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  1. So , from what I see they are expanding DCA across the street via bridge and weaving around the hotels?
  2. It has potential but it is braked like a wild mouse. That could be so people can shoot the targets along the course. but it does get some good swings around the curves. I didn't ride it.
  3. I am thinking it was for that project. Wasn't the Revolution project done in house?
  4. This weekend I took a day trip to Pigeon Forge and the Gatlinburg area. I had a taste for some mounting coastering and food from the local goat. First stop, Rocky Top Mountain coaster. it was fun but I felt like it had too many lifts on the course. Combine that with the fact that it was busy and the carts were being sent out one behind the other so that slowed you down as well. Next stop, Smoky Mountain Alpine coaster. This one was much better to me as I had some space between myself and the other cart and I was hauling! Also the greenery around it has re
  5. Hey everybody! I searched and did not find a thread dedicated to the attractions and area of Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg so figured i'd start one.
  6. THey allowed it to open on halloween and the next day for a short timeframe. Unfortunately I wasn't able to snag a time BUT with my boyish good looks, they let me experience it anyway. There is only one beetlejuice who I can say is "on the loose" but the rest are the typical press a button for sound gag to happen. Can't really do much improv when you're trying to scare.
  7. It was a real solid house last year. Hopefully nothing changes!
  8. I guess they figure it's best to have a park ready to go when the world is back to "normal" than have a park getting back to construction when the world is ready.
  9. Well, since this was bumped, anyone know the status of this project?
  10. So about 1900ft of track. They should be able to do that in no time. . .
  11. But, we don't know how much track is being replaced. . .
  12. I would think they would have track well underway if not complete seeing that new iBeam track has already been installed. I think the decision was decided upon a while ago and not sudden where a lot of your unknown would be a factor. Unfortunately since the park is closed it's hard to gauge how much has been done, let me backtrack, we don't even know how much is being replaced so that is one of the unknowns.
  13. Wouldn't this be no different than a retrack? I wonder if any electrical aspects of the ride would require changing as well? If not, I don't see why this couldn't open virtually as soon as the track is replaced, sans testing.
  14. I get what you are saying but it honestly wasn't all Cedar Fair's fault. In states they could open didn't they open? I understand your disdain for Cedar fair operations but sometimes it's like you're salivating at the mouth just to rag on them. . .
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