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  1. I don't think this is an event for "us" so you may not hear much noise about it here.
  2. Which is why I said I haven't been following the project. I have no idea about the things you mention, hence my question.
  3. Curious, why would you think it would mean losing the vertical drop?
  4. It seems GotG is getting a lot of flack on social media (particularly twitter). I admit, I haven't been following this project but is the only thing semi-groundbreaking is the controlled spinning? Did this thing really cost 500 million (as it has been said on social media)?
  5. So, I think i'm going to burst my HWN cherry next year and finally take the trip (before I get too old). I've never did a several day coaster event so I have no idea what to expect. I've also never been to Holiday World so I really don't know what to expect. Any tips, suggestions?
  6. Whoa, I just realized there are 3 variations of the freespin coaster currently built. The one in World Fairy Tale Land looks really stretched out. . .
  7. I swear, that would make the ride 10 times better! I wonder what track work could be done? There is quite a bit of shuffling after the vertical drop.
  8. You mean like this. . . (pssst, all wooden coasters run on steel rails, well, with the exception of the flying turns) Also, who would have thought the first RMC coaster to get the RMC treatment would have been Lightning Rod lol lol.
  9. Actually, track is not all over the Jurassic area. While in the land, the track is confined to a paddock. Inside the paddock, rockwork hides a majority of the track from view and you only have a couple spots to "view" through the paddock. The coaster is no more jarring (inside Jurassic Park) than the JPRA building. Even the track on the coast of the Jurassic area was designed in a way to be low to the ground and not foreboding in the other lands. It does not obstruct the view of the visitors center and it's black so it's not jarring or contrasting against the trees. This is all coming fr
  10. Are they busy because of social distancing practices? If you run an attraction a half capacity with half the guest then you should get the same outcome as full capacity with the normal amount of guest?
  11. Wild Eagle @ Dollywood. After quarantining, could barely fit lol.
  12. Hummm. . . I wonder if the Starbucks uses hershey's chocolate products being inside of hershey park?
  13. I saw earlier someone asked if the water park was going to open, I "hear" none of the cedar fair water parks will be opening this season.
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