppelmayr more than it’s going to hurt Disney.
  20. ^ Between the three southern resorts on the Skyliner I would definitely spend a little extra money for the Caribbean Beach resort. While I can’t compare the rooms (since we stayed at the Fort Wilderness campground) the grounds and amenities of Caribbean beach were so much more pleasant. The main pool was way nicer with water slides. And the food options were very delicious. I could tell they recently renovated the lobby and it was gorgeous. I ate at Banana Cabana and it was one of the best meals we had on property. I’ve heard good things about Sebastian’s Bistro too. The extra walking is worth it, and the resort has 6 pools so one is probably not too far from you. Pop Century and Art of Animation still seemed like a ton of walking to me, especially if you stay in a room further away from the Skyliner. AND does the amount of walking you do at the Caribbean Beach resort compare to the amount of time you save skipping one leg, and a transfer on the Skyliner? It seems like a wash, and if you have no kids I would definitely prefer the Caribbean Beach. As far as the Skyliner goes, loved it! Miss having an attraction like this at Magic Kingdom but this definitely makes up for it. We extended our campground reservations a week longer so we could experience the new mode of transportation. It lived up to most of our expectations. We went on two days when it was 95 outside and we were concerned it was going to be hot. Most of the time it was not. However, the Skyliner slowed down frequently on the Epcot/Riviera line due to the ECV & Wheelchair loading area not working. We slowed down and stopped almost every 30 seconds. It got brutally hot in the Skyliner and it’s October. When it is working the Skyliner has to slow down to allow one car to transfer to the ECV loading area. This too caused the breeze to dissipate and making the ride too hot and uncomfortable. I do think Disney’s going to get complaints about the cars being too hot. Yes an A/C might be too much to ask, but at least a fan?
  21. I was just at the park yesterday and so many people were watching the shows! I noticed the animal shows are still extremely popular, and most of the GP has forgotten about the Blackfish scandal. I think SeaWorld’s advertisements of rescuing 31,000 animals and using the animals as a means to learn about them scientifically is working wonders for the shows. You can tell the trainers really care about the animals. As far as the new 2020 ride Ice Breaker, any new coaster is a win in my book, especially one in the Arctic area, which would help pull crowds back to that side of the park. The lower height requirements help Ice Breaker to be that “stepping stone” coaster between Super Grover and something more intense like Kraken. And I love the colors and the theme of the ride. Great job SeaWorld!
  22. ^ Word on Twitter says they stopped using the reservation/virtual queue system at 5:30 PM as the crowds had died down considerably by then. So should be interesting to look at the MDE app to check wait times for the next few weeks before I go myself. Wonder if having such early extra magic hours will make everyone leave by 6:00 PM since that’s already a 12 hour park day? Nights would be preferable to early AM or afternoon IMO, but I’m just trying to make sure I get into the land
  23. Kinda funny how both of these attractions had a similar presence in the past of the park’s history. With wheelie being removed years ago for Skyscreamer & Shake, Rattle n Roll removed for Dare Devil Dive. So I guess the park has had their scrambler in storage for all these years and are pulling it out again? I miss it’s former location because it was a great way to get into some air conditioning, and who doesn’t love a scrambler in the dark. Most excited about the Zamperla ride, since I’ve never done one.
  24. Wow! Totally excited about the Jersey Devil Coaster! Orange with grey supports were my go to color combinations on RCT. 12 rows of cars should add some nice ejector air to the last couple of rows, especially over that first drop! Wish we had heard the actual height of the ride. Judging by the renderings it’s a good bit shorter than Nitro. Maybe 100-140ft range? Maybe more? And who isn’t excited about the First American MACK Power Splash, themed to Aquaman! I feel like the video could have touted the half coaster/half water ride aspect better. Must say there were some spot on predictions, like La Ronde, SFFT and SFOT; while some of the other things like the spinning wild mouse at SFDK and the various “booster” flat ride attractions came out of left field. Which by the way, do we expect those boosters to be an up-charged attraction? And is the new spinning wild mouse a NEW build?
  25. ^ The entire ride was designed to give the rider the impression that they’re traveling into the 2D animated universe of Mickey. So even the fountain was designed to give the appearance of a 2D object from every possible angle. I’m really excited about this attraction and kinda bummed it got delayed until next spring. But next time I’m at Disney!
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