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  1. To clarify, The city is not in the position to have casual conversation about what plans they may or may not have come. to us its an awesome out of this world, boner inducing experience to see plans, to them it's just a job. . .
  2. I cannot WAIT to experience this house then go get a meal from Monsters Cafe. . .
  3. Whenver I go to HHN hollywood, I always take the red line and get there in no time. Not sure where the game is but I have learned that public transportation really moves you faster than private. As far as the HHN on each coast they are TOTALLY different. Hollywood is more in your face, black walls a plenty lol while orlando is more thematic and have movie set quality houses. Ironically, you'd get the best alcohol experience at orlando vs hollywood.
  4. HOnestly, you can do both. They both offer early entry options that can help maximize your eperience. I have never stayed past midnight at either as I had did everything by then. HHN offers early entry to the lower lot at around 4-5ish. That way you can make your way down to the lower lot (or sneak into hogsmead lol) they usually open a maze or two early down there. Knock out those maze and by that time, most would have made it to the lower lot and the upper lot is more accessible and less wait times. Knotts offers the dinner with the early entry. you get to be in the park before KSF opens and take advantage of the houses past ghostrider then head to the back by xcelerator, knock out dark ride and the one behind xcelerator and finish the rest. I would do KSF that sat and HHN that sun. but if you had to chose one, I would go to HHN because knotts recycles mazes for forever before changing out so you wouldn't miss it if you go the next year. oh and your platinum pass doesn't work for KSF so you'd have to eventually buy passes for each event.
  5. Did you happen to snap some pics of it to share because. . .
  6. ^Sooo. . . you're basing your ranking off of ride collection more so over variety, flow and aesthetics?
  7. Yeah. . . that argument doesn't hold well as it seems they are showing where some are installed, not "we offer these types". . .
  8. Sadly, I think that's all Valleyfair has as well lol lol.
  9. Bro, popular does NOT mean ticket sales when it's a free event to ALL current passholders. They should bring it back in a few years as an upcharge like Carowinds and Knotts.
  10. Business thinking 101. . . Profits > Popular From the outside, it may be popular but if it's not bringing in the revenue then. . .
  11. So how is MNSSHP? Thinking of rounding up the kids in my family and flying down for it. . .
  12. You've saw it right, so why didn't YOU post it lol???
  13. If you're going to be there for 3 days then I don't know if express is something i'd go for unless i have money to splurge. between the two parks, you'd be able to get everything done with time to spare.
  14. Went to the park last week. Unfortunately, too fat for Steel curtain. Couldn't get a green light on the test seats. Are the seats tighter than most or am I really that fat lol.
  15. For capacity. If I can send a train out in 30 sec vs 60, with a mid course, then add the mid course, as SFFT gets more coaster rider traffic than seaworld.
  16. One of the rides are already on site a chance wipeout) and the area should have a flight theme. I love how they are actually emphasizing the theme aspect of the areas vs just throwing in rides. Guess it's easy to theme a park with such rich history. The park said, long ago, that the people have spoken and the people want more flats and that is what they seem to be installing now. It went from a handful to this. I am impressed.
  17. It appears the park is ready to take the "first in flight" to new levels. . .
  18. When does painting a ride constitutes its safe from leaving?!? Carowinds literally rebuilt thunder road then got rid of it.
  19. NO excuses lol, you are old enough to remember how Eleanor Roosevelt made celebrating birthdays a thing for adults right???
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