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  1. Wow that all looks so festive, delicious and fun! I want to make a trip out there this holiday season!
  2. Yes, it’s been very slow, on chrome, safari and on mobile. It take a along time to sign in as well.
  3. It is not, the one that was at MGM Grand Adventures was a traveling fair model, while the one at Adventuredome is a permanent park model.
  4. NebulaZ quietly opened at Adventuredome. Fun ride and a nice addition to the park. I don’t normally like spin and pukes but this ride was a lot of fun with bits of floater air. Visually this ride is stunning to look at!
  5. Yeah the lift, upper trough and pre-drop are still in place.
  6. Made a quick lap through The Adventuredome and the NebulaZ is fully built. Enjoy the photos below! It’ll be a nice addition to the park! This is the bottom of Rim Runner’s lift
  7. Nothing that the park has officially announced. I also forgot to share, I freaked out my friends on the ferris wheel, they had no idea the gondolas spin like teacups!
  8. We decided to take a quick drive (6 hours) from Vegas up to Lagoon, just north of Salt Lake City this past weekend. We had to get a haunt in this year. Even though the park was busy and mask rules are only enforced in queue and in mazes, I never felt uncomfortable as people pretty much kept their distance. Overall we had a really enjoyable visit to Lagoon. This park is very well ran, operations are smooth and queues keep moving constantly. They were loading all rows on all rides, hand sanitizer before and after each ride and before and after all haunted mazes. We have arrived for Frightmares! Happy to experience a theme park haunt this weird year! Employees carrying “Please Social Distance” signs were all over the park and enforcing mask wearing and distancing in the queues I like the skyline of this park! Roller Coaster celebrates 99 years this year! New hotness being built on the northeast corner of the park! I forgot how good Cannibal is! Super fun and smooth! I don’t normally like Ferris wheels, but this one is fun, you can spin your gondola like a tea cup! Cannibal’s station and a cameo of a couple Big Ass Fans! I’m really looking forward to this new coaster! Samurai was running, it runs a pretty weak cycle but it’s still fun! I approve of any park with a sky ride! Nice way to get across the park and get off your feet for a few minutes You can see social distance markers for the shows later in the evening The Wave Swinger is missing it’s top from the storm damage a few weeks ago Colossus, what a great ride!! The rides here are operated well and efficiently. All lines kept moving. Love the Flyers here Cannibal’s first drop is fantastic! All rows were being loaded on all rides Two trains, one photo This was the only part of the park that felt congested to me This ride was missing it’s roof from the storm damage too The Biergarten was amazing, if you visit you must have a meal here! Joey highly recommended getting a Beaver Tail and he was right! They were delicious! Oreo Cheesecake Hey! This Shake Shack still has Peanut Butter! Roller Coaster’s new trains and retracking made this such a smooth and fun ride!!! Denied a ride on Jet Star 2 For $20 you can skip the line for 7 of the mazes, completely worth it as they have to socially distance groups in the mazes Super busy for the mazes, general lines were over an hour, but with Time Warp, we didn’t wait over 15 minutes I felt that they did a great job with their haunt, the scare actors wearing masks made it harder to see them, so some of the scares were really really good We ended the night with a couple of walk on rides on Colossus Thanks Lagoon for a great visit!
  9. Thanks for sharing!! Those meatballs looked delicious!!! I miss Busch Gardens!
  10. Last weekend I decided to take a lap around the Adventuredome. The unannounced new ride (the model is a Zamperla NebulaZ) is now vertical and it looks like the ride’s queue will go through part of the trough of the old chute the chutes ride, Rim Runner. Neon Nights is still going on, on weekends, they shut off all of the parks general lighting and play up beat party music. The park isn’t very busy, but actually comfortable and for the most part people are social distancing and doing their part. Canyon Blaster is running really well and so is El Loco. I did notice a pricing change and that individual ride tickets are no longer available, the only thing available for sale is All Day Wristbands.
  11. Has anyone been out to Lagoon recently? I am thinking of going with a couple of friends this weekend to check out Frightmares since it's really the only haunt actually running. Just wondering how crowds are and what the overall experience has been.
  12. Everything is running except Miner Mike, the park will be closed from 9/14-9/17 and 9/28-10/1
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