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  1. Hey, if you have a ticket for that night's HHN, then they will give you a wristband and you'd be able to stay in the park. Not remembering a particular holding area just headed down to the first houses opening for early entry. HOWEVER make sure early entry is still a thing. I read where they now offer early entry into the houses for a separate ticket and you'd still need your HHN ticket. not sure if it's an upcharge now.
  2. I'm Baaacckkkkk! What was meant to be a real-timeish thread for live trip reports has turned into trip reports of days gone by lol but don't fear, I will complete all and be back on real time status before you know it! With that said, lets go! Picture it, June 09, 2018. Carowinds is still reeling from the opening of camp snoopy and we are wondering what is going on with the construction area near the water park. But me, i'm here for the taste of the carolinas food festival! Lets begin. . . I spot two trains. . . Trains look empty so it's gonna be a good day! First stop. . . Carousel Park! With revamping planet snoopy to camp snoopy, the park decided to move the carousel out of the kids area. I think it is great idea as it puts more family attractions all over the park. Gotta love those classic arrow loopers. I am low key glad Carowinds got the standard Mack mouse as it looks so cute and really fits in. Lets head to the county fair! I just love how the park took a once quiet and boring area and filled it with rides and excitement. Lets be nosey! Not good enough, let's go higher! The waterpark is kinda nice. . . I hope they never get rid of that bowl slide, but they really REALLY need a mat racer. Maybe one day. Anyway lets go to some tiktok dancing before tiktok becomes a thing. Enough of that, time to eat. First up, a pull pork egg roll wrap thingy. How about some shrimp and grits. Some bacon wrapped quail. Some fake street corn. Lets dig into dessert, first up is a peach cobbler. Cant remember this one lol. Before I head out, lets go check out Camp Snoopy! New restrooms! Took the rest of my food tickets and got my favs I tasted to go! Until the next adventure. . .
  3. Stand alone, it looks cheesy but to see it installed it looks ok. Wonder what they are going to do with the original track still installed? Blend in or repaint as well.
  4. I mean, I kinda get it. It would be nice to have unique and solitary rides and attractions at each park as the world has gotten smaller and more accessible. However, my argument is more so towards disneyland CA and disney world.
  5. Great news to separate Haunt like Knotts and Carowinds. Hopefully this means they are upping the quality of the event as well.
  6. Universal seems to have said we still dueling but in a different but no more dragons lol. Just look at those top hats! more images here from Bioreconstruct.
  7. Originated in Asia?!? Stop listening to distwitter. Vekoma had been making motorbike coasters long before one ended up in Asia. No, the ride was not made for Chinese or any asian country. And simply put, it's a thing now because we have gotten much fatter as a nation. Coaster designs that we weren't getting in America are now here. It's like how people blamed intamin because they couldn't fit the seats like they could on a beemer.
  8. That station does remind me of Hangtime. While I feel the wooden coaster would have brought more variety to the park and complemented Thunderhawk, a coaster like hangtime would also be welcomed, especially if it does not invert.
  9. Well it turned out to be true. Universal is opening a year round haunt which will be located on the expansion of Area15 called the district.
  10. But. . . why wouldn't but more importantly, why shouldn't they reply and interact with each other? Behind these park and coaster accounts are people who have created bonds and friendships within the industry. Why do we feel that because X and Y communicated in a public forum that something is brewing or why is X commenting on Y's seemingly teasing something when it's not them supplying. This is why I giggle every time someone takes something the park or designer literal and get all excited for nothing lol lol.
  11. Appears to be Camp Cretaceous, trolls, shrek and something else. 1-2 coasters.
  12. I don't even know if i'd go as far as to call it a dark ride. Imagine being in one of those moving floor aquarium, but this time you have a blaster and random sets. As far as I am concern this is a glorified game. Not sure what universal was thinking with this one but we will see. . .
  13. I noticed the wording "slide into". Could the coaster track be a red herring?
  14. Add me into that still paying, not going group. It's not breaking my bank and if I visit once, it paid for itself. The last time I went to SFoG, Georgia Cyclone was not twisted.
  15. I feel no one is talking about anything is because there really isn't much to talk about. It's too many "vloggers" who think they know everything there is to know about the park till it's best to have a wait and see for real info and concrete evidence to rear it's head. See what happen to that knotts giga. . .
  16. Is this the first conversion where the new track length is actually LONGER than the original?
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