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  1. ^ Nah, its a smaller Valravn without the dive loop and an added helix. Theoretically speaking, all their trains are custom made to customer specifics be it theme or capacity so I don't see how 7 across would cost any more any other train pound for pound. I am sure they have an array of configuration already designed and waiting for whatever fits the customers needs. SO yeah, while 7 across may cost more than 6, i am sure it's less than 8 and 10 when looking at it barebones.
  2. **Ahem** Lol all jokes aside, it will definitely be unique to the area and finally Six Flags has a dive coaster in their coaster portfolio!
  3. Did they forget they have an actual cliff they could have used?!? I get it, they wanna spread things out lol. When I first heard about the 7 seating configuration i was as confused as I am now but I guess it makes sense. Can't wait to get down and try it out!
  4. . . . Alphabet company, first in the chain, lucky number. (rumor has it) It all . . . drops today. I'm out. . .
  5. If I may chime in for a sec. . . I made my first trip to the park last month. I was pretty impress. Now, the food sucked but the atmosphere, the ride selection and the overall feel of the park was very welcoming to me. I consider myself a person that gets to a lot of parks and have been doing so for some time. I can see how someone who has been going to the park for 10 years could say the park has changed but honestly, what hasn't changed in 10 years? My philosophy is if the good outweighs the bad then i'm good! With growth comes growing pains and I hate to be that person but things could have gotten a lot worst in the last 10 years especially for a family owned park. . .
  6. Could the water be muddy because it hasn't settled?
  7. uhhh. . . ok. but annnnnyyyywayyy looks like that spec map is 3:0 so far. . . ugh!
  8. Proof lol? What proof could he provide? It's all speculation and technically since that map is not authentically published by universal then one can say it's fake. Now if it's true or not, that's another situation. I just find it funny when people ask for proof on something being speculated when they couldn't provide counterproof. . . I hope it's not the true line up. While it may be good enough for the locals, I cannot justify the flight from SC for rehashed houses.
  9. If that is this year's line up, then I'm staying home. . . geesh
  10. I do not see any of these issues being an Anomaly in 2021. If you want, you could list every incident from every year and find just as much, if not more, incidents to deem it a "summer from hell".
  11. That's nerve wrecking to say the least! Most of the maze were in the backlot. Like 4 of them if we count the location the stranger things house. So that leave only 2 house down there? Jurassic and mummy queue?
  12. Those have gotta be shots from the inside of the Orlando house because I cannot remember the last time a house in Hollywood looked that good #Shade. . .
  13. Yeah, the supports give way for a stall attached to the zadra style lift. SO we have lift, drop, dive loop, small bunny hill, stall, some type of 90 degree angled turn hills, some off centered low ground hills towards the turn around which probably has an outer banking at its crest, an inline roll and some more hills.
  14. I understand which is why I would expect something with the same caliber/size of those coasters. I honestly had to laugh aloud at the thought of something the size of goliath at SFGAm. But yes, I look back on Hercules and Chang and wonder. . .
  15. I am convinced we are looking at am element immediately after the first drop. . . Courtesy of Park fan VIA screamscape I am trying to be realistic here and realize that while not impossible, I find it not likely a company of this size will install a coaster doubled the height of it's tallest coaster in a park that still has a long way to go to catch up to the caliber of the orlando parks. The inversion looks to be no more than 80ft at that which is still impressive. I think we are looking at white lightning 2.0. The leg facing the highway having the lift and immelman/dive and the small airtime and maybe a large hill and most of the action happening on the leg on the inside of the park.. Again, I am not trying to hype the coaster up so much which happens all too often (especially when the layout is actually revealed) but trying to temper expectations and be realistic.
  16. I highly doubt we are looking at something that will reach almost 200ft in height
  17. . . .No. There is literally nothing to see but obnoxious close ups of signs and a roped fence. . .
  18. I could see some additions like something for the family in the way of soe Antique cars or a refresh of the area near Top Gun. Yeah 2020 was a bust for some parks but overall parks did pretty well with that they had to deal with last year.
  19. Foolish mortals scouring over single day tickets. We know the real deals are in the multiday tickets. . .
  20. FUry, copperhead and I think afterburn there is no merge, it has it's own dedicated line. I think nighthawk is right at the bottom of the stairs leading to the queue.
  21. I have been thinking about this park, quite naturally, after my recent visit and the main things of thought have been, do they have space at the top of the park to expand, what new land (holiday) could they expand with and they need a GCI to round out the CII and GG coasters they currently have lol.
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